May 7th, 2011 | 374 Entries

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374 Entries for “waver”

  1. you have 5 seconds, the automated voice loomed from above and she wavered. these last 5 points would mean the championship or going home empty handed for her team

    By Chi Thuy URL on 05.08.2011

  2. A waver could mean many things. Maybe it is tasty and crisp, the outside of a sweet and delicious sandwich with icecream in the middle. Or maybe it is a piece of paper that for some reason I can’t remember is called a waver. A waver or approval? Someone who waves?

    By Casey on 05.08.2011

  3. A moment. A pause. That was all it took, and she knew the truth. You don’t have to say anything to be a bad liar. That stall of they eyes. The catch in your throat. And they know.

    By Mariechen URL on 05.08.2011

  4. a man is waving at me waving not drowning from the other side of the quay he holds a plastic bag. he stops waving, now he looks at the swan who is washing itself with its orange beak. Hello waver how are you waver? I’ll join him cross the bridge go find him before he leaves. As soon as i finish this cigarette as soon as i stop writing as soon as i get up from this seat that i’m in i’ll find the waving man with the plastic bag and i’ll look at the swan with him. hello mr waver. hello hello hello

    By IHL on 05.08.2011

  5. “Do I really need this thing?”
    My teacher shrugged, and spun around in his chair. I sighed, and threw it into the recycle as I walked out the door.

    By Glam Girl URL on 05.08.2011

  6. As i walked up the hill i saw a meadow of life. Animals and butterflies dancing in the breeze,flowers beginning to waver in the upcoming wind.

    By Clairessa on 05.08.2011

  7. No, I will not write about a selected word, I’ll write about two boys who are the opposite of each other, but feel the need to pierce me in the same exact place. Methods different. Affect. I don’t know.

    By mackenzieofcourse URL on 05.08.2011

  8. I do not want to be put off the hook. Keep your waver to yourself and leave me alone. Many people get off from this sort of think but not me.

    By thomas neece on 05.08.2011

  9. thinking see person wild fild child blue legato view

    By arim on 05.08.2011

  10. my heart wavers. it feels heavy, and i had only wished i knew his feelings. he is gone now, but it doesn’t feel real. i shall see him again one day, but when the halo around his head becomes real, one of golden light, not of hair. wherever i go, and whatever happens to me, i will remember his honest soul and spirit.

    By Jaymie on 05.08.2011

  11. paola

    By Paola on 05.08.2011

  12. “I beg your pardon?”

    “I said – I hate it when you waver like that.”

    “I wasn’t wavering!”

    “You were doing what then – contemplating your navel? All you needed to tell me was whether you wanted bacon and eggs or waffles for breakfast!”

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 05.08.2011

  13. You can’t fool me with all your lies and deception and… I can see right through you I know you are a murdering porn watching scum bag. And I will not waver until I have taking you down once and for all.

    By Hans URL on 05.08.2011

  14. i have no idea what it is. i think of waves, and surfing, it is a nice thougt cause i really like surfing. man this is stupid. okay. also i think of somthing with IT and electronics. some computer stuff. software perhaps? you should really pick some more common words…….
    Ida from Denmark.

    By Ida from Denmark URL on 05.08.2011