May 5th, 2011 | 668 Entries

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668 Entries for “eyeliner”

  1. The dark circles, the chalky substance surrounding her eyes, seemed to offer a glimpse beneath the veneer wherein she hid herself, as she pawned her body off to the highest bidder. Such sadness lurked beneath the garish grinning face, and although she cackled and cajoled I could see beneath that mask.

    By Tsareia URL on 05.06.2011

  2. She picked up the pencil, a dark eyeliner. What she saw as she put it on was the face of a scared girl, crying against the waterproof pencil. She saw self expression as well, but mostly, she saw a girl no one understood.

    By Tori:) on 05.06.2011

  3. She put the eyeliner on her lower lash, facing the night before her. Working as a stripper was not about just having a tight body, but a beautiful face, so they’d remember you. Eyeliner helped bring that dark look to your face, making sure that they’d remember your pain, and that they’d remember how dangerous you were. That’s what brought in the money, because without money, you couldn’t live. Money was what drove people to such extremes, that they’d undress in front of you, to turn you on. Money.

    By Linzibee URL on 05.06.2011

  4. Eyeliner is something to make your eyes pop so that they don’t look plain as each day passes. Even though people sometimes use eyeliner to make themselves appear more beautiful than they already are, I use it because it illuminates my eyes so people know not to look anywhere but the window to my soul. It draws attention to the color in my eyes and people know that’s where I am. In my soul, not in this earthly world where beauty is the main thing to most people. Shallow people. Eyeliner isn’t completely for the use of beauty.

    By Ivy Noel on 05.06.2011

  5. fuck this shit. it is the most stupid thing ever made. who the hell needs to put that gunk on their eyelashes or wherever the hell it goes? it doesn’t make people look more attractive, it makes them look emo.

    By who on 05.06.2011

  6. something you put on your eyes, black, blue, gray, jet black, i like maybelline, i don’t like it when it smears, the day after if you sleep in it, walk of shame where you have smeared eyeliner you can tell you didn’t wash it off the night before, i like waterproof, i don’t like it when it smudges, i like revlon and almay, like cleopatra, why do we have to wear it? when boys wear it, that’s weird. like adam lambert and pete wentz. i guess if they want to that’s cool…but no

    By jezzika on 05.06.2011

  7. i wear it everyday. i like black the best. ew pourple i dont like purple because well actualy its okay. but i dont like it on me. i have some on right now. and its on my waterline. my mom says not to put it on m waterline because it will make my eyes unlhealthy but i think it looks better that way. i dont put much on the top because i think it looks okay to put it on just the bottom.

    By Hannah on 05.06.2011

  8. She shoved the eyeliner pencil and painted it around her eyes in a thick black mess. She did not care anymore. Screw everyone. Screw the world. She was herself and she didn’t care what anyone else thought. She looked in the mirror in frustration as she rolled the tip of the eyeliner across her eyelids and under eyelids. She frowned in the mirror, seeing a girl that was fearless and carefree. She saw someone strong and liked it. She stood up straight, dressed in combat boots, beige shorty shorts and a black tank top that showed her belly off and she walked out that door, her black hair bouncing and flowing in waves as the wind rushed against her. This was who she was. And she wasn’t about to change, especially not to satisfy the world.

    By Misty on 05.06.2011

  9. I sat on my bed looking into the mirror, my eyeliner in my hand. I traced my eyes smoothly, the black markings fallowing the rim. I blinked, blinked again and again until i was satisfied with my color.
    “Molly, it’s time for school!” Mom called from the kitchen. I groaned and threw my make up into my school bag and threw it over my shoulder. I walked out the room, ready for the boring day ahead of me.
    When I arrived at school I was greeted by my best friend Laure.

    By Elizabeth on 05.06.2011

  10. “Argh!!!! I don’t believe this $%@^#%# ##$*!” The batter splattered out of the bowl and landed on the floor … and on the kitchen table … and on the wall. Sheila stopped in mid-blue streak and took a look at the mess. It made a curious pattern on the wall, almost like art, if you like that Jackson Pollack crap. Sheila smiled, reached for her iPhone, snapped a shot, and posted it to Facebook. “Oh well,” she sighed as she dipped a finger into the “art” and ate some batter. “I could never follow a recipe anyway.”

    By Izolda on 05.06.2011

  11. I line my eyes with black magic. Alluring. Beautiful. Powerful. Predatory. I exude confidence that I keep in my purse in a purple bag. It goes on last, after mascara and foundation and eyeshadow. It goes on to cover up the cracks in my armour.

