September 18th, 2018 | 37 Entries

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37 Entries for “handlebars”

  1. i can ride my bike with no handlebars no handlebars.
    that’s all i can think.
    what else are they on that isn’t a bike ?
    not a unicylce no not a unicylce.
    what a great time to be alivee.
    look at me a famous asshole.
    whattttt am i saying rn

    By slap on 09.18.2018

  2. Handle bars
    A even shorter story
    I rode my bike with handle bars
    I went on a bike ride
    The end

    By Princessbookbear on 09.18.2018

  3. Handle bars are a usual at places like playgrounds, gyms, and pull up bars.

    though you need some strength to master them.

    By Nate on 09.18.2018

  4. Handlebars, very interesting things. Some lead to happy, fun places, others lead to scary, nasty places. What happy places have your handlebars led you too?

    By Emma Reed on 09.18.2018

  5. I quickly grabbed a handlebar before I could fall on the ground. But I could not reach it.

    By Denise Valenciano on 09.18.2018

  6. i use handlebars for my bike, imagine there was no such thing as handlebars we would be doomed, what would elders think

    By sadie on 09.18.2018

  7. Need of day to day. Effective when present. Comfortable for its presence.

    By DANISH MALIM on 09.18.2018

  8. As i struck the rock, I felt myself launch over the handlebars. In the few moments I was airborne, I won’t lie, even knowing I was going to come to a smashing fall, a bloody, scarring, catastrophic disastrous landing–I still felt so free zooming through the air.

    By Brian on 09.18.2018

  9. So he was biking, 11 years old, going fast, hit a rut, flew over the handlebars, landed smack on his head, it was before the days of “you must wear a helmet,” and died on the spot. His father handle barred his death by claiming he was immediately in touch with the boy afterward, that the boy told him he was happy in his afterlife, all was good. I’ve known others with equally horrible stories. I used to love to bike but I don’t anymore. Pardon the bleakness but anything that moves is a lethal danger. Including humans.

    By Joanna Bressler on 09.18.2018

  10. She pulled back, trying to emulate the wheelies that she had seen the older boys in the neighborhood do. She got only about an inch off the ground before she panicked and set the bike back down squarely on the pavement.
    She kept moving.

    By Bridget Grace on 09.18.2018

  11. She pulled back, trying to emulate the wheelies that she had seen the older boys in the neighborhood do. She got only about an inch off the ground before she panicked and set the bike back down squarely on the pavement.
    She kept moving. Forward, always.

    By Bridget Grace on 09.18.2018

  12. handlebars are on bikes to turn. some have grips on it so if your hands get sweaty your hands wont slip

    By Mymy on 09.18.2018

  13. handlebars are used to control yourself on certain things like qauds snowmobiles motor bikes or mainly bycicles. handlebars are simply two bars going either direction from the base.

    By Nathan Anderson URL on 09.18.2018

  14. “I can ride a bike with no handlebars…no handlebars…no handlebars…” She kept singing it over and over as she spun her mountain bike across the pavement, her voice nasal yet bright.

    I recognized the song she was singing but couldn’t remember who had sung it originally. So I just watched her do her tricks until the sun went down and we started craving fresh churros at the local supermarket.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.18.2018

  15. the handlebars head marks–ones that you could see–visible only to the eyes that were looking for the them. they were stained–grey– faded. she had been theough enough for it to wear off.

    By Safon on 09.18.2018

  16. a mustachioed malcontent
    a brooklyn eyed intolerance
    where is the smile you had
    why don’t you forget the sad
    waxy thin musk of oil
    pockmarked dreams toiled trouble
    your handlebars are horrible
    your scandal scars are laughable

    By matt m on 09.18.2018

  17. a bar of metel that can kill you if you are not carful and are used in many ways. there are used on bikes to help a person from falling off.

    By jen on 09.18.2018

  18. He held onto the handlebars of the bike, peddling quickly out of sight of the trio of uniformed officers searching for him.

    By Isabella on 09.18.2018

  19. She went head over heels over the handlebars. Those new breaks were a danger, now, that she was used to the old ones which responded rather reluctantly. Thankfull she had managed to land in the grass at the side of the road.

    By Silke Seßler on 09.18.2018

  20. ´It is gripping me more than I it´, said the new arrirval.
    ´ What is?´, I asked.
    ´ The handlebars´, the new arrival replied.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 09.19.2018

  21. She sat on the handlebars as they sped downhill, the wind in her hair and the smell of summer. It was reckless abandon. It was freedom she had never had.

