April 30th, 2012 | 206 Entries

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206 Entries for “hallowed”

  1. as apple walked through the hallowed alley she was very scared of big foot coming her way. But of course she felt very safe with mills in (her) arms. but then mills ran away screaming like a little girl and she had no idea wat to do.. so she resulted in canibalism.. she started eating her own limbs. and while mills was sleeping she seasoned him very lightlly with some pepper and cumin.

    By ddawg7 URL on 05.01.2012

  2. it makes me think of a tree that dont have the middle of it, so it is hollowed out

    By jarrod crabtree on 05.01.2012

  3. I don’t really know what hallowed means…………………..!

    By Ewa147 URL on 05.01.2012

  4. when i see hallowed i think of hollie, then i think of stupidity, then i think of myself and what an idiot i am… so thank for the thought): xD annnnyhow….idk what to write… idk or really honestly care what hallowed means it kinda makes me think of cutting something out

    By Cassie Randomturtle on 05.01.2012

  5. hallowed is a hallow…

    By tperkins URL on 05.01.2012

  6. i have only heard of hollowed instead of hallowed

    By diamondsss URL on 05.01.2012

  7. It is something that is not filled up. Squirrels can live in a hollowed tree because its where there’s a big hole that is open in the side of the tree. You can see through something hollowed if you look through the bottom of it or the top of it.

    By cheyenne miller on 05.01.2012

  8. a hole in a tree , a empty pumpkin , a chocolate hallow bunny

    By Courtney smith on 05.01.2012

  9. my sisters chocalate bunny was hallowed i think most trees are hallowed my freind michales head is hollowed out

    By phill URL on 05.01.2012

  10. a tree log can be hallowed.

    By las13 URL on 05.01.2012

  11. I have no idea what this word means and I thimk it means to be empty and that is about it.My one word account keeps saying”you are posting comments too quickly”. it is so annoying. It just did it again and it is being weird. so goodbye.

    By snowboard addict URL on 05.01.2012

  12. When I hear this word, I think of something empty. Like when your hungry your stomach is hallow.

    By Kendall Barton on 05.01.2012

  13. Hallowed be thy name,thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.

    By Zachary Williams on 05.01.2012

  14. I went to my usual place by the hallowed out tree. It was peaceful, serene. I liked it there hidden away from the world. In a place that was all my own, where I could do whatever I wanted. Where I could be free.

    By Maddie on 05.01.2012

  15. the hallowed halls of dartmouth or is it hogwarts? i’m pretty sure it’s hogwarts. is it in an alma mater? i forget why everyone calls halls hallowed. or why hallowed always describes halls. in fact i’m not really sure what hallowed means since i always just associate it with venerable school walls. maybe it means venerable.

    By Lizzie on 05.01.2012

  16. I like to make things that are hallowed out.

    By just582 URL on 05.01.2012

  17. And as I walk through this hallowed ground, I am reminded of everything. The faux mysteriousness of my childhood, the vicious sexuality of my adolescence, and the emptiness that awaits me.

    By Paige on 05.01.2012

  18. (Hallowed: holy, NOT HOLLOWED: empty!!) I picked up in my hands the last hallowed cup in the world. The golden chalice was in my grasp and now eternal youth could be mine, if I wanted, if I chose of it. Would I chose of it? Everyone is afraid of the end. You should I drink out of it? What makes me special? deserving? Nothing of course.

    By Billy on 05.01.2012

  19. i was hallowed by the lonely streets and open subways, stained with blood stains all over, i thought of him in blood smeared clothes haunted my dreams but living was necessary, my children depended on it.

    By filza URL on 05.01.2012

  20. The hallowed ground was silent. Only ghosts wandered this earth anymore. Forgotten in the mists of time they lingered still silent pillars upholding a dream of history. No one could recall their name. They couldn’t even remember their name. It was a forgotten legend in a forsaken land.

    By Jacki on 05.01.2012

  21. hallow |ˈhalō|
    verb [ trans. ]
    honor as holy : the Ganges is hallowed as a sacred, cleansing river | [as adj. ] ( hallowed) hallowed ground.
    • formal make holy; consecrate.
    • [as adj. ] ( hallowed) greatly revered or respected : in keeping with a hallowed family tradition.
    noun archaic
    a saint or holy person.
    ORIGIN Old English hālgian (verb), hālga (noun), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch and German heiligen, also to holy .

    By Cody URL on 05.01.2012

  22. hallowed means that the inside of something is empty.

    By twiz URL on 05.01.2012

  23. I don’t know what it means.

    By Izzy URL on 05.01.2012

  24. Have you ever found a hallowed tree?

    By kittens URL on 05.01.2012

  25. hollowed i do that at halloween when i HOLLOW out a pumkin this popped in my head so i wrote it down:)

    By lexie12 URL on 05.01.2012

  26. i know what it is but this is what it reminds me of HARRY POTTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By DARKHAWK URL on 05.01.2012

  27. Hmmm…hallowed. Ummm… I don’t know what to write. Ummm…

    By Cody on 05.01.2012

  28. “Hal” is the first part of hallowed. Hal is the guy in green lantern A.K.A one of the best DC characters EVER! and he “owed” me money. “Hal” “Owed” me money but I let him go without paying a dime. Green Lantern.

    By Tree URL on 05.01.2012

  29. Hallowed means greatly reserved or respected.

    By fancy girl URL on 05.01.2012

  30. It sounds like halloween but it is hallowed witch means somethings hallow.

    By subzero URL on 05.01.2012

  31. Hallowed be thy name, thy holiday come, thy will be done, on faith as it is in atheism. I am hallowed by all that I know and do, hallowed by the paint on my fingers, the ink on my hands.

    By Joan on 05.01.2012

  32. Something that is haunted and scary. Like halloween.

    By Chelsea Anderson on 05.01.2012

  33. When we make pumpkins we make them Hallowed out and my dad makes witches and cats on them. That’s my favorite part of Halloween

    By Autumn on 05.01.2012

  34. Halloween. regret. something empty, costumes, pumpkins, candy, decorations.

    By kate durossette URL on 05.01.2012

  35. HALLOWED. The day arrived, and on the very exact hour that had been calculated, the people gathered waiting for the shadows to align, marking the beginning of the celebration. A horn sounded. A whirl of colours from the billowing gowns. Joyous voices reciting praises. The laughter of the young as they pranced.

    Soon, there will be children throwing garlands before the feast offering.

    By Roschen on 05.01.2012

  36. hallowed is a word that can be used to describe something hollow like a tree or a pole. and other than that i have no idea what it means. so i really don’t know what too write about.

    By ryan on 05.01.2012

  37. Halloween, something empty, costumes, pumpkins, candy, decorations.

    By kate durossette on 05.01.2012

  38. like scary thing regarded as holy venerated sacred

    By Cody Howard URL on 05.01.2012

  39. The pumpkin was very hallowed by the the scary night on Halloween.

    By Kailey Kilpatrick on 05.01.2012

  40. hunted our a ghost or a black cat or zombies Halloween and candies costumes.

    By Kayanna on 05.01.2012