September 22nd, 2010 | 166 Entries

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166 Entries for “watch”

  1. i love to people watch. i love to be a stalker. especially on facebook. ohh yeahh. the sluttier the funnier! i love watching people in public too. i love to wonder what they’ve been through, what there doing and how they really feel inside. you can so tell how people are feeling by the expressions on there face. body language talks a lot too.

    By Kayla Wiemers on 09.23.2010

  2. i cant because i have disabled my sense of perception. I want to be normal, like a human. I don’t think I am doing great, because i am

    By Rishabh Sharma on 09.23.2010

  3. As I sit at my desk at work I watch out the window wondering who will vote for the candidate that they’ve watched on TV so many times in commercials and press conferences. I hope they vote for my candidate as I with the clock tick closer to election day.

    By Sal on 09.23.2010

  4. Watch in amazement as I make a redundant sentence purely to describe itself!

    By Jacob URL on 09.23.2010

  5. i love to watch people. i love to be a stalker, especially on facebook. ohhh yeahhh! the sluttier the funnier. i also love to people watch. i like to wonder what they do, think and what they’ve been through. no one ever knows really but its fun to wonder. you can tell so much about people from the expressions on their faces and their body language. it can be interesting to come up with a guess of how their life is and how they are feeling and the reason they are feeling that way.
    like i wonder if people can tell by my appearance and attitude that my boyfriend and i broke up the other day. is my attitude affected? is my posture? my clothes or cleanliness? who knows. because i am feeling every different inside. or maybe people can just tell something is different about me, but you would never know what really happened unless really knew me, but maybe if you were to watch you would see.

    By kaymeg14 URL on 09.23.2010

  6. Watch as we destroy what we once loved.

    Watch as we kill one another.

    Watch as we sit , and watch the world fall around us.


    By D URL on 09.23.2010