    By Steph on 09.19.2018

  22. Handlebars, like what kind? Bicycle, door? Doors don’t even have handlebars. Actually I don’t even care about handlebars, I’m having a shit day at work. Handlebars…

    By Natascha on 09.19.2018

  23. He’s doing his best to lift himself up. Three more, two more.. “eugh” said Jonas. After trying to do 10 pull-ups, he’d been unable to finish his set, a set which was merely half of how he used to do in college.

    “I’ve fallen this low” said the unemployed lad. How can I let myself depreciate this far?

    By Pen Jie Ming on 09.19.2018

  24. Handle bar are necessary for your life
    She told “Pull yourself up with your handle bars and make your life special”.
    I told her, “I don’t have handle bars.
    She glared at me, “When life throws you stupid people give them handle bars”.
    “Yeah”, I said “But who are stupid people”?

    By >_< Stupid is around me on 09.19.2018

  25. It was surreal to finally not just understand what she must have been going through when we met, but to experience it for myself. When she first told me about her state mind at the time I understood what she meant, but I did not understand how it felt.

    I had imagined the lack of fear and the perpetual numbness to at least be liberating to a certain degree. To give the sensation that any decision was as equally inconsequential as the next, but now I know for myself. The desire to just close my eyes, let go of the handlebars and let the road send me where it wants too, even that means flying into a ravine. Anything to be free from the path I put myself on without truly looking ahead.

    It isn’t liberating though, it is a dark and lonely experience, and one that I am all too aware puts more than just me at risk. Even as I write this I know that I am not emotionally capable of restraint. I would sooner burn my life to the ground than live another moment in the bed I have made for myself. I have no idea what it will take to fix me, but I have to find out soon.

    By Fair Enough on 09.19.2018

  26. when i was young, i fell of my bike and i saw that my handlebar was in may hand but i wasn’t on the bike, i broke it

    By AmogM on 09.19.2018

  27. handlebars, I ride my bike. I get on and ride until I can’t, until my fingers bleed or until I fall. But none of that happens, so I hold onto those handlebars until I decide it’s been to far. But it still doesn’t stop, so I keep going, until the end, the end of forever.

    By Amanda on 09.19.2018

  28. Handlebars a needed item for just about anything.
    For example, bikes, and jungle gyms

    By Nate on 09.19.2018

  29. handle bars signature series powder blue huffy with the fat ass bike seat and banana handle bars that looked more like fat ladies silohette. handlebars

    By Mr.584903 URL on 09.19.2018

  30. using in the bicicle. We need to put our hands and there is some colors. It is a litte object.

    By Elaine on 09.19.2018

  31. The thing is, it was holding onto the handlebars that was my mistake. When you’re careering down a hill out of control, and you can hear the chain whirring and the pedals are flying too fast to keep your feet on them, the last thing you think you should do is to let go of the handlebars, and I didn’t. My grip was white-knuckled, even as I failed to steer. If I had let go, my arms probably wouldn’t have broken, but I didn’t let go.

    By Sorren Sheedy on 09.19.2018

  32. Remind me of mustaches on circus strongmen and motorcycles. Perhaps also of masculine energy and my father. Chrome, feeling, flying and freedom are parts of the open road, and the handlebars are the ships wheel for flying in the face of fate.

    By Jessica Tate on 09.19.2018

  33. Pull ups, is what comes to mind when I think of handlebars, doing as many as I can. Also there’s handlebars that are at the playground, so I can imagine climbing on that as well. I can see Olympic athletes when they practice or compete, how they use the and handlebars to hold themselves.

    By Maria Aviles URL on 09.19.2018

  34. I remember those late August nights. The temperature was perfect, and we often went for late bike rides. He would cart me around town on his handlebars, and it was on top of those handlebars when I realized I love your father.

    By Macey Schieffer on 09.19.2018

  35. shiny, glistening silver
    reflecting the world of possibilities in front of her
    pink and white streamers bobbing acknowledging her past
    sweet innocence

    By chantemcb on 09.19.2018

  36. The monkeys look above, and think “this is us, we came from this absolute behemoth.” After the monkeys absolutely ravaged the handlebars, there was a complete silence. No more monkeys.

    By Oliblr on 09.19.2018

  37. i gripped the handlebars of my 97′ schwinn cruiser. the ace of spades hummed between the spokes as i ran from the wind. i may not know much but i do know this. freedom feels a lot like flying on twin tires.

    By j. rees on 09.19.2018