December 7th, 2014 | 98 Entries

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98 Entries for “headband”

  1. The atmosphere was tense at first, but Tom soon broke the ice. Not having seen his daddy in almost a year and a half, he was uncontrollably delighted. Dashing into his father’s arms, his scream of joy was both uplifting and heartbreaking. Questions flew at a million miles an hour, hardly waiting for a response. Dave gave up all attempts to hide his tears and mixed them with howls of laughter. After a few minutes, he could prise his son away enough to include his daughter in the group hug. His mother in law stood near the door, her polite attempts at attracting attention completely ignored. Eventually Tom pulled back from his father, reached into his pocket and gave him a piece of cloth. “This is my headband from our school sports day. Our team won! Nana says you’re working very hard, so I thought this would help you be strong!” Dave hugged his son again, and all he could say was “I’m sorry! I’m sorry I took so long!”

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 12.08.2014

  2. The air was damp and Jackie’s buzz was kicking in, so she pulled off her headband and laid back in her makeshift bed of grass. Michael finished his joint and fell back to lay beside her. Stoned, they stared up at God’s black velvet canopy bejeweled with stars and laughed for no reason.

    By Soft URL on 12.08.2014

  3. the headband dug into that space just above and being my ears, clashing unmeldingly against the stems of my green Korean glasses. the tiny spikes of the band dug menacingly into my scalp, leaving its mark on my skull only as a disquieting memory.

    By Susannah URL on 12.08.2014

  4. I slipped the card into the slot of the headband waiting at my forehead and I began to ask questions. Is it living? an animal? a food? What color is it? Can I take it out in public? Is it something I can wear? I know! It’s a Chicken!

    By Susannah URL on 12.08.2014

  5. after serious consideration the blond girl lifted the sparkly gold headband and strategically placed it on her hair. little did she know, it sooooo wasn’t her color.

    By Kilee on 12.08.2014

  6. My sister has a ton of head bands. But she only wears one. Its this sparkly pink one that is very dull now. Its very weird. Well she is very weird.

    By Liberty Brouillette URL on 12.08.2014

  7. It’s pink. Like a flower in her hair, it frames her face beautifully. White, pearly white cristals adorn the crown of the loveliest in the land. Power, a sign for the people, royalty. The queens jewels protect her from harm’s way. Or so she thought.

    By AnnaLeBelle on 12.08.2014

  8. The head band.
    An item of clothing designed to be worn on the head (pointless really).
    People often wear them to look ‘cool’…..just go with it .

    By BUSHYSTINKS on 12.08.2014


    By SIXTYSECONDSGO on 12.08.2014

  10. She was ready to work it. Powder blue headband tight across her forehead, looking absolutely wicked with her pastel green leotard, the panel of judges wouldn’t know what hit them. With seconds to go, she rolls her head gently to each shoulder. Hours of workout tapes and Bonnie Tyler lipsynching have lead to this crucial moment.

    By asavas on 12.08.2014

  11. Headband is such a weird thing to have as the word of the day. I’ve never done this before and I completely forgot this is timed. Headbands are necessary for some but completely pointless to other people. Kind of like a lot of things I guess.

    By Lauren on 12.08.2014

  12. Headbands can be absolutely beautiful things, providing interesting detail to woman’s heads. I particularly love headbands from Lord of the Rings as they are stunning and elvin

    They hurt my head though.

    By Laura on 12.08.2014

  13. Kalie wriggled a finge beneath to headband to scratch her itchy hairline. It was damp with sweat. She squinted into the light filtering between the tree branches. Red rock cliffs hemmed her in on one side.

    By Yona on 12.08.2014

  14. I put a headband on my little sister, later she took the headband off, I tried to put the headband back on, but she took it off again, then I put a headband on.

    By Ponylover32 on 12.08.2014

  15. Yumichika sighed, picking up stray socks off their tablelamp, shoving red plastic cups inside of a black garbage bag. Ikkaku was passed out on the couch, sleeping with his mouth open. Not surpised, Yumichika dodged the wet area of carpet under his boyfriend’s head, sticking his foot out and shoving Ikkaku’s face a little to move him back onto the couch so that he wasn’t in danger of falling. The house was already enough of a wreck without adding another bloodstain to the collection.

    The bathroom was a nightmare, and as Yumichika searched for cleaning surprise under the sink, he was surprised to find Renji’s favorite headband tied around the sink drain pipe. It seemed that Ichigo had hid it on purpose again. Yumichika just sighed and pulled out his phone, which had a few frantic messages from a hungover Renji who was distraught without a forehead covering.

    Ikkaku awoke long enough to eat some stale pizza out of the box and throw a couple of things away. He dragged the vaccum cleaner out and tried to kiss Yumichika, but Yumichika kept him at arm’s length, complaining about his breath.

    By Emma on 12.08.2014

  16. I was in the first grade said Skyler as she told the story about the girl with the headband her name was Adele and she had a head band of every shade of every color I swore! and she wore one all of first grade then in beginning of third grade she walked in on the first day without a headband nobody recognized her and the whole class room gasped!

