January 4th, 2018 | 23 Entries

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23 Entries for “tower”

  1. If you follow her up her obsidian tower, then she will offer you a golden bauble. But the gold is just painted on – the rest is sparkling, fooling pyrite. Still, if you open the bauble, you’ll be both stunned and horrified to see her tiny heart beating in its gleaming chambers. Still, she advises you not to take it home with you. It’s only to look at, only to marvel at. She is one of the last left – the ones who can be sustained without organs or flesh.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.04.2018

  2. i lıke towers . and ı knnow them a bit . there are pısa and eiffel in france. they say it s the cşty oflovers but ı thınkevery body can go there rıght? what makes it beautiful ist the tower right?

    By nursimaikiz on 01.04.2018

  3. The spire glowered at the countless who tried to climb it. They were eager to seek the treasure it hid. The maiden fair, the dragon deadly, the wizard studious and angry.

    By NewkiML on 01.04.2018

  4. Tall, erect, skyline.
    Be taller than surroundings.
    Describe an emotion of large proportions.
    Describe a significant source of support.

    By Linda Kerby on 01.04.2018

  5. Looking down from the top all things seemed sort of insignificant, and facinating, like watching bubbles at the bottom of a pot and imagining the begining of the primordial soup and all life forming in little bubbles.

    By Flyderkov URL on 01.04.2018

  6. standing at the top of the tower
    spired inspired
    i can see the city
    faces etched into stone
    moving, along with the earth
    faster than they can imagine
    slower than they perceive
    i cross my eyes
    knowing this
    memory of a moment
    floats away into the clouds
    for someone else to remember

    By Matt m. on 01.04.2018

  7. Tall

    By on 01.04.2018

  8. Towering over me
    Large Bell
    Carrie Underwood
    Church Bells ringing
    Abusive Men
    Damn I wish I was a rich women
    Middle class will do
    With something over the rocks to forget t

    By Lauren on 01.04.2018



    By Vanna on 01.04.2018

  10. I’m so high up I feel like I could touch the clouds.
    Reach out now.
    Feel myself falling as my fingers slip through the clouds.
    Nothing to grip on.
    Nothing but air; that’s all I’ll feel as I plummet down.
    Towards the cars beneath my feet.
    Onto the pavement.
    The tower is so high up.
    I’ll make a mess for sure.
    But that’s what my whole life has been up until now.
    A mess.

    By Racheycane URL on 01.04.2018

  11. She stood on the top of that tower getting a bird view of the things below. it looked so beautiful yet so scary. This was the way she had chosen to end her life. She stood watching for few more minutes. It was not going to harm, nobody knew of her plans. Then she saw him, from ten floors above she was still sure it was him. He was struggling to make his way through the buzzing traffic. How did he get out of the house? Any stupid vehicle could hit him anytime. She was on a race, before she realised, to rescue her pet dog. Plans of ending her life had to wait!

    By Akshatha on 01.04.2018

  12. The spire stood foreboding in the distance. It was a sign of troubles ahead for the knight. For the lady, it was home. When he arrived, willing to conquer the challenge, she sat, waiting for him to be defeated.

    By Madison on 01.04.2018

  13. i went on a trip with my family and seen a huge blue tower
    it had pink dots and 5 windows and 5 doors two of them were silver and 3 of them were a golden brown color.

    By miyah on 01.04.2018

  14. The tower loomed ahead, shadow falling over the sunflower field. The horses hooves lightly clacked against the stone pathway, slowing as they approached the impressive feat of architecture.

    By darseyrsm URL on 01.04.2018

  15. He towered over me, dwarfing my 6 foot figure with his enormous body. I quivered in fear, resting my eyes on the silver mantle piece above the fire place rather then his eyes.

    By lol on 01.04.2018

  16. His hands build and build and build, placing down scraps of metal and bits of broken Legos and pieces of his heart that he’s ripped from his body in a process much like birth, though he can’t ever say so. His child is a god. It is angry and vengeful and ungrateful, and for it he would lay down his life.

    By Riannon URL on 01.05.2018

  17. the tower loomed high above Johnny’s head. he had spent hours building it, using sticks and stones and moss to create a tall tower that leaned slightly to the left towards the top.

    By Erin on 01.05.2018

  18. from the top of the tower she should see far and wide, across the expanse of the yard and over the trees of the forest surrounding the estate. with binoculars, she could see him peeking out of the window, assuming he was unseen from inside his small wooden cabin in the village.

    By ep7 URL on 01.05.2018

  19. Towers are tall. I think of the tower on a castle when I see and think about this. This takes me to a more mid evil time period when some people lived in castles.

    By RoxAnna on 01.05.2018

  20. I climbed, as high as I possibly could. Not that I needed to escape, not physically. But up here, where the people are barely visible below but the sun dips so low you feel as though you could touch it. Here is where I can really escape. The sky is painted with purples and blues and burnt orange. A reminder of how insignificant we really are. But also how important.

    By Daisy Leason URL on 01.05.2018

  21. tower tower
    tower tower tower tower tower tower

    By Adriana on 01.05.2018

  22. The Lord is my safe tower to run to for shelter, even as I sleep. The Lord is my tower that protects my children through my prayers and trust. I am a tower in my family. Strong. Dependable. Sturdy. Beautiful. That is how my family see’s me.

    By Syna Cornelius on 01.05.2018

  23. Stranded. Dependent. Lonely. Ignorant.

    The four initial thoughts, the four characteristics of Rapunzel.

    By tea on 01.05.2018