July 2nd, 2012 | 217 Entries

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217 Entries for “harness”

  1. like harsh i have no clue .

    By Gaby on 07.02.2012

  2. the harness dug into my legs as I hung suspended 500 feet above the ground. I looked up at the peg stuck in the rock above me, thanking the universe for making it secure. I swung back over to the side and began to climb once more.

    By Lena URL on 07.02.2012

  3. To harness one self to something sturdy can be both beneficial and detrimental. Tie yourself too tight you’re stuck; too lose and you’ll fall.

    By Simone on 07.02.2012

  4. When I was younger I always wanted to harness these super powers within me that I was sure existed after growing up watching X-Men and reading DC Comics.

    By Haley Freedlund on 07.02.2012

  5. you can harness the power of thought and emotions with little more then the desire to do so… should you desire to love you will love, should you desire to hate you will hate, should you desire to empower then you shall do so

    By jenn jamison on 07.02.2012

  6. Now this is getting ridiculous, Sherlock thought as he entered the strip club. The suspect frequented this particular club and Sherlock went in his female form to look for him and give him “service” before drugging him and getting information out of him.
    As Sherlock pressed through the crowd, she couldn’t help but shudder every time the harness she wore as a disguise press against her nipples. Oh god, why oh WHY did Mr. Winton have to go to such places? She could’ve just confronted him in an alleyway in his male form but NO. John insisted this was better than going face to face with him.
    She scowled at her present situation but quickly changed it into a sly smile as she found Winton and closed the curtain surrounding the table he was seated in. She approached Winton in her sexiest fashion and purred “You are going to LOVE your time with me, baby” against Winton’s ear.
    She may look like she’ll enjoy this, but in her mind, she’s downright SICK of acting like a slut.

    By smoothmovebro on 07.02.2012

  7. The harness was restraining her too much. All she wanted was to smell the whole yard. Her mom wouldn’t let her run free; the last time that happened, a much larger dog came and attacked her. So, now she isn’t even allowed to move more than 3 feet ahead of the mom.

    By Katy W on 07.02.2012

  8. ever since i can rememeb er i have always been a scaredy-cat. at the amusement parks i dont tride anything. i never take any risks. its time for that to change. when i recieved my schedule for the semester my random elective for 4th period read “PA” project adventure. In this class we work on teamwork and at the end, we do the high elements; this year im going to swallow my fear and do them all.

    By Nicole on 07.02.2012

  9. I will harness my emotions to stay away from trouble.

    By Vanessa on 07.02.2012

  10. i hook my horse up with a harness i put it around its neck my dog is so big he could wear a harness you can also put a harness on a reindeer like you know santa. Santa does not come in july there is no snow in july at least in new england cuz the weather is hot

    By jen on 07.02.2012

  11. The stunning, black horse reared as it’s owner tightened the straps of his worn leather harness. He let out a whinny before jerking his head from side to side in frustration. His owner, who was used to this response from the stallion, attached the harness to the straps of the carriage before petting him on the neck and whispering, “sorry boy.”

    By Naomi on 07.02.2012

  12. harness me sweetie like a rusted spoon in your pocket. wield me like a ribbit wields a frogs body. whistle me a toon, jerry would you oil that car. I love you like you were a bomb strapped to my chest. you can destroy me equally as easy as i can disarm you.

    By Lauren Cheshire on 07.02.2012

  13. Have you ever imagined what it would be like to jump off a cliff without a harness? Without a restraint or anything holding you back? Wouldn’t you feel so free, so light? Almost like a feather floating through the wind until it just skims the ground and kisses the floor…

    By Sabrina on 07.02.2012

  14. Warmth flowed through my body, down my shoulders, across my arms and settling at the tips of my finger. I could feel it, the magical fire emitting from me.

    By MKuschner on 07.02.2012

  15. Harness.
    Up deep into the bright blue sky.
    It’s there to support me,
    as I zip on past,
    oh how I wish this time could last.

    As I flew I thanked you, for being my support and not letting me fall.

    By Cassie on 07.02.2012

  16. If I wanted to, I could excavate my heart from my chest and bury it in this sand. Harnessing its energy is now useless, whatever comes after this is without meaning.

    By Jordan Price URL on 07.02.2012

  17. How could I feel a longing for someone that isolated me from everyone else in my life? What we had was something I’d never experienced before. I loved it, and I cared…too much. I had to take that love and harness it in the light, where it could grow beyond a boy that couldn’t care enough. And when I saw him that day, looking for her, wandering down the sidewalk…I didn’t miss him. Because love should make me feel good.

    And he never did.

    By Marissa URL on 07.02.2012

  18. Hold me up n your harness of love but can you harness the power to have that love I have frefallen because that harness broke my love was ripped to piece

    By Orla on 07.02.2012

  19. it bridles me, this guilt, it’s holding me back from doing what is required. i fight this feeling, the one telling me to just keep teasing him, to bring him to where he wants so desperately to be. i deserve better then this,

    By Drea on 07.02.2012

  20. My horse once broke his harness. We were riding in the wind, and we went by a tree. The harness hit the tree and sadly BROKE!

