August 21st, 2012 | 540 Entries

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540 Entries for “half”

  1. Half a dozen eggs can be enough to bake for and entire street. It can be enough to build a faming business or for a cake competition. Double that can be enough to feed Africa.

    By tania szabanowicz on 08.23.2012

  2. Half. 50%. Is the glass half full or half empty? I don’t know. I am a kind of half-full girl. Half is better than none. To half something is to separate it. Half vs. halve? Half — a funny word to look at……it looks mispelled! Half a brain. One boy, one brain. Two boys, half a brain.

    By saralynn on 08.23.2012

  3. i have a glass of milk. my sister thinks its half full. my brother thinks its half empty. my mom is blind. she thinks its totally empty. what am i doing with my life?

    By dani on 08.23.2012

  4. i am half mad
    i like eating half cake
    i read half book
    i once wore half kajal

    By kj URL on 08.23.2012

  5. half an hour until get home
    wondering if i’m all alone
    half a cup which is empty or full

    By Noone on 08.23.2012

  6. a half of a moon on a night gray and tired
    a glass half full of sorrow, half empty of love
    a plant half full of life, withering to its demise
    a life of halves

    By Harry Potter on 08.23.2012

  7. Half of me is made of fire
    The other half is made of ice
    When I look in the mirror I see myself twice
    Passion and flame yet aloof and tame
    At times I’m afraid that my reflection is not very nice.

    By Haze on 08.23.2012

  8. Is the cup half full or half empty? Why does it matter? It’s just half a glass of water. Not as good as a full glass of water, but good enough all the same! We place a bit too emphasis on having loads and loads of everything in the Western world, but, in reality, having half a bowl of cereal is fine too.

    By Emma on 08.23.2012

  9. You look at something… It can be half-full or half-empty. It depends on how you perceive it. If you see a cup in literature, it can mean a lot of things. It can be suffering or blessing. It would always depend on how you see it.

    By Rawr means I love you URL on 08.23.2012

  10. when you think about half all that comes to my mind is the long debate fought between pessimists and optimists wether the glass is half full or half empty all i know for sure is half is an almost what could have been but isn’t.

    By radhika on 08.23.2012

  11. half a life hallf a family half a home.
    missing gone obslete nowhere to be seen
    gone gone gone
    just come back?
    just come back.
    smile through pain while behind the mask youre screaming to be let out.
    broken lonely covered up i want to be free.
    half a person,
    half a soul.

    By Leah on 08.23.2012

  12. My eyes were half open. The sunlight streamed through the blinds, insisting that I rise, indicating that the time was at least past ten o’clock. I was sleeping the day away, like always.

    By Makkena Jones on 08.23.2012

  13. Half, empty or full?
    Half, I am not. Ripped apart into more than 2 pieces.

    By zahrin ali on 08.23.2012

  14. half of my life I loose time no importance things. I believed in

    By simone on 08.23.2012

  15. half? seriously what half? the half of my life? the half of my heart this is funny … everybody thinks there going to find there second half … but i see this to be funny … very untrue. i dont believe that their is another half .

    By marianne battikha on 08.23.2012

  16. When i see the word half i see half a coffe cup. When some one dont want a whole coffe cup, just a half. And that make me think about having coffe and cookies and the persone who just want half a cup of coffe also just take a half cookie.

    By Linnéa on 08.23.2012

  17. Half. half of what? if it is a drink or something is it half empty or half full? will you choose to be optimistic? maybe pessamistic? Maybe you just dont care.

    By Turtle3 on 08.23.2012

  18. Half of a dollar is more than I had yesterday. Being broke is fun, but being broke is annoying. More important though being broke is a way of life now. There is only half the middle class and half the jobs as there were when I was young. Our time as number one in this world is over. Too bad. At least we were something and at least we were contenders.

    By alexfinan on 08.23.2012

  19. what obama and anyone who votes for him and anyone who doesnt think obama isnt a facsist, socialist communist has as far as brain size

    By rob stan on 08.23.2012

  20. Half is a very special word to me. Half could mean half of a cookie, which I would eat or half of me! Which is Jesus! Jesus is the half i love.

    By Gianna on 08.23.2012