June 19th, 2011 | 595 Entries

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595 Entries for “held”

  1. in your arms running honey slow through the night as dreams slide down the evening

    By Liam on 06.19.2011

  2. Held close in your arms,
    Warmed by the thought of being loved;
    It doesn’t matter if it’s real or not,
    Because it’s the thought that counts, right?
    You swore you loved me,
    You pledged your commitment.
    But every vow has been broken,
    Every line crossed over,
    Every argument cut short.
    Talk to me about your promises
    And I’ll show you where to stick them.
    I’m done hoping you can change,
    Some things just have to stay the same.
    Live you life and I’ll live mine,
    Happy and free of the anchor you’ve become.

    By Amanda URL on 06.19.2011

  3. I held the tiny key in my hand, light and burnished brass, with a little red bow tied to its handle. After pondering awhile, I surveyed the long narrow hall before me, with tall wooden doors on either side, leading along down the corridor until they vanished out of sight.

    Step after step I began to pass after each door, but I did not bother with most of them. It was not the room I was interested in, but whatever obscure thing it was that awaited me across that dark hall . . .

    By avonlea URL on 06.19.2011

  4. i held panda in my hands for the first time in august of 2008 she was so small so fragile so curious she licked my hand with her little tongue and then she peed on me it was funny then she jumped out of my hands and ran into her cage now look at her shes three years old in two months in two months she’s going to be so adorable on her birthday

    By Divya on 06.19.2011

  5. as i held onto the ball it begin to transform into something i have never seen before. it slowly turned into and oval and then soon,,,, a little creature of some sort. it scared the hell out out of me so i threw and it died.

    By malakai on 06.19.2011

  6. I held in my hand the most delicate, thin, fragile, strongest form I have ever held.

    By shannon Hurley URL on 06.19.2011

  7. I wasn’t sure
    I loved you
    the first time
    you held me
    when, suddenly,
    the whole world
    felt like

    By melissa on 06.19.2011

  8. I’ve held what I can. I don’t like being held back but sometimes i happens. Am I really held back, or am I just imagining it. Can’t really tell why I’m held back, but sometimes it feels like I am.

    By austin URL on 06.19.2011

  9. held is awesome, i wish i knew what it means. I held a sign that said save the kittens. Now I;m just waitining for the end

    By Mica on 06.19.2011

  10. She held me for as long as I can remember.She held me when I was sick, when I cried, when I was joyous And one day, I came home from school, and she wasn’t there anymore to hold me.

    By Melissa O'Keef URL on 06.19.2011

  11. A soft feather glided down from the nest it had cushioned. Unaware of the seemingly filthy origin, the small child picked it up and gently rolled it in her fingers. This soft bliss lasted only a moment before her mother scolded her and forced her to release what she held.

    By Melissa on 06.19.2011

  12. He held her close and told her she meant everything in the world to him.

    The sound of a gunshot rang.

    The girl sunk in his arms, her back covered in blood. He looked at the gun in his hand, wondering if he had done what was right.

    Too bad she believed his words.

    By Andréa URL on 06.19.2011

  13. I want to be held in your arms. I want to fall asleep next to you. I want you to love me. I just want you to want me like I want you…

    By Becca on 06.19.2011

  14. I held my baby daughter in my hands…only 5 lb…1 month preemie…
    but she’s a big girl now, with a daughter of her own
    Happy Father’s Day to all the dads missing their little girls.

    By Paul on 06.19.2011

  15. I have held on to this bitterness for way too long. Now is the time for action. Someone is going to pay for the hurt I’ve felt in my lifetime. This won’t be pretty. God help them.

    By Fender2010 URL on 06.19.2011

  16. i once held my boyfriend in the park. he was warm and smelt good, but most importantly i felt safe. i have never been more sure of my purpose before :D

    By Elle URL on 06.19.2011

  17. she was soft, and her skin smelled of lilacs and lilies of the valley. I held her as she cried in my arms. my best friend, she was my best friend. nothing more. nothing could ever come of us. but as i held her, i knew that i would not be able to survive this.

    By Psyche on 06.19.2011

  18. once held i found myself alone
    cold and burned by what you spoke
    once held i found myself in regret
    because the words caught me by the throat

    i will inhale the scent of the end

    By Jeremy Prescott URL on 06.19.2011

  19. held, past tense for hold, errr, yeah. Heh, today i held my dog, and my phone, a plate, a cup. YAAAYYY :D.

    By BAAHH on 06.19.2011

  20. To be held. One of life’s simple pleasures it seems yes?

    Or can it be more than that?

