December 7th, 2014 | 98 Entries

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98 Entries for “headband”

  1. Purple. The first headband he picked for her was purple. Purple was such an unexpected colour, just like her. Purple could be anything, much like he knew she could be.

    By Kas Bird on 12.07.2014

  2. She wore a pink headband as she ran down the path. The headband held her long blonde hair in place with the exception of the wisps of hair which framed her face. She was beautiful and the pink headband brought out the color of her cheeks.

    By Cheryl on 12.07.2014

  3. A sparkly gold headband could be made out amongst the wild patch of frizzy, crimped, ginger-colored hair. Her eyelids were adorned with two fluorescent blue circles, her thin lips painted a vibrant pink the color of her leg warmers.

    “I’m Mary-Anne.” She cooed, twisting the mass of hair around and around and around her finger as she obnoxiously chewed a wad of gum.

    Mary-Anne looked like a cheap stripper.

    By Abigail Peralta on 12.07.2014

  4. headbands

    i do not wear them
    because they make my hair look weird

    much more suited for english

    once my brothers friend
    helped me brush my hair

    put it up she cried
    chastising me
    i told her it would not look good

    she gathered it all back and elasticated
    it with a snap
    oh you’re right
    she laughed

    By sevenwords on 12.07.2014

  5. This thing has been with me for six and a half years. All the way from middleschool to graduation, to now. It’s been splattered in horse shit, it’s been with me on stage, and now it’s in the middle of the road, flattened by the tread of a tire.

    By Rhodiola on 12.07.2014

  6. basic bitches. the middle-school-aged girl I saw in target yesterday explaining to her mother the EXACT headband she wanted, and I wondered what girl in her school had inspired her to want the very same one. but mostly, basic bitches.

    By jess akimoto on 12.07.2014

  7. Don’t think twice, it’s alright.

    By Rhodiola on 12.07.2014

  8. The headband was cool. Swaggy. The colors had yolo. Swag they said. They were super swaggy, with a BRO shirt as well. Must be avoided at all costs.

    By Bill on 12.07.2014

  9. THe headband that was chosen for our school parade conflicted with the one of the opposing school, and all sort of confusion erupted. There seem no easy way to solve the issue and we gave way to the protestations, in order that peace might prevail. .

    By victor walkes URL on 12.07.2014

  10. When he finally found that headband in among the mud and churned up grass, even as dirty as it was now, he put it back on, hoping that one of the girls he’d seen during the concerts would see it and commence to casually and unconsciously sashay her way towards him with any kind of desire.

    By Rmund on 12.07.2014

  11. I love a good elastic or cloth or colorful pretty head band to keep my natural hair from falling into my eyes. It makes my outfit hit or miss with the choice of headband that I’d like to add.

    By Charisse Cisco on 12.07.2014

  12. She put on ‘Eye of the Tiger’ on her iPod while she started last round of the place. Sweat seeped into her headband, and her eyes watered from the effort. There it was again; the wall. She felt sluggish, physically and mentally defeated. Still, she wouldn’t stop. She put one feet in front of the other robotically, riding on her muscle memory to carry her forward.

    By Ada URL on 12.07.2014

  13. a line of sweat crowns the new victorious
    a strand of silk suddenly alerts you of nearby spiders
    hair sticks to the temples of workers building the temples of gods
    clouds encircle the newborn son

    By Kairn on 12.07.2014

  14. I opened up the gift Soul gave me and and it was…

    A headband.

    I mean, it’s not TERRIBLE, but I kinda want more than just a headband.

    Soul saw the disappointment in my face and said, “Well, at least it’s not fix-a-flat!”

    By Fix-A-Flat URL on 12.07.2014

  15. the number of people that are counting on me is tremendous. I could’t stop this race even if I wanted to. It’s time to see this for what it is and that is a victory in it of its self.

    By Nelson on 12.07.2014

  16. I sleeked back my hair into a high pony, clipped in the loose strands, and topped off the look with a sparkly headband. Not only was I going to the gym today, but I knew for a fact that Paxton would be there, my destined true love. My one thought was the hope that he would decide to look over at the treadmill where I was and smile. I would die.

    By Kumquat on 12.07.2014

  17. Headband

    It can come in many different colors, shapes, designs…

    Much like a human.

    They’re all special, different, yet compliment well.

    I just called you a headband. :P

    By iOtaku on 12.07.2014

  18. When I’m bored in class (which, let’s face it, is often) I often try to think of what my band would be called. That is, in my imaginary world where I play an instrument and have friends and am cool and can think of something better than ‘Apostrophe’ for a band name.

    By Anna on 12.07.2014

  19. Wrapped around my wrist it twists and circles. There it remains unneeded, yet not discarded.

    By Intuition on 12.07.2014

  20. The headband kept the sweat out of her eyes, and thank goodness, because by mile 8 she could feel her focus starting to dwindle. The last thing she needed was sweat stinging her eyes as she ran up the most gorgeous canyon she’d ever seen. She had trained for the running but not for the sight-seeing. She wanted to stop and bask in her awe, but she had a race to finish.

