May 3rd, 2012 | 135 Entries

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135 Entries for “hearing”

  1. My hearing had been impared after the bomb went off. I lay there for a while, wondering if I would be able to make it back. As I looked up, I saw my best friend standing over me, and I yelled for him to save himself.

    By Morgan on 05.04.2012

  2. Hearing is a sense I would hate to lose because I love music. I love to sing. How sad it would be to go to a concert and not be able to hear the music. Or to not be able to hear the moans of a lover, lest your pleasuring efforts be futile. So sad.

    By April on 05.04.2012

  3. I hear sounds around me, though I don’t take them in. It’s a blur of noise that I wish to block out. Murmurs of people and places of which I do not belong. Its hard to imagine I am actually here, as everyone around me is so involved with each other while I am alone in my thoughts.

    By Michaela URL on 05.04.2012

  4. The hearing was held across three days, but not consecutive days. In fact it took six months in total to get a result…six months of problems and one excuse after another as to why the doctors wouldn’t let him attend. That’s what the official line was, anyway.

    By zebra URL on 05.04.2012

  5. I lost my hearing a while ago. SO how was I suppossed to know that she was caling for my help. She was dying in bed and I couldn’t even hear her, I couldn’t save her. It is my fault she is gone. All my fault.

    By The Third URL on 05.04.2012

  6. why can’t i turn off the radio? it keeps playing the songs that remind me of us.. someday my soul won’t hear another vibe that will be connected to your memory ..

    By noway on 05.04.2012

  7. my hearing is good for now, and I pray and that it will always remain that way. I wanna hear the people laugh, the children scream. I want to hear the birds sing and the wind blow for forever.

    By Abra URL on 05.04.2012

  8. I sat in class trying my hardest to listen to the teacher. But for some reason I couldn’t concentrate. No, not for SOME reason. I knew exactly why, but I didn’t have the courage to do anything about it. What if he laughed at me? I’d never talked to him, seven years of being in the same school and we’d never exchanged so much as a look…yes, this was it, it was soon going to be over, and I’d never know what it would’ve felt like to know him…

    By Jessica G on 05.04.2012

  9. Leaves rustle. The trees sigh. I am hearing these things on a rainy summer night in July.

    By Carissa on 05.04.2012

  10. A sense. The ability to take in sounds and process it into words. The brains w

    By kayla on 05.04.2012

  11. i hear every thing around me i hear Mrs steedly i hears my class mates i hear birds i hear owls i hear fer-it hear sharks i hear me i hear Saleem i hear ghost i hear the trees i here the grass

    By saleem church on 05.04.2012

  12. A sense. The ability to hear sounds and process them in to words. A way of listening to the sounds of the world around you. If you couldn’t hear it would be as if you walked around numb forever. It be like if a bomb went off and you lost everything, a blur. No sound, nor hearing, you could see people talking, but no sound. You know those parts in movies when they speed everything up and it’s a blur, but it’s like the main character is in slow motion and you hear no sounds you just see movement, that is what I would feel like if I lost my hearing.

    By kayla on 05.04.2012

  13. I was never one for going out at night. It’s just not my scene. Have you ever seen one of those pragmatic daughters of aristocratic gentlemen? Well, they can’t hear.

    By greg on 05.04.2012

  14. Sometimes I have a hard time hearing what other people say. I think they say one thing but really they said another thing totally different.

    By Bubbles on 05.04.2012

  15. i can hear when someone talks i can hear when someone says my name i can also hear when i talk to myselef and i like hearing alot.

    By kaleb williams on 05.04.2012

  16. Hearing…
    People people people…
    they have hearing so does other animals
    We shoulld not treat animals differently since they have the same characteristics ;)

    By poseidon619 URL on 05.04.2012

  17. ARE YOU HEARING ME,MISTER?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hearing means to listen to something or someone.

    By loulou88888 URL on 05.04.2012

  18. im heariong you but im not listining to u its like wat u say goes in one ear and out the other

    By elmo on 05.04.2012

  19. I need a hearing aid to help my hearing.

    By Zachary Williams on 05.04.2012

  20. understand

    By Jonathan G. on 05.04.2012

  21. hearing is something i have a had time doing

    Just Kidding.