    A man once theorized (a man who’s name I cannot remember) that being held, or in essence being wanted by others, is one of the necessary essentials needed by humans to survive. Second only to food and shelter and whatnot of course.

    By Tyler Adams on 06.19.2011

  21. A warm feeling of comfort. To be held or to hold meaning to embrace or to love, a welcoming feeling

    By jeffrey on 06.19.2011

  22. in my hand, my breath, up in traffic – again!, the key to…, it sounds like hell at first but then with one last letter becomes something so gooey and warm and nice and so ‘aahhhhhhhhhhhh’. Sounds nordic.

    By charlotte on 06.19.2011

  23. One day, I felt alone. I felt cold, like I was dying. I looked up and saw the hand of God. Maybe he was going to hold me. Maybe he would take me away. Finally he held me and made me feel loved. And now I do the same for my kids.

    By Victoria on 06.19.2011

  24. held tightly, held safe, held loved. isn’t that what everybody wants?

    By Olivia URL on 06.19.2011

  25. He held my hand. He held it tight, his fingers laced between mine. The feeling so foreign, a feeling that I had not been accustomed to for the longest time. But it was warm, and it was nice. And everything about that moment felt as if it were absolutely correct, meant to happen. Destiny, maybe.

    By Savannah on 06.19.2011

  26. I her hand in mine.
    And then I let go.

    By Thomas URL on 06.19.2011

  27. I held in my hand a paper. In that paper there was a tree. It was the soul of the paper. The grass roots. And the beauty of it all was that it was so simple. The simplicity was the beauty.

    By Julia on 06.19.2011

  28. I want to spend just one evening being held close. As much as I hate cuddling, sometimes you just want to be held and to feel like you mean something to just one person, even if it’s only for a fleeting moment, or just one night. The feeling of being close to someone could quite possibly be greater than my aversion to commitment in general.

    By Erica on 06.19.2011

  29. The flowers looked lonely. I think that’s why I picked them. One by one, daisy by daisy, petal by petal I removed them from their lonely prior lives. Then again, they had always had eachother. It was I who was alone. I who needed to be held.

    By Nikita URL on 06.19.2011

  30. “I need to go,” she said, the pain in her voice obvious. But I held fast, clutching her arm like my life depended on it. “Julie, let go.” I shook my head. I couldn’t let her go. Letting her go would mean letting go of everything. Not just letting go of our friendship, but everything I’d ever known.

    By Myandi URL on 06.19.2011

  31. if you were held. you will hold. if you weren’t you will be. hold on to me and i’ll hold onto you. Friendship or Romance, an embrace will be the most important thing in our lives. If one is not held, one will lose their own self.

    By brittany Gionet on 06.19.2011

  32. i held his hand and thought to myself, is this real or will he hurt me just like the last? i guess ill have to take a chance and see.

    By kat mooney URL on 06.19.2011

  33. I held the item in my hand, and as I grasped it firmly, I began to have a new found appreciation for being able to use my hands, and I learned what I blessing it truly is to have them. I thank myself for not losing them, as I don’t think anyone else deserves the thanks

    By Lyone on 06.19.2011

  34. he held her in his arms as she cried. her body sagged against his with relief–she hadn’t felt human contact in what felt like an eternity. a moment later, she stiffened slightly, remembering how he felt about closeness.

    By aubrey URL on 06.19.2011

  35. I held the small child in my hands, crying hysterically because of the way it died. She was so young, and pretty. I feel like I should have been the one in front of that car!

    By Colby on 06.19.2011

  36. being toucheed

    By delrae lynn adams URL on 06.19.2011

  37. i held the knife close to my heart as i watched the city burn in a blue light. The siege had been long, but my daring escapade into past the walls had lead us to victory. We held the power the city, and thus the path to the new and unprotected kingdom of shada ra. We are the silver foxes.

    By Ledan on 06.19.2011

  38. Like a bouquet of flowers I guess because I just watched “he’s just not that into you” and Jennifer Aniston is like marriage obsessed. but I guess you hold lots of things, including pee like when you really super have to go to the bathroom. I guess I’m slow at typing because oh nevermind the time just ran out.

    By Michele Kristensen on 06.19.2011

  39. by piece, by loving by his name bringing something to gether to touch no gravity for the one who is being held a gravity problem to help bring someone together

    a sign of winter a blue lagoon a say that brings things to gether

    By delrae lynn adams URL on 06.19.2011

  40. you hold me i miss your touch im at home in your arms dont ever let go…

    By mikaela on 06.19.2011