    By Elizabeth on 12.08.2014

  17. You can wear a headband to keep your hair back, or to just wear it for fun. It doesn’t matter what you do with it.

    By Hope Strubs on 12.08.2014

  18. He was wearing a bright red head band to keep the sweat out of his eyes.

    By Caelan Taylor Jolley URL on 12.08.2014

  19. I looked at my dresser, and there it was. That pink and gold headband that had meant so much to me once upon a time. Now it just sits their taunting me. Reminding me of the embarrassment it has caused me. Looking at that headband was like laying down in bed and all your memories flooding back. Wearing that headband was torture, for I was wearing this “lucky” headband the night that he died.

    By Olivia Russo on 12.08.2014

  20. Headbands with the peace symbol are frequently worn by the common Hippie.
    Headbands can be used for exercise.
    They look nice occasionally.

    By Calvin on 12.08.2014

  21. I flung a headband at the sun to see if maybe my head could finally be in the clouds. I am bound to my mind, and that scares me because here, things are real, and daydreams fester and slowly wither away.

    By Audrey on 12.08.2014

  22. somethig which helps you forget, to hide something from the others. or it can be your savior, your protector….something which protects you from the world outside, from the others.

    By nora on 12.08.2014

  23. One day, my mother told me to do something productive, so as a joke, I participated in a Hippie concert. I had an abnormal fear of headbands, so this was a living nightmare, I couldn’t handle it. From that day I never saw the sun again, plus they’re itchy.

    By Calvin on 12.08.2014

  24. It looked sort of like a head band, but by the way it glimmered you could tell it wasn’t. There was an unnatural aura to it that made me think it was something more.

    By Ari on 12.08.2014

  25. the thing to wear when you do pe or physical anything it protects all the waters from your face and your eyes don’t get damaged just keep the sweat off and wear it. Seriously it helps everyone and everything, even animals maybe I don’t know.
    It comes in any shape or colour in any country and I fail at this with my life and I need one.

    By comali on 12.08.2014

  26. The headband curved around the little girl’s hairline. Bright turquoise. Shades of grey on the ends. The boy touched it. Blood spilled underneath. He had made a mistake. He had pushed too hard. What would be the punishment? He wondered. And why wasn’t she breathing?

    By Lauren on 12.08.2014

  27. There once was a headband, a lonely headband. No one likes to jog anymore so no one uses headbands.

    By CleverWire on 12.08.2014

  28. I see so many headbands in a day. Plain, plaid, sequined and starred. Adorning each little girls head; no longer achieving what they were made for – holding back hair. They’re decorations.

    By rking on 12.08.2014

  29. Hers was orange and that’s all I remember about it. The rest of the night was too hazy. All I could see through fog machines and a drunken stupor was the damn headband. Bright orange. Could’ve seen her for miles. I woke up on the bathroom floor, but nobody had seen an orange headband. She was gone.

    By Chelsea URL on 12.08.2014

  30. Shani

    By Shani Santos on 12.08.2014

  31. The headband kept the hair from falling into his eyes. It was so funny how it stuck out in different directions. He kept doing what he was doing completely clueless as to how cute he was as I watched him.

    By Cx on 12.08.2014

  32. a weird little thing
    keeps the brains all together
    or at least it groups those instruments
    i think the notes go abcdefghz
    there was something i was supposed to do
    what is your name, young man?
    who is you?
    i am can do

    By Kairn on 12.08.2014

  33. He ripped the headband of me in a single movement. All of the sudden he carries me and I am pushed against the table. My legs are wrapped around his. Our lips are inches apart. I can already taste him. It begins. We start kissing slowly but it changes. I am hungry for him. We continue kissing it feels as if our lips are oxygen, our lives depend on it.

    By Clara on 12.08.2014

  34. I put a headband on a few times here and there at first and now it’s all I d

    By Peter Ray Hershey URL on 12.08.2014

  35. Darla’s headband glistened in the bright sunlight, the plastic shiny and new. She anxiously awaited the school bell, shying away from the other children. Her first day at school… All her fears accumulated together…. She just prayed it would be over quickly.

    By Alexandria on 12.08.2014

  36. When I think about headbands i think about basketball. Those days of sitting in the locker room with that sinking feeling in my stomach, just imagining the tire ahead of me. The last thing I would do each day before practices was roll that headband onto my head, which helped me feel the slightest bit ready to take on what was ahead of me.

    By haley on 12.08.2014

  37. I made sure no one would see me and then I threw the headband into the river.

    By Alice Shina on 12.08.2014

  38. I hate the way my hair feels when it’s touching my face. I try to always keep it back with a headband or a ponytail but it always seems to end up on my face. It’s like that’s its natural resting position. I want to chop it all off and not have to deal with it, but I’m afraid to do that because I don’t know if it’ll look good.

    By Olivia on 12.08.2014

  39. She loves headbands, every sort she can get her hands on. The cheap hard plastic ones, the skinny cloth ones, ribbons, cords, everything. But she has a special fondness for the cloth headbands with beading and sequins.

    By Helen on 12.08.2014

  40. He pushed the headband further up.
    “That’s disgusting. What kind of guy wears a headband?”
    He shook his head at me. “It’s people like you who create gender stereotypes. What’s wrong with guys wearing headbands? It’s cute.” He then squinted his eyes and made his fingers into bunny ears before placing them near his cheeks.
    Vomit erupted from my mouth.

    By maria on 12.08.2014