    By Chiaroscuro on 05.06.2011

  12. The small pencil sat on the counter in front of me, my eyeshadow bright and red as I put it on my face. i then reached down for the eyeliner and gave a sigh. I passed the small piece of chalk along my eye passively, so used to it i didn’t even notice anymore.

    By Elizabeth URL on 05.06.2011

  13. ..

    By Misty on 05.06.2011

  14. when i put on eyeliner i feel fake and worthless because its a shield from the people who want to read my soul, but when im all natural i feel gorgeous and beautiful just the way i am!

    By lauren URL on 05.06.2011

  15. There’s nothing wrong with eyeliner, right? Except for the explosion in the 80’s and beyond. Boys with eyeliner, girls with excessive eyeliner. It’s still in full swing, bringing out blue eyes like marbles and coating eyelashes like tar. When will it end, I wonder? With wing tips and fringe and fashion.

    It’s probably an ongoing legacy. Let’s just drop the word “emo”.

    By Lydia on 05.06.2011

  16. My eyes. I’ve always had trouble putting makeup that looks alright on them. I tried the upper eyelid type, but it failed and was splotchy. I’ve tried eyeliner below my eye, it looked Gothic like and chunky in the dark. I finally just decided to leave my eyes alone and not care.

    By Emily Ostin on 05.06.2011

  17. Eyeliner is a rather weird topic to write about, isn’t it? Granted, you see most girls just slathering it over themselves these days; Like the damn makeup is supposed to make them pretty. Here’s a hint, gals: Looking like a raccoon isn’t going to get you a goddamned man. It (mainly) just makes you look like one of those weird rave girl.

    By Ryan Allen on 05.06.2011

  18. I never leave the house without applying it. For some reason i feel naked without it. Uhh it comes in pretty colors n such. AAAAnd yeah. Some is crap and some is ok. I like the ones that roll up. pretty sweet.

    By Rikki on 05.06.2011

  19. I’ve never been good at putting on eyeliner. I like the way pictures of me look much better when I’m wearing eye liner. It makes my eyes look bigger and better and I wish that I had bigger eyes. But I don’t wear make up in everyday life.

    By Samie URL on 05.06.2011

  20. She looks trashy. A girl with too much eyeliner, a girl who tries to be someone else because she doesn’t have confidence in who she really is. But look at me. I am here with a clean face, proud to be who I am, yet no one wants a strong girl. They all want to save someone. I don’t need to hide behind thick eyeliner to show you who I am, but maybe thats why people do it, because if they were who they were, then no one would look at them, no one would want them, they would be me.

    By MelissaWrites324 URL on 05.06.2011

  21. Her eye color, green with a gold rim, framed with dark eyeliner, smokey and dark, drew him in.

    By Steve d on 05.06.2011

  22. I haven’t had any eyeliner for like a month so I haven’t worn makeup. I look twelve. It doesn’t matter since I’m so ugly anyway lolololol.

    “Trust me, I know how to wear eyeliner. I used to love Blink-182”

    By Kally URL on 05.06.2011

  23. i use eyeliner until it is a tiny stump. Until there is nothing left but the plastic holding the pencil together and sharp points of wood that scratch my eye. It seems wasteful to do it any other way, though i suppose it is also mean to my eyes.

    By Ashleigh H. on 05.06.2011

  24. One day Brian overslept and, in his delirium, he accidentally picked up an eyeliner bottle and poked himself in the eye. What he thought it actually was we’ll never know.

    Due to this unfortunate accident, he wasn’t able to see the OneWord.com site clearly and, as such, did not realize that the word of the day was not changed over at its usual time.

    The end :)

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 05.06.2011

  25. Eyeliner. It lines the eye finely. It lines the eye in a timely manner. Like a black border or banner. Excruciatingly beautiful. Eyeliner is beautiful. Enumeratingly beautiful.

    By /encode URL on 05.06.2011

  26. Eyeliner. Ugh, it’s just like the rest of the make up women/girls use to hide their true beauty and put on a clown mask. I hate it I hate it I hate it. You’re beautiful. That is all.

    By /encode URL on 05.06.2011

  27. Pop! So that’s where your eyes are?! That eyeliner makes your eyes look so different. Highlighting the white and complimenting the blue. Gorgeous!

    By Cholmie URL on 05.06.2011

  28. The people of today seem to like eyeliner. Girls wear it, boys wear it, clowns wear it. Not that clowns aren’t a gender, but ya know what i mean. When I think eyeliner I think Taylor Momsen, Gerard Way, Adam Lambert. Icons, music icons. Black, grey or whatever.

    By Alex on 05.06.2011