    By dan URL on 12.07.2014

  21. Her typically wild dark hair was securely fastened beneath the headband I was sure had been looped around my desk lamp but I paid it little mind; this wasn’t the first time she’d borrowed something of mine without asking and, honestly, it wouldn’t be the last.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 12.07.2014

  22. Squeeze it tight
    like holding my brains in
    stop the constant rain
    of unsettled schemes
    return the mantle of the dreams
    with this terry cloth crown of thorns

    By Protean on 12.07.2014

  23. I have at least thirty headbands for each day of the month, and I’m counting on getting more. I have at least thirty-five pairs of differently patterned socks, and I have three cats that I interchange every day with love. I do not like having the same things.
    In fact, that is about the feeling I have towards every facet in life.

    By Liz on 12.07.2014

  24. I used to be obsessed with watching Gossip Girl. Blair Waldorf was fabulous. Well, she made some pretty idiotic decisions. She wasn’t a role model for me, but damn, did I love her headbands.

    By JLE on 12.07.2014

  25. she wore it because she liked the look, in style, on the magazine covers. she wore it because it remembered her of her mother, the last gift she received. she wore it because he said he liked it and he lied.

    By babington on 12.07.2014

  26. I found Laurie’s headband on the corner of the dresser, still damp with sweat from her morning jog. Her gym shorts, tank top, and socks were wadded up in balls on her bed. But no sign of her. I walked over to the desk and picked up her journal. Locked. I needed a key.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.07.2014

  27. it seemed like a red headhand, left hastily on the cold wet ground, perhaps by another careless children who screened as the merry-go-round spun, or the kids running. then it moved.

    By frank on 12.07.2014

  28. His hair curled around the faded cloth as if it had grown with the hair, naturally fitting in with his style. It so effortlessly kept the stray hairs at bay, keeping his face clear of any annoyances.

    By umbazachika on 12.07.2014

  29. A headband is something I don’t usually wear. I have one when I want to wash my face at night to keep water from getting in my hair, and that’s pretty much about it. I don’t like how my hair looks with headbands.

    By Aria on 12.07.2014

  30. Today was Angelica’s first date with the boy she had been crushing on for years, and she had to look perfect. She observed herself in the mirror, hair pulled back and loosely curled with her unruly bangs held back by her lucky headband. The headband, blue and white striped with a small bow on the left of her head, completed her look and she smiled widely at herself, pleased with her look.

    By Dallas on 12.07.2014

  31. Her headband kept slipping back – the tiny teeth had broken off years ago – to reveal grey, oily roots and scaly hairline psoriasis.

    By sharon on 12.08.2014

  32. At first I thought he was wearing a headband but on closer inspection I realised it was a bandage.
    “What the hell happened to you?” I asked.
    He grimaced and for the first time I noticed a dark red stain that was spreading.
    “I don’t know” he replied weakly and fell to the floor.

    By himinanhawin on 12.08.2014

  33. My sister says I would look good in a headband. Like it would fit my secret aesthetic of hippie woodland creature. I think she’s getting me a three pack of them probably for christmas, which is kind of a shame because I don’t really feel like wearing stuff to keep my giant bulging brain in all the time.

    By Emily on 12.08.2014

  34. Injured and alone on the pavement of Athens

    By Birdwatch on 12.08.2014

  35. My sister had a headband that really worked for her. It brought out something beautiful in her appearance whenever she wore it and most or all it was a gift that I had brought for her on her eighteenth birthday.

    By victor walkes URL on 12.08.2014

  36. “you got another think coming,” t says and looks him in the eye. how one could be so defiant with such a soft girly tongue, ah. but c has other things to think about.

    expression fierce like eagle talons over beds of lavender, that wild beauty of nature. t is something like a painting. something to look at from afar. not a scene to step into.

    c grins.

    By paper on 12.08.2014

  37. “it’s not a headband!” he exclaimed. she snickered anyway. “i’m serious! it’s a hitai-ate, and its a symbol of pride!”
    she rolled her eyes. “uh, yeah, weeaboo pride.”
    “shut up, shut up!”

    By rhey quaza on 12.08.2014

  38. one stripe. two stripe. three stripes a country. primary colors and primary priorities.

    By becca Loo URL on 12.08.2014

  39. I don’t like headbands. They remind me of primary school days at my cousin’s religious school. Girls were not allowed to have their hair done in any way that would look nice or attractive, so they were made to wear headbands.Blue, they were, like the rest of their uniforms.
    Anyway, I remeber well now, girls used to get their way, by doing their hair pretty and putting their headbands on top, held by invisible clips.

    By susana on 12.08.2014

  40. Hi Anne,
    Christmas are comming and i have no idea what to buy for my little sister.
    I have been thinking about about headband. It would be usefull! When we are sitting in one bedroom, I want to read a book late at night so she can not sleep( beacuse of light)!
    What do u think?

    By Martyna Janczewska on 12.08.2014