September 26th, 2012 | 316 Entries

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316 Entries for “help”

  1. Help isn’t fair. Life isn’t fair. The world isn’t fair. That last one we’ve all been told a million times; when we want stuff as a kid and when we don’t get it ‘it’s not fair.’
    I, usually said it when it truly wasn’t fair.

    By Bob on 09.26.2012

  2. Falling, I reached out, but there was no one. I was all alone. I couldn’t find myself, I couldn’t find anything. I was all alone. There was no one. Where was I? Who was I? There was only me falling. There was nothing else. Just falling. I reached out once again, shouted out, screamed. But there was no one. There was nothing. I was all alone.

    By DinoPanda on 09.26.2012

  3. I prefer to help those who have trouble asking for it.
    It’s usually far more rewarding for us both.

    By Andre Toscano on 09.26.2012

  4. help in the jungle, help in the concrete jungle. i want to be helped with the tigers, lions, and bears chasing me

    By sierra on 09.26.2012

  5. The guy at Table 3 we call Mr. Howell. He’s a rich snob who thinks he’s better than you. He won’t look at you when he speaks. Like he wants you to remember you are The Help. Keep his water glass filled, don’t forget he wants two lemons. Never tell him the specials — he always orders the sweetbreads. And he usually has a scotch and soda but occasionally a Manhattan. Always call him ‘Sir’ and never ever touch him. If he likes you he’ll tip 10% … otherwise nothing. Good luck!

    New girl had her work cut out for her. I had to chuckle as she sauntered over to Table 3.

    By penny dreadful on 09.26.2012

  6. I shouted into the abyss wondering if there was anyone who could hear me. I didn’t feel like there was. There was a sense of acute loneliness surrounded me. But perhaps that was just the dark. I had never been to such a place before, a place so devoid of light.

    By Kristen URL on 09.26.2012

  7. dear universe,
    help me live.

    By kai on 09.26.2012

  8. it’s not something I ask for all that often, but something I think I am in dire need of and I don’t know how to ask for it. Afraid of seeming weak or inept, how do you say it’s ok to need some help from time to time?

    By deb URL on 09.26.2012

  9. Help me! I am lost in retirement land. I need help to get off the sofa, turn off the tv, and DO SOMETHING! Helping comes at a price because, you see, I actually don’t want to be found. Vegitating is lovely .. . actually . . .

    By Sheila on 09.26.2012

  10. Help

    I need somebody, Help!
    .. No, I don’t .. I don’t need anyone at the moment .. Right now I don’t feel like I’ll ever need anyone’s help but my own .. Maybe I need help because of thinking that .. Who knows ..

    By Astraiana on 09.26.2012

  11. Me now, dear god help me! I am trapped in a whole and I cant get out, I will try to stand but my legs might be broke, oh god they are broke….

    By Samantha on 09.26.2012

  12. Help is all around us in forms of: guidance, parents, maids, counselors, internet, people who care about you, family, teachers, and friends.

    By Jena Smith on 09.26.2012

  13. HELP IS A WORD SOME PEOPLE USE WHEN THEY ARE IN TROUBLE, BUT NOT FOR ME I think that I need the world help when I want to let someone so close to me talk to me, usually I think that when I need to

    By hanar shaat URL on 09.26.2012

  14. I wish it was easier not to think when I write. I want it to flow naturally. I need help. But really, I know that I don’t. The power to do this is inside of me, if I just let go of my insecurity and write. I love writing. Instead of asking for help from others, I should be confident enough in myself to just do it. That way I can spend my time helping those who really need it.

    By Katia on 09.26.2012

  15. It’s what I yell when I’m feeling helpless, though mostly, noone ever hears. It’s funny though that these helpless moments aren’t necessarily when I’m in physical trouble, it’s mostly mental. When I need a hug, to know I’m not alone, and once again, not physically alone. Mentally. It’s all mental.

    By Tamar on 09.26.2012

  16. There was no changing her mind. She could see him approaching the car in her rear view mirror. Her mother’s voice echoing in her mind, “never pick up a hitch hiker!” She felt naughty, scared. He leaned in.

    By Louise on 09.26.2012

  17. HELP
    i need somebody,
    not just anybody,
    you know i need someone,

    the beatles…….

    but i do need help, mentally and in my choice of people i know. too many people enjoy annoying me, and there’s too many people i want to punch in the face

    By Fei URL on 09.26.2012

  18. What I am so incapable of asking for. Everyone needs it, but so many are unwilling to ask for it, despite how many are always willing to give it.

    By Sherry on 09.26.2012

  19. everybody needs help.some people dont want to admit it but they dont. lend a hand. do something for someone else

    By becca on 09.26.2012

  20. Help! I can’t think of anything to write! Oh wait… That’s a bit of conundrum isn’t it?

    By Aaron on 09.26.2012

  21. i’ll help you through any problem you have. i’ll be there for you when you need me. i might need help through a tough time as well. you help me i’ll help you. i will lend you money if you need it, i might need it too. help me be happy and not cry. i love you

    By Hilary on 09.26.2012

  22. Hilfe naht. Sie kommt mit seidenen Flügeln. Sie kommt mit starken Armen. Sie kommt auf leisen Sohlen und trägt dich empor. Sie biegt Gitter auf. Sie legt dich in ein warmes Tuch. Sie flüstert dir Gedanken ein.

