September 23rd, 2010 | 118 Entries

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118 Entries for “help”

  1. Godzilla busily ate the office building in which Frank worked. The radioactive dinosaur’s mouth completely covered the 8th floor window. Frank both heard and felt the crunch as a lower jaw crunched through the 5th, 6th and 7th floors while he surfed the internet. Just as he found the shopping site with a deal he liked, the internet went dead, the cables having snapped in the monster’s teeth. “Jeez, network’s down again?” he thought, “I hope the Help Desk doesn’t put me on hold, I need that discounted Xbox!”

    By richpee URL on 09.23.2010

  2. I can’t get drunk alone again, can I?

    By Scott Seibel URL on 09.23.2010

  3. I need help. I’ve needed help for a long time. I need help with everything. I need money. I need a job. I need a life. So help me. Please. Somebody, just help me.

    By Anastasia Rose URL on 09.23.2010

  4. Her eyes pleaded, her legs contorted underneath her, trying to shelter what little dignity she had left Her hands covering her slightly exposed breasts, she only wanted a night of fun. Instead, she would get a night where all she wished was that she had the courage to utter that simple word, “help”.

    By Tiffany F URL on 09.23.2010

  5. I look and smile and speak and laugh
    But I am more complex than that;
    My hiding soul is known to hide
    An inconvenient alibi.

    By Ryan on 09.24.2010

  6. Help, I’m head over heels for the guy I call my best friend, and worst of all he has his eyes on another, hear my heart break.

    By Arely URL on 09.24.2010

  7. HALP!!

    What? I DID!!! I need help to fix it!
    yeah kinda
    ummm… nah
    No this is too funny

    By Taylor on 09.24.2010

  8. Sometimes a hug can help. A smile. A look. A look straight into my eyes that trickles down my spine…

    By LotteZwo URL on 09.24.2010

  9. we need help right now. but i don’t know if help even helps. i can’t help him if he doesn’t help me. all is done.

    By anja on 09.24.2010

  10. nothing helps.

    By a on 09.24.2010

  11. Oh, god. I don’t even–

    Please. Please, don’t do this. I just want to go home. Please, just let me go home.

    By Terry on 09.24.2010

  12. SOS is much better than help it has three letters yes it is also a song but it is abba but that is two girls better for a foursome so better than HELP also don’t rape me hahahahaha also i just think people who say help are just seeking attention i mean stop being so lazy

    By ioanellen on 09.24.2010

  13. No one will help me. No one cares or thinks about me. I am alone.

    By gino on 09.24.2010

  14. you want help here it is:i love you.seperate or together:i love you.I WILL ALWAYS LOVE!! you are worth every thing to me ALWAYS

    By 2 B Named Later URL on 09.24.2010

  15. “Help!” she screamed. I went to to check what the problem was. She was dead. Mouth open. Head askew. I examined her purse and got out one hundred dollars.

    By el on 09.24.2010

  16. a hand. a toolbox. a sum of cash. a word. a minute. a drink of water. a hunk of bread.

    By Liz O. URL on 09.24.2010

  17. Every day is another cry for help going out to the Universe… to help me find some meaning to hang onto in an otherwise meaningless existence, lest I drown in a sea of despair.

    By mimimanderly URL on 09.24.2010

  18. I searched forever for you, still I look, but know that without help, I will be lost for eternity.

    By BasedOnFiction URL on 09.24.2010

  19. “HELP!” she croaked, her voice ragged in her throat.
    It was no use, they couldn’t hear.
    They were close enough for her to see, but they would leave her to die there.
    Ignorant of their crime.

    By murph419 URL on 09.24.2010

  20. “Please wait. We’ll be with you shortly.”

    Cue the generic lounge music. I never quite understood what that was for, anyway. Do they seriously expect us to sit around and listen to their music, and to be entertained by it? I’d much rather prefer to have silence, so I can listen to some music of my own.

    By vish URL on 09.24.2010

  21. help. help yourself.
    You have all you need and you are exactly where you should be.
    Uplift yourself and others.
    Make yourself the priority.
    Then you will be able to help others.

    By Amber Rene URL on 09.24.2010

  22. Hilfe schrie sie aus voller kraft, doch niemand hörte sie.
    Hilfe schrie sie mit lauter Stimme, doch keiner wollte hören.
    Hilfe schrie sie mit verblassender stimme.
    Doch niemand hört ihr zu..

    By marciiii on 09.24.2010

  23. Help, I need somebody! Help! … yeah, it reminds me of the Beatles! Couldn’t HELP myself. LOL

    By Doris Rodriguez on 09.24.2010

  24. that’s exactly what i need! i need a personal assistant. or not. i don’t help actually. i wouldn’t accept it anyway. no one knows how to do things the way i want them done.

    By juno URL on 09.24.2010

  25. necessity.

    By danielle on 09.24.2010

  26. I need somebody…anybody…to do everything. I really need help finding my way, figuring out what to do, learning to be happy and free. Won’t you please,please help me?

    By Andie on 09.24.2010

  27. “The world wil look up and shout, ‘Save us,’ and I’ll whisper, ‘No.'”

    By Julia URL on 09.24.2010

  28. As Sarah ran from the monsterous gorilla following her she screamed for help, but in the depths of the jungle no one could hear her. She had never wanted to go on this vacation, but her insistant family had bugged her until she agreed to go. Had she said no she never would have been in this situation, but now here she was running for her life as an angry mother gorilla six times her size chased after her with a murderous look in her eyes.

    By Calla on 09.24.2010

  29. Help help help help help heop

    By Calla on 09.24.2010

  30. Help, everyone seems to be asking for some but no one seems able to answer. Perhaps it is because everyone is so preoccupied with their own problem but whether or not that is why, no one can ever offer any.

    By Calla on 09.24.2010

  31. It was just a matter of time that I knew that I was going to have to call for help. It was

    By Therese Morelli URL on 09.24.2010

  32. Help. It’s such a simple word but it has so many different meanings. Help him, help me, help yourself; I need emotional help, I need physical help, I’ve gone crazy.

    Which one do you mean? Take a close look at yourself. Do you feel that unbearable emptiness sucking you in? That hollow bit in your chest, like somebody cut you open and took everything out? That’s what I need help with. That emptiness that nothing can fulfill. I need help.

    But sometimes we can only help ourselves.

    By Kevin on 09.24.2010

  33. is available and there if you can let go of pride enough to ask… yeah…..

    By LB URL on 09.24.2010

  34. some mop tops started screaming: help! we need somebody, help!
    people thought it was a tune. But then we heard a shot.

    By catarina on 09.24.2010

  35. The cry in the darkness is more than one syllable. “Help” resonates with the little child in all, screaming for the outside the rescue something in us that needs this ‘help’.

    By Mike in Sacramento URL on 09.24.2010

  36. Help help help. My life goes nowhere. i have no right to ask for help. for i gotta figure it all out myself.

    By Peter T URL on 09.24.2010

  37. help me! helping others make you happy. being helped by others make you feel loved. bang mang. zhu ren wei kuai le zhi ben.sometimes it might be difficult to ask for help,but it is not,if it is to a true friend.

    By joanne on 09.24.2010

  38. kay: i can’t help the fact that my mind runs to you everyday, but i’m trying so hard to run away.

    meg: i can’t help the fact that no matter what i do i can’t forget the past.

    By kaymeg14 URL on 09.24.2010