September 17th, 2018 | 17 Entries

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17 Entries for “squirrel”

  1. The squirrel was yellow and red, it jumped off the tree. It wasn’t a smart squirrel.

    By jessica0578 URL on 09.17.2018

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  4. Squirrels
    I hate squirrels
    She hates them
    We hate squirrels
    My dad hates them
    My sisters hate them
    My brothers and my mother hates them
    My friends hate squirrels
    and You is it not obvious?

    By Princessbookbear on 09.17.2018

  5. I love squirrels. We have a lot of them where we live. I have even written a story about them. I think they are really cool, and they are very smart. They bury nuts in the ground so they will have food for the winter.

    By Emma Reed on 09.17.2018

  6. The squirrel ran around the yard as my sister chased it. I yelled out “No, you’ll get diabetes!”. I didn’t know that I really meant rabies because I was only a little girl.

    By Nitasha on 09.17.2018

  7. A squirrel is a rodent that lives in wooded and urban environments.
    they eat nuts and other things they can fit in their mouth.

    By Nate on 09.17.2018

  8. It has four legs. And a long furry tail, it lives in a tree. It eats nuts. And uses their tail for a blanket.

    By Amaya on 09.17.2018

  9. This tree smells interesting It think someone just walked up it OH MY DOGFOOD IT’S A SQUIRREL Stop tormenting me, foul beast; you have no idea what sort of revenge I would take if I could only reach you and no of course I can’t jump that high what are you thinking come down here and fight you coward–

    By Kiki H on 09.17.2018

  10. My dog wanted to catch a squirrel so badly, but it skittered up the telephone wire faster than anything, and my goofy hound was baying at the top of her lungs as the bushy-tailed rodent made its escape. I decided to comfort her with a chew toy and a fresh bowl of kibble.

    “Not today, Billy,” I cooed to her. “But we’ll go on a walk tomorrow evenin’, and maybe you’ll get some chasin’ down then.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.17.2018

  11. only lonely little bushy tailed pal
    a momentary glance we shared
    instinct common link
    we open our minds to each other
    a vacant glare
    a heart stare
    squirrel, inspire me

    By matt m on 09.17.2018

  12. The last time she and him had chased squirrels had been years upon years ago. And yet it was yesterday, and yet it was not. He missed her, but not like you miss a lover or a family member or anything, like a friend. And that, he thought, was most profound. Missing a friend is the greatest pain, because a friend can be all those other things, too.

    By Senah Guynes on 09.17.2018

  13. Toothy monsters.
    Relentlessly chewing through our front porch.
    Red Texas Pete strewn like bloodstains only stops the squirrel temporarily.

    By chantemcb URL on 09.17.2018

  14. Squirrel is a small and cute animal. I think it is a smart animal who lives in forests around the world.

    By idvieira URL on 09.17.2018

  15. ´´ Okay! A squirrel is rare and i have seen one recently´´, said the onlooker

    ´´ It is a red squirrel, if it is rare´´ , replied the wildlife bell.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 09.18.2018

  16. It’s been a while since i saw one. Actually no, I saw a stuffed one this morning, it was my sons stuffed squirrel. Why do they come across as annoying characters to me? Like those people who just talk way too much!

    By Natascha Mieke on 09.18.2018

  17. Squirrels are great. I guess. They’re really just rats with fluffy tails, but I guess that’s all it takes for people to think they’re cute. I fed one a few days ago at the beach, it ate out of my hand and held it like a bad ass right in front of me. Squirrels are cool bros.

    By Curits Barton URL on 09.18.2018