    By spiderwebb11 URL on 05.04.2012

  22. hearing i dont know what to put…

    By heaf13 URL on 05.04.2012

  23. i hear alicia typing i hear ms.steedly yelling i hear tinikqia laughing i hear zahreed talking i hear my thoughts i hear my music i hear trevale laughing i hear everyhting that surronds me

    By Destyni Jefferson on 05.04.2012

  24. I HEAR mrs.steedly telling us what to do i hear kaleb and destiny typing

    By elmo on 05.04.2012

  25. ”What am i Hearing” I said to myself is it my voice in my head chiming? I dont know it sounds as if sympathy is running through my head. Its beautiful sounds drive me crazy.

    By Bieberlover URL on 05.04.2012

  26. i hear everything

    By om on 05.04.2012

  27. hearing is to listen to a sound

    By zach URL on 05.04.2012

  28. Their once were a young girl who was hard of hearing. She couldnt hear the sounds of nayture or the sound of birds churping. she couldnt hear the rush of water moving in a stream or anything else

    By bob on 05.04.2012

  29. hearing is one of your 5 senses. it helps you listen when people are taking to you

    By mak!:) URL on 05.04.2012

  30. Hearing is the same thing as listening but those are very different from each other. Hearing is just hearing stuff all around you and listening is actually hearing somebody to talk and the information gets in your head.

    By Robert Robinson on 05.04.2012

  31. fyyy

    By elmo on 05.04.2012

  32. i’m hearing the birds calling to its mates. i’m hearing the wind blow between the houses i’m hearing the loud sounds of the city. i’m hearing the dogs run by.

    By NickW on 05.04.2012

  33. im bored of this

    By elmo on 05.04.2012

  34. Today iam thinking to my self about all the things i hear on daily bases. I hear alot of things like when my alarm clock wakes me up when its time for school or the animals making noise as they fly, crawl, or for some walk on four legs. I can here the birds as they sing a happy melody through out the day and when its night time the crickets finish the melody off i can here the people walking one by one as they start conversations with there friends. I can also hear the trees blowing through the wind as they give us oxgen to servive on earth. i can hear the rain as i pours down to earth washing all the flowers as they grow taller and when night comes all the sound goes away and comes back tomorrow

    By kaleb williams on 05.04.2012

  35. One day I thought about all of the things I hear in the city daily. As I thought I made a game. The game was to try to geuss what the sound is. I started to play and hear a loud BANG BANG, BANG BANG! As I was thinking I said “hmmmm it could be a jackhammer or maybe something loud hitting the ground” Then I heard a new sound in the park. It was a silent sqeak sqeak. I thought to myself for awhile and said “it could be a swing that sqeaks or maybe a baby bird or a squirrel”. Later on that day I went back home and listened to the things in my appartment. I heard a faint drip drip. So after a long minute of thinking I thought “It could be the sink faucet or maybe the bathtub or rain hitting the gutter”. That night right before I slept I said to myself “Waht a wonderful game, I think I will play tomorrow”.

    By Kasey Wentworth on 05.04.2012

  36. i hear u

    By iku on 05.04.2012

  37. He orders an Americano from the barista, a tattooed girl who barely acknowledges him between bites of her tuna sandwich. He’s not sure she’s even heard his order, when she plops the drink in front of him. “That’s $3,” she says to no one in particular.

    By bryan on 05.04.2012

  38. It was as if it was a dream. Eridan heard her voice, soft and gentle, and it was as if she never left. Feferi. She would always be haunting his dreams. Alive or dead she would always be the only troll in his think pan. It was frustrating how he would always be in her clutches.

    By Alia Norway on 05.04.2012

  39. Yesterday I just unfollowed someone on Twitter who had a hearing problem or so his profile said. He said he was deaf. I followed him because he followed me, but I decided to clean out the people I don’t actually know in real life or know who they are otherwise. It had nothing to do with him being deaf.

    By deadponies URL on 05.04.2012

  40. I was taught to listen. Listening is everything in life, when you listen you learn. When you learn you gain valuable knowledge, when you gain knowledge you gain wisdom. When you gain wisdom, you gain the right for freedom. Freedom is something everyone wants, so you need to listen to be free. This was how i grew up, hearing these words over and over, that is why right now, I’m a fabulous listener and an even greater learner, people come to me to gain knowledge and hear my wisdom. They come to me to learn how to be free, and when they ask me, “How can I be free like you?” I say, “Learn to listen and your life will be worth living”. The ones who listen to my advice live efficiently, those who didn’t listen were trapped in their own fantasies of life.

    By Angel At Dawn URL on 05.04.2012