May 1st, 2012 | 412 Entries

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412 Entries for “separate”

  1. me and my family separate
    as i drive away
    because now it time to graduate

    By britney hammans on 05.03.2012

  2. Separate the rates of breathing intervals before you awake. Consider a lapse in rythm. Where does the heartbeat go when you hold your breath? Do you think about the moments before a you blink asleep? Part of the mind keeps separate those memories that we wish to keep from those we regret.

    By Marie on 05.03.2012

  3. separate the seams.
    separate the people.
    separate the food.
    separate the hands.
    separate yourself.

    By Raina on 05.03.2012

  4. I separate my knowledge to go to college.
    As I’m on my way there i started to change my mind.
    But when I get there it turns out fine.

    By lessley davis on 05.03.2012

  5. Acrossed the ocean,
    separated by sea,
    My love for you is dying indeed.

    By Nik Pleas on 05.03.2012

  6. roses are red
    violets are blue,
    i can’t stand to be separate from you

    By jay21 on 05.03.2012

  7. Together. A word that everyone strives for in their lives. They reach for the possibility to be ‘together’ with another person. But what if you can’t be? What if you are separate from everyone around you? How do we get there? How do we go from being ‘separate’ to ‘together’?

    By Carissa on 05.03.2012

  8. I don’t like to be in separate places from my family. Especially, my husband. The comfort and love I feel is second to none. I am lonely and sometimes sad when there is a distance between us, both physical and emotional. Thankfully, though I know that through Christ and God’s love we can never truly be separate.

    By Amy on 05.03.2012

  9. to tear apart. Without regard… for consequences… to keep from… separate.

    By Roberto M on 05.03.2012

  10. Sometimes the feeling of separations from the world is not necessarily one of loneliness. Sometimes it just feels great to be isolated in your own mind, to understand that it is you who understand yourself the best, and feel comfort in that fact. Sometimes the outside world is simply too much and too strange and too cruel for you to bear connection.

    By andyprue URL on 05.03.2012

  11. I was so tired of everything going on with us. She was so far and there were so many obstacles. Invisible, visible, distant, near. She was 1000 miles away yet only a 5 minute drive. The space between us was called imaginary by maps and atlases, but it was there. My head ached when I counted the footsteps that took me to her doorway, but I walked them each day. I would pause and stare at the door that stood between me. I could here her in the kitchen. 100s of miles away yet only seconds to walk. Each time, I stepped back, and went home.

    By Sebastian Manifestation on 05.03.2012

  12. I’m not as certain as I was before that we are separate beings in separate bodies in separate minds. Sometimes I wonder if we’re all shadow thoughts of our ancestors, shadow thoughts of our old selves. What is a thought, anyway?

    By barefootink URL on 05.03.2012