January 3rd, 2018 | 34 Entries

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34 Entries for “headphones”

  1. If you have headphones in, and you’re riding a bike on the road, and you get hit by a car because you couldn’t hear it coming while you were making a turn, what does the shift of importance in that very second mean? Does it say anything about what’s important overall?

    By Jesse B. on 01.03.2018

  2. headphones are very use ful for listening to music. they work very well and have great sound. I like

    By noer on 01.03.2018

  3. Carrying the sweet sounds of music through the cords and place it upon my very own ears. Fast and loud or slow and sweet, no one else knows what is playing behind the black covers on my ears.

    By Marissa on 01.03.2018

  4. Headphones help me to listen and focus on what is being said. They help to block out background noise and focus on what is important.

    By Lyndsay M Welsch on 01.03.2018

  5. Headphones on, hood up, he walks through the dark streets, blissfully unaware of the changing atmosphere. The darkness filled with mist and sparkling yellow eyes that twinkled like stars.

    By darseyrsm URL on 01.03.2018

  6. Over my ears, two cupped hands, freeing me into the space to be in a room full of people, but in touch with the silent clicking in my rib cage. A tool to tunnel sounds of another human being into a warm spot in my heart, empathy, sympathy.

    By Hannah Rosalie Wright URL on 01.03.2018

  7. The headphones I used when I painted that portrait were the best I’ve ever tried. The sound was clear. It was pure, and I felt wonderful listening to her beautiful voice while I worked. It was odd hearing her sing, especially with the knowledge that she had never been recorded.

    By DCGotlib URL on 01.03.2018

  8. Hansol Vernon Chwe nació en Nueva York. A los cinco años viajó a Corea del Sur y a los diecisiete se convirtió en una estrella del kpop. Siempre lleva audífonos.

    By Alme on 01.03.2018

  9. headphones

    What I wish people would use more often.

    Though if you’re using headphones, but still singing loudly, that kind of defeats the purpose.

    Maybe what we need is mouth phones… to cover mouths and muffle singing sounds.

    Or those big clear half domes people would use in old sci-fi shows sometimes, to have “secret conferences.” I’d totally go for sticking a dome on some people’s heads!

    By Noisy Quiet on 01.03.2018

  10. There I was at the bus stop with my headphones on, when a man with three eyes ran screaming to me. He said he could see the hearts of all humanity, and they were burning darker and darker by the minute. He told me my heart was one of the last pure ones left, but in all honesty, that’s all I heard, because then my favorite song started rumbling in my ears, and I never pause that song unless it’s a personal emergency. So the man with three eyes howled helplessly as I rocked to the groove of my awesome tune.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.03.2018

  11. I slipped my headphones on and tried to concentrate on my math homework, but it proved futile as my little brother tugged on my sleeve to ask me another question.

    By AJ Kenobi on 01.03.2018

  12. what in the world? Headphones? I thought I’d receive an intriguing word that sparked introspection, such as, “Connection,” “Joy” or even the cliched, “gratitude.” But, I received headphones. What deeper meaning does this hold for me? Am I supposed to focus on just one aspect of this word, “headphones?” Can I focus on part, or just the whole? What if I focus on one aspect–such as a headphones’ receivers? Does this implore me to realize that I have the gift of hearing? The ability to listen to others’ ideas? To truly listen, not to provide feedback. To observe. To lock out the world while on a bus. To travel the world, with just my ears.

    By Emily Du on 01.03.2018

  13. Blocked out.

    They are all blocked out.

    Can’t they see all that they miss, the life that blossoms just left or right of their tiny devices?

    Imagine being so wholly ignorant of all the tiny treasures, the great mysteries, the astonishing truths

    I wonder if they truly know the depth of their detachment

    Perhaps, they need that solitude, that separation from all there is

    Maybe, they have forgotten all the sweet that comes with the sour

    By tea on 01.03.2018

  14. music
    noise cancellations
    break from reality
    takes me to a different place

    By lexy on 01.03.2018

  15. I closed my eyes as the first song of my favorite playlist play on my headphones.
    The drum beat is a fast as my raging heart

    By Potato Phoebe URL on 01.03.2018

  16. The first time Alicia put on headphones she almost died. They compressed her ears, which then clogged her nose, and she got so panicked that she started screaming and did not take in any air. The experience was not a success. Alicia is now in a mental institution; she has been for many years. The first time Martha put on headphones the music that blared into her eardrums and made its way down her ocular nerve and into her brain, which was minimalistic at the best of times, was so moving, so entrancing, so powerful, that all she could communicate forever after was those four notes. Martha is also in a mental institution in a locked and soundproofed room. She was placed there because she did not get along with her peers. They tried to smother her. I, for one, never use headphones. If I can’t hear it in real time with no intervening technology, it’s not worth hearing. Besides, I am quite deaf.

