September 19th, 2018 | 46 Entries

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46 Entries for “logical”

  1. Logical is a word that I think means smart about something. Like “Suzy was logical in making the right decision” Or the prefix log could mean logic. I think?

    By Cheyenne VanGundy on 09.21.2018

  2. Logic is subjective. I mean, the brain forms its deductions based on what its given, but the brain is still affected by what it has the ability to perceive. Are we even capable of objectivity? Is the siren song of pure logic best left to questions with objective answers and Vulcan fantasies?

    By Jessica Tate on 09.21.2018

  3. she got out of the car and saw a huge pile of logs. She could smell the dampness and the soil where it came from but her eyes drifted off to the garden. The Jerusalem Artichokes finally bloomed. Time for school work.

    By melissa lynch on 09.21.2018

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  6. Logical is meaning using logic to solve problems in your daily life, some people are not logical, but are more abstract in their thinking.

    By Andrew Hesse URL on 09.21.2018