January 2nd, 2018 | 25 Entries

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25 Entries for “aura”

  1. “The AURA is a secret organization that protects the rich and keeps the masses ignorant. How do you think the world is really run, kid? There’s no such thing as heroes.”

    By Stella Winters on 01.02.2018

  2. Aura of a good person is always felt by all those who are around them. What about negativity then? Well, what about it?

    It’s always there waiting to pounce like a tiger on a hapless young thing that knows only to spread goodness.

    By mayanadhi on 01.02.2018

  3. Persistently the aura around the medium flickered off and on. She was in contact; she was not. Watching her to determine if this was real or if it was deception was futile.

    By Chuck URL on 01.02.2018

  4. “I can sense your aura.”

    Amy blinked. “I’m…I’m sorry?”

    The old lady in the purple shawl did not blink. Her eyes stared endlessly into Amy, like two mini-vacuums sucking away her soul. “Your aura is…cloudy and angry. Very dark. Grays and blacks. Is this something amiss in your life?”

    Why were there any other seats on this bus? Amy looked out the window and felt her heart sink – she’d have to be with this lady for the next forty minutes.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.02.2018

  5. There was an aura of calm about her. The weather, on the other hand, was anything but calm. An icy wind scattered dead leaves to the ground and a quilt of thick storm clouds darkened the sky.

    By Levana on 01.02.2018

  6. a aura is a loud thing that looks like a chicken and smells like a pig. it looks like a tooth.

    By noer on 01.02.2018

  7. Her aura was a shining purple vacuum that sucked me towards her innocent soul. It was such a shame that I had to kill her but this was my job, her fate; slowly I let go of the steering wheel in my car and closed my eyes to prepare for the pain I was about to feel. It was however, not my pain that I was about to feel. The car wrapped it’s crunching metal around her delicate and frail body as she was flattened under the weight, a crippling agony from her broken spine, severed arteries and crushed organs swept through me and tightened my throat as I tried to scream out for help, despite my body being fine.

    By beth on 01.02.2018

  8. it’s what makes a person, it’s the warmth or chill radiating off of them.

    An aura is an incomprehensible energy that reflects a person’s true identity.

    By Dipti Budhrani on 01.02.2018

  9. He was just a little tiny thing in his blue seersucker jumper and bright red shoes. Did I tell you that the jumper was smocked with little red crabs? I was in love right away and knew that I had to paint him. Little, yes he was, and beautiful, that’s definitely true too. But this kid had more. He had an aura that was the biggest I’d seen in a very long while.

    By DCGotlib on 01.02.2018

  10. Ellen had the aura of success. It was, in her case, sky blue, lit to a shine around her head. She became a neuropsychologist and so far has declared at least 700 people hopelessly insane. Her salary for this activity is over a million a year. Ginger had red hair and an unstable aura of orange. She was a pyromaniac. She set fire to her parents’ home when she was 35, got arrested and jailed, set fire to the jail, escaped, and is still at large. Most people would agree that her aura was one of success, especially if one defines success as keeping people warm and toasty before they died. My own aura is as yet undocumented. That’s because people who see it immediately go blind while contracting Alzheimer’s. They can’t see it again and they can’t remember what color it was when they did see it. Me, personally, I think my aura is a rainbow.

    By Joanna Bressler on 01.02.2018

  11. When you know, but you can’t think of it.

    By dareka on 01.02.2018

  12. we perpetuate a system which starves the hungry
    to acquire things we don’t need for less money
    betraying ourselves with our aura
    telltale signs sighing the times
    wanting less
    desiring to be more conscious
    but caught up in a pointless war of words
    battered, tattered
    lies line around our eyes
    to win a pyrrhic victory
    where our conscience is the victim

    By Matt m. on 01.02.2018

  13. A little globe floating
    above all the hearts
    of all the souls–
    changing colors with feelings,
    emotions flowing
    into each other
    feeding off of each other.
    Keep your aura clear
    then your soul shall be seen.

    By Shineapple URL on 01.02.2018

  14. She licks the popsicle shaped like a small, untrustworthy man and grins, red staining her teeth, blood dripping from her gums. The man is blue and tiny and tired and small and untrustworthy, and she knows this, and this is why she bites his head off and bleeds blue for the rest of her life.

    By Riannon on 01.02.2018

  15. The vibe that every person gives off to the universe. The presences of positive or negative energy. Light or dark, bright or dull. Ever-changing.

    By Bex on 01.02.2018

  16. Smaug in hazy mist like a perfume of languid death.

    By cat on 01.02.2018

  17. we refuse to believe
    what you train us to believe
    the dreams we can’t see
    are the belief we need
    our aura is all we are
    that’s the way it needs to be
    propaganda can be seen
    through the lens of liberty
    solved by the guillotine
    the only solution it seems

    By Matt m. on 01.03.2018

  18. Radiant, I felt her before she entered the room. A haze of gold and yellow melted through the air, warm like the air above a candle. When she stepped through the doorframe, I smiled. The air was a mirage, rippling between us.

    By Archanza on 01.03.2018

  19. The woman’s aura looked heavy. Isabella walked and sat next to the burdened woman on the bench, and reached for a wrinkly hand. Some bird seeds from the bag followed the movement, and the chickadees below fluttered rapidly. As the old blue eyes met her own, Isabella said the only thing of comfort she could think of.

    “I see you.”

    By Shannon Coon on 01.03.2018

  20. She had a palpable aura, purple that lightened out to pink. She matched it with her everyday clothes, though not everyone was able to see these stylistic choices. Most people couldn’t see the auras of others.

    By Victoria_Park on 01.03.2018

  21. There was an aura about her – one that I could not quite put my finger on. Was it the rainbow of color and light that seemed to fill the room when she entered? Or the warm glow that radiated from her body when she was near me? There was something there. I still can’t place it. The essence of pink and orange and pale green that permeates the air when she is present.

    By ep7 on 01.03.2018

  22. Your aura seemed to draw me Close to you. We easily got along, and though there were some Moments that were far from simple, right now I’d say we are in a good place. I like you and you like me too. I want more, as do you. We’re getting there.
    Those dreams where I choose him over you – they’re not stopping. I don’t want to want him. There is no future for him and me.
    You are the one who’s right for me. Who will be there, no matter what. The person I could rely on without a doubt.

    Why can’t my heart get that? Why is it so hard to let go?

    “It’s love”, the voice in my head tells me over and over again.
    “Anything else is whishful thinking. “

    By orangefish2 on 01.03.2018

  23. Once we went to England. I saw a lot aura antique stuff.

    By Javier on 01.03.2018

  24. essence of a person
    Reflection of inner self
    True inner reflection
    who they really are

    By Melissa Dabb on 01.03.2018

  25. Her whole demeanor had changed. Her shoulders sagged, her eyes looked wet. Usually when she walked in, the room sparked with life. Now, it was like she was trying to remain invisible. She bent her head down and passed unnoticed through the silence.

    By Bridget Grace on 01.03.2018