    By Windy on 07.02.2012

  21. Harness…horses…I don’t even particularly like horses. With their heads and their hooves. Seriously, who the hell trusts horses? Yeah, weird word, this one.

    By Sonja on 07.02.2012

  22. I’ve always wanted a horse….since I was little. But I’ve always been disappointed…….since I was little. Harness…you need that to ride the horse you will never have. Little girls shouldn’t have to be disappointed THAT much….

    By Mahdi on 07.02.2012

  23. Things of this world are not ever what they seem to be. We may be enjoying something, but the way we are going about our enjoyment is cruel and inhuman. I seek to better myself though, from all the torment and sadness that fills these lonely woods.

    By justme on 07.02.2012

  24. Reminds me of reindeer. I don’t know why… I just thought of harnesses for them with little jingly bells on them that are just adorable. And then of course, me being the band geek I am, thought of drumline harnesses. I’m such a nerd. Hahaha

    By Emilia URL on 07.02.2012

  25. I harness this power with the intention of doing good in this universe. It has come down to me and my abilities to save what ought to be saved by ordinaries such as those that inhabit this world…

    By Proxima on 07.02.2012

  26. The harness on her back was to tight and was making her chest hurt but she wouldn’t tell anybody that, especially not her master. She knew he would give her six lickings for it. She tried to hide her feelings of displeasure but couldn’t. There was nothing she could do but suffer. She hated this place. It was a big room with white walls and only one door. She knew that the master only put her in here to make her thankful for his companionship but she couldn’t be thankful. She still hated his guts.

    By Xavior on 07.02.2012

  27. I can’t seem to harness my feelings for you. There’s nothing I can do about it. I wish I could reign them in long enough to understand what the hell I can do with them, but my mind speeds faster than my fingers on the typewriter. I know I want you but I can’t have you.

    By Anna on 07.02.2012

  28. I can’t seem to harness my feelings for you. There’s nothing I can do about it. I wish I could reign them in long enough to understand what the hell I can do with them, but my mind speeds faster than my fingers on the typewriter.

    By Anna on 07.02.2012

  29. I need to harness my hair. It escapes me continually, going into my mouth in the wind and leaving my head on a whim. i have been know to brush my hair from some unknown man’s lapel, suggesting that he might get into trouble at home if I didn’t. But, my hair is uncontrollable, leaping from my scalp in tight curls, waves and frantic zigzags. Sigh. All I ever wanted was straight hair.

    By Betty Barker on 07.02.2012

  30. They trap me. I don’t have to see the harnesses they put upon me, I feel them. Is that not enough? My feeling of claustrophobia and fear and my knowledge of this entrapping world?
    Is that not enough for you to believe me?

    By Kshemani on 07.02.2012

  31. If you harness the power of the sun, you can power a city. This is why Joseph, the head of the world’s biggest electricity company in the world decided to fire a nuclear missile at it and blow it up. If you can read this, you are an interplanetary traveler, leave this lifeless planet and never look back.

    By Dan S on 07.02.2012

  32. the harness my dog wears is red, and small. she is small too. we are all small.

    By lauren on 07.02.2012

  33. Get in that harness and let her ride. Hold on tight and let her run. Run through the forest. Run through the open field. Run, run, run through your open heart. Let her run gracefully and purposefully. Harness yourself for the ride.

    By Shyla Marie on 07.02.2012

  34. harness is used with energy. Can also be used for holding things together.

    By phekmui on 07.02.2012

  35. Harness everything you got. Its going to be one bumpy ride! Pow wow wow!

    By Ryan C on 07.02.2012

  36. The Chariot. Control over two opposing forces. This card, it comes to me again and again. Every time I see it in a reading, I can’t help but think that the deck is trying to tell me I’m bipolar. That deck wouldn’t be the first to say that.

    By monroe2go URL on 07.02.2012

  37. i think horses wear harnesses to keep them from totally going nuts on people. This one time i had a horse, his name was Bill. He was slightly evil, and nuts too. I rode him and i fell off, right before i started softball so i limped a lot. And my mom fell off of him when she was riding him and she got bucked off and broke three ribs and punctured a lung! :3

    By Amily on 07.02.2012

  38. I tried to harness all the energy in the world to create the world’s largest popcorn machine. Little did I know you don’t need all the energy in the world to do that and now everyone is mad at me. Luckily I’ve been able to slowly give people’s energy back to them via the popcorn made by the popcorn machine, unfortunately it’s only about .03% of the original amount. Oh well.

    By Estevan URL on 07.02.2012

  39. i put on my harness and waited for my turn .
    the harness seemed too tight but as long as i didn’t fall it didn’t matter

    By KitKat on 07.02.2012

  40. There are days when I feel like part of a team of horses; strapped to myself, slogging around a track, chasing after . . .

    By Lucinda on 07.02.2012