    By Lisa URL on 09.26.2012

  23. I need this now. i cant live without it. im not a lifeguard. in a grocery store. wearing a life jacket. calling your name as loud as i can. hear me please

    By Calli on 09.26.2012

  24. the help is an extremely good movie. It is inspirational. I like to help people. I feel slightly bad about the fact that I am not helping work tonight, but can you really blame me? i am excited to go to community group and see everyone again.

    By Elizabeth on 09.26.2012

  25. Help is on the way
    today, lets play a game called sway called pay called may called day.
    help is on the way
    what did he say the other day when i was trying to get away.

    By Soulsway on 09.26.2012

  26. I need somebodys help. I need to know where to go, what to do, what to find, and who I am going to be. How do I ask for help when I cannot help myself? How does one help me when I have no idea how to help myself. I can be there for the people around me as a statue that will never break. I can be their dear diary and their little black book. I can be their happiness and their sadness. Their strength and their weakness. If it is so easy for me to help others and I am laways there to help them….who is there to help me?

    By JenAcide on 09.26.2012

  27. HELP……is what makes the world go round. Everyone is fully knowledgeable of the word and it’s meaning. At one point, everyone has been directly linked to the word in some way or another. One can be considered extremely fortunate to be of the helped and in some way or another have been of help to another whether we are aware of it or not. Without help or being helped individuals would be reliant solely upon themselves and thereby communities or societies would be null and void.

    By RaShelle on 09.26.2012

  28. The word that someone usually says when in trouble. Uttered this word I haven’t in a while for I feel helping oneself is how one learns real knowledge and understanding. only when one for sure doesnt know how to do something should they ask for help.

    By Kendrick URL on 09.26.2012

  29. “HELP!” Caius screamed. He shook his dad’s limp shoulder, he looked around wildly, he bit his lip to stop it from quivering.

    “SOMEBODY!” he called out again, standing up only to wonder which direction he should run.

    “Anybody…” His voice began to die as he sank slowly back to his knees. “Help.”

    By Julia A. URL on 09.26.2012

  30. a broken, lurching thing. resentful sidelong glances drive through me as i watch him drag the body into the grave. it is raining.

    By sheetmason on 09.26.2012

  31. help me
    I am stuck
    In a box
    I do not understand this game
    The directions
    were far too vague
    If I had more information to go by
    Perhaps I would have done better
    Once I see what my results are
    I will do better

    By Sean Fowler on 09.26.2012

  32. Help. Pshh, who needs that. I’m good, I’m strong, I don’t need nobody. Or do I? Am I strong enough to handle pain, emotional and physical? Well, as time goes by I am realizing that sometimes having a shoulder or even an ear is enough to let me get through the day….but is that always going to be enough?

    By foost URL on 09.26.2012

  33. Help. A small word. It can mean anything rangeing from life to death. Some people think it’s used for our benefit but others know better. Yelling out ‘help’ at your darkest hours will hardly ever help you. Help cannot prevent a rape. Help cannot rescue a child from a fire. It is our actions which will determine the outcome of whatever situation we find ourselves in, and maybe, just maybe, that’s just the way it is.

    By Sophia on 09.26.2012

  34. a broken, lurching thing. resentful sidelong glances drive through me as i watch him drag the body into the grave. thick, hard rain is shoving us into the mud.

    By startrump on 09.26.2012

  35. “There’s two types of people in this world,” he says. “Those on top, and those who aren’t. And if you’re not on top, you’re – ”

    I roll my eyes. “On the bottom.”

    “Right,” he says seriously. “And that would be us. Now, imagine if our world was an ocean. Those on top get to ride around on their speedboats, sipping ice-cold beer or whatever other toxins they pump their bodies with. Those on the bottom just sit in the water. Those on top just zoom past, not caring if they splash us, because we’re already wet.

    “And y’know what? Eventually those on the bottom start to drown. The water chokes them, and fills their lungs as they call out for help. And those on top see and hear them. But they don’t care, because we’re nothing to them.”

    By Abbey on 09.26.2012

  36. “You’re a great help”, she said. I knew I wasn’t, but I kept lying to her. She was so innocent, so trusting and I was full of shit.

    By halbkind on 09.26.2012

  37. “Help, I need somebody! Help! Not just anybody…” Mira sang along to the radio, warbling as loud as her sore vocal chords would let her. To her, the fact that she was tone deaf didn’t really matter– she was enjoying the rough wind of the cars streaking past and the whirr of the over-worked air-conditioner of her beaten up Honda.

    By Alli, wordgypsy URL on 09.26.2012

  38. The word that can instill fear or hope into the heart of anyone, at any time. Nothing can ever pierce one’s shell more than a cry for help; When one hears such a cry, one drops everything to help their fellow man. It’s truly the most powerful word.

    By Dark shades of white on 09.26.2012

  39. Something I pleaded for, bawled for, scraped my fingernails against my mother’s door for.
    I craved her warm embrace and her soothing voice to rock me back to sleep; hoping soon thereafter that hope would be restored in my immediate view. Instead, I weeped into a slumber at her doorstep, forgetting that only children receive that kind of help, and not grown big-kid-now adults with real world issues.

    By Pip on 09.26.2012

  40. I need help to figure out this equation. No one seems to want to help me. I just walk alone through this empty town waiting for some help. I need it. I strive for it. I want to recover. I want to live like everyone else. Please. Someone. Help. Help me.

    By Shannon on 09.26.2012