September 24th, 2010 | 105 Entries

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105 Entries for “hostage”

  1. i never ever ever want to be taken hostage. it would be incredibly scary to be taken hostage because i would feel stolen and lost. it may be exciting though if i made it home. wonder if people would pay for me? interesting thought.

    By Sarah on 09.25.2010

  2. hostages. what does that word mean. most ppl are hostages in their own lives. why do uyou ask me how to get out, i don’t know. but each person is responsibele on their own to escape. i think even though most ppl spend all their lives hostages to situations that they aren’t even aware of, they shud try to get away.

    By sheethal bhat on 09.25.2010

  3. OH MY GAWD. GEt me out of here!!!!!!! THe girl screamed at the top of her lungs as she sat in a white van with a blindfold over her eyes, ducktape and rock climbing rope bound around her ankles snd the sound of yelling outside. A police yells what do you want?! just dont blow up the van. the presidents daughter is in there! “I KNOW WHOS IN THERE!” yelled your captor, “I KIDNAPPED HER” and a sound of shooting. then a thud.

    By Amber T on 09.25.2010

  4. My biggest fear is someone taking me hostage. I’m a pretty girl, it could happen to me. Most killers go after pretty girls, right? most crazy guys? i dont know, i’m just jabbering. i stopped the bad grammar, too, considering i have sixty seconds…. JEEZ this is hard. hostage…. almost rhym

    By Cailin on 09.25.2010

  5. I was a hostage of my own secret desires, will power deserted and I was left alone with the chocolate cake.

    By gino on 09.25.2010

  6. You’re holding my heart hostage. I’m unable to do anything about it. Why do you do this to me?

    By Elwood on 09.25.2010

  7. mary tells me that my heart is held hostage by jessie.of course,i disagree.i give freely at the had been awhile,but here we were,suddenly naked-together.i lived for moments like this.

    By Dan on 09.25.2010

  8. Was I he? Was it that bad? I could have sworn that all I wanted was to be free, and now here I am.

    By Josh on 09.25.2010

  9. I am stuck in the dark corridors of my mind, hostage to the shadows and memories that taunt me through long hours. Only death can set me free.

    By BasedOnFiction URL on 09.25.2010

  10. Oooh … I feel like I am being held hostage with this word because nothing comes to mind immediately! Thoughts on hold. Thoughts in bondage.

    By Doris Rodriguez on 09.25.2010

  11. I woke up, the room was blurry, i was tied down to what seemed like a chair.. It was dark. i tried screaming, but the tape covering my mouth stopped me from doing so. I realised i was being held hostage. But what did they want from me?

    By sammie on 09.25.2010

  12. I think I’ve become a hostage in my own body. I can’t be who I want to be. I may have to be what they want me to be. Do what they expect and get respect. It’s the only way.

    By Annabel J M URL on 09.25.2010

  13. He knew that they’d be caught eventually – that their voices would be heard. They were held hostage within the confines of his mind, and the doctors would medicate soon enough.

    By T on 09.25.2010

  14. She was tied to a chair in the darkness, the rough ropes chafing her skin. Caked in blood, both hers and his, she was sure she wouldn’t get ouut of there alive.

    By srishti on 09.25.2010

  15. She was hostage to herself, afraid to go out in the world and be who she knew she could be.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 09.25.2010

  16. She was tied to a chair in the darkness, the rough ropes chafing her skin. Caked in blood, both hers and his, she was sure she wouldn’t get ouut of there alive. SHe struggled againt her bonds, but to no avail. Suddenly, a glint from a knife caught her eye.

    By srishti on 09.25.2010

  17. why must hostage be a bad word, conveying only terrorizing moments in life.
    i held him hostage in my arms as he slept. loving him and caring for him had never been so easy.

    By renata URL on 09.25.2010

  18. I was held hostage once. By a life sized action figure of spiderman. I still have nightmares about it…don’t ask.

    By Venom on 09.25.2010

  19. with my hands tied above my head I look up at him helplessly. He can do what ever he want to me at this point. I close my eyes and try not to think about the possabilities and try even harder not to think about the way I’m a little excited about the prospects.

    By pryze URL on 09.25.2010

  20. Love for you is holding me hostage.

    By Shail URL on 09.25.2010

  21. They were pathetic, really. All tied up. Power gone. Their faces were streaked with tears, their eyes red and bloodshot, too wide. Too wide. One man in a business suit had soiled himself, and the reek was awful.

    These were the all-powerful, huh?

    Take away that power, and you’re left with the core. But these people had none. They’d never fought a day in their lives, and it showed.

    By SpSquirrel URL on 09.25.2010

  22. Your mother was taken by the ass clown. She was then held as a sexual hostage for 60 seconds. The ass clown spent that time raping her. Enjoy your clown cum, yo mama!

    By Stiffy on 09.25.2010

  23. One of those people taken prisoner by terrorists. Usually a caucasian american working for the US government

    By on 09.25.2010

  24. I am being held hostage by my own home.

    I didn’t realise at first, but little by little it became apparent. Like when I played music too loud and the house shorted it’s fuses to stop me. Or when I ran a bath too early in the afternoon and it scalded me like crazy.

    I must live by the rules, or live somewhere else.

    By Jacob URL on 09.25.2010

  25. Love. Almost as if you’re being taken away from something that isn’t quite there, and yet, it feels as if it is. But maybe it isn’t. It probably isn’t. Right? Because that’s what love is. Hostage from your own mind and from what you believe in.

    By Nicole Collantes on 09.25.2010