    By Joanna Bressler on 01.03.2018

  17. I like listening to music using headphones. Headphones serve to symbolize isolation but also indepedence. Such a useful tool aids in the listening of music, concentrating, and keeping focus of the task at hand. I usually wear them when I am sitting at the computer typing like righr now. Other times i will lay down on my bed and listne to music using them so i am not easily botheres. Often times my mom

    By Alicia Moore on 01.03.2018

  18. She whispers to herself, “It’s not what you think. It’s not what you think. It’s not what you think,” she says, shaking and dizzy and sickness rising in her throat and his eyes on her forever and the waves in her ears are the only thing keeping her from going under the still surface.

    By Riannon URL on 01.03.2018

  19. I would like to get some headphones. You can try them on at walmart if you want but that could be gross with all the other people who try them on BUt i do sometimes, or did sometimes. maybe i contributed to the gross of it

    By Maggie on 01.04.2018

  20. I like listen music with my headphones, because is the best way to understand more the english.

    By Marcelo URL on 01.04.2018

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    By ken on 01.04.2018

  22. The way the world roams through the dirty tunnels. We all are closeted with these buds in our ears. The great worlds we explore, the wisdom we devour, the music we silently sing to. The commute is almost over.

    By RiverRanter on 01.04.2018

  23. “Can you turn those down?” Radamant asked, annoyed. The Skeleton King just bobbed his head up and down while pecking out his latest blog on his laptop, his bony fingers also loud with every key-press. The sound amplified, echoing throughout his skull from his headphones, when the Skeleton King opened his mouth to lip sing the power anthem. Radamant was glaring at him.

    By Rover URL on 01.04.2018

  24. Happiness

    By Ginger on 01.04.2018

  25. She unwrapped her headphones and shoved them forcefully in to her ears. She shut her eyes. The music carried her to a private place that no one could follow. Inhale. Exhale. Focus on the breathing. It’s all gonna be fine, right?
    The music eased her breathing and she relaxed her posture.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 01.04.2018

  26. I keep forgetting these wires in my gym bags. Tangling up and never handy when my favorite tunes come to play. I need blue tooth headphones .

    By geri URL on 01.04.2018

  27. headphones are great for listening to music or talking to mom. I love headphones for that reason and that reason only.

    By noer on 01.04.2018

  28. I am always loosing my headphones. Not because I am untidy or unorganised, although these adjectives would describe me, no I actually loose them to my husband. He loves a new pair and regularly takes mine.

    By Harriet Beckett on 01.04.2018

  29. I wake up put in my headphones to drown out the background noise as i get ready in the morning. Applying my makeup, bobbing my head to the beat, singing along with on of my favorite songs. Its my daily ritual, its something i couldn’t possibly see myself without. My headphones are my favorite possession and my constant companion.

    By Tallie on 01.04.2018

  30. When I do my homework or I’m cleaning I plug my headphones into my phone to listen to music.

    By Jordan on 01.04.2018

  31. When I am doing my homework or chores I put in my headphones and listen to music so that I don’t get distracted by everything around me and I can stay focused.

    By Jordan on 01.04.2018

  32. I can’t live without headphones, they are very important to me, not just for listening to music, also when I am playing games, and so on, can make me don’t need to worry about the environment, and also give other people a silent.

    By Jerry on 01.04.2018

  33. an item placed over or in your ears to provide various sounds such as music, words, stories, phone calls etc so you may listen silently without disrupting others.

    By Stephanie Cambria on 01.04.2018

  34. I want a brand new headphones for my birthday. I like to listening music. Music is my world!

    By Javier on 01.04.2018