February 10th, 2019 | 21 Entries

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21 Entries for “ferry”

  1. Take the plane from your hometown airport to the Big City and find me on the island with the single tower in the middle of Hope Bay. You’ll have to take a ferry there, or you can kayak, though given the weather and the currents, I wouldn’t recommend it. Once you reach me, we’ll sit cross-legged together until all the lights go out in the buildings in front of me, and we can pretend that it’s night forever.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.10.2019

  2. It was cold and windy. Everyone huddled inside the cabin of the ferry. But Allison had been waiting all year to see the river from the deck. The ship’s loud horn blared farewell to the harbor and began to move. Allison inhaled a large breath of sea air, held onto the railing, and looked ahead.

    By DarkJanuary on 02.11.2019

  3. We took the ferry across Ontario Lake to Center Island in my hayday. It was a crisp morning with the fog just nipping at my skin. I had a friend there with me, the son of my mother’s co-worker. In ten years, I’ll meet him and we will look at each other and say that we recognize each other – but nothing will come of it. We spend the entire day at Center Island and rely on the ferry to bring us back from this fantasy world, back to reality like Charon navigating the river Styx.

    By Eric Harrell on 02.11.2019

  4. The ford was a steady stream of activity this time of year. It was clogged with merchants and families alike, all trying to get to the capitol in time. The ferry was overcrowded, the stink of human bodies packed together cloying.

    By heather URL on 02.11.2019

  5. The ferry took us all the way to the next town beside us, and there were barely any people on it. It was peaceful, and we barely spoke.

    By April Stone on 02.11.2019

  6. river, vacation, fun, wind blowing, family, travel, chilly,

    By Mindy on 02.11.2019

  7. ferry! what a word! it can be used in many types for sentences! i really dont understand what it means so thats why im not giving examples! so

    By deann on 02.11.2019

  8. I used a ferry to go from one island to another and it was a bit of a bumpy ride. Even though it felt dangerous I would like to have that experience again.

    By Naomi Comeaux on 02.11.2019

  9. The bridge is gone. I have to step onto the barge. The ferryman’s eyes hidden in the shadow of his hat’s brim.

    By and& on 02.11.2019

  10. Rosie loved the water. She loved the beach and swimming and feeling the sun on her skin. But boats? Rosie didn’t like boats. They were big, unstable (according to her) and after watching Titanic she had no interest in becoming a popsicle in the ocean.

    By Siobhan K Larsen on 02.11.2019

  11. She pulled up just as the boat was pulling away. “Damnit.” She slammed the door of the car and ran to the dock, waving her arms madly. “Wait! Hold on!” They didn’t hear her. Or didn’t want to hear her.

    By Bridget Grace on 02.11.2019

  12. I was on the ferry and it was so cool I had lots of fun played with my friends had drinks,food,and everything a lot of people were there i mean alot of people we had rooms to sleep in

    By Kite URL on 02.11.2019

  13. The horn blared out, strident and loud, above my head.

    I turned and gave Gracie a sad smile and a quick kiss.

    “You’ll be back soon?” She smiled, but I knew that she was trying to hide the tears.

    “Of course, my love,” I promise easily. “As soon as I get a good job, I’ll send for you on the ferry and we’ll be together again. Just like I said.”

    Her face and frantic waving were the last things I saw of home as the ferry pulled away in great clouds of smoke, on to a better life.

    By Sparklespirit on 02.11.2019

  14. I remember the seaside sounds, gulls flocking from one telephone pole to the next and crying out to each other. People were everywhere–the roads, the sidewalks, the ferries, in cars and in stores, waving from windows and shouting noiselessly across streets. The water at my feet splashed playfully over the sand.

    By snowthatremembers on 02.11.2019

  15. Across the mersey, Corsten? Because thats what people say, thats what people Say! Aint no doubt about that I am leaving… That cold hard trip over the waves today….

    By Bernice on 02.11.2019

  16. Inside, they huddled close, some looking out the windows, others at the floor. Suddenly the ferry titled to one side, and people were sliding and screaming and grabbing onto each other. The intercom crackled to life and the ferry captain announced they’d run into a problem. The passengers looked at each other like ‘no shit!’

    By DarkJanuary on 02.12.2019

  17. She rode the ferry to escape from the shackles that had chained her, only to realize they were still on her. She couldn’t find the keys. She longed to go back.

    By Sarah M Brown on 02.12.2019

  18. They took the ferry because the bridge was out. The rain just kept falling. The boat was crowded with crying children, frightened parents, wet dogs, bicycles, backpacks and crap. It felt like the end.

    By Dave Rogers on 02.12.2019

  19. I would like to go on a ferry and cross the ocean in it. Maybe my dad will even be the one driving it since he does drive boats for a living.

    By Naomi Comeaux on 02.12.2019

  20. There once was a young boy who wanted to go on a ferry boat. He asked his mother if he could go visit Long Island and his mother said “yes.” They went to buy a ticket and the ticket cost a lot of money. The mother and the boy didn’t feel great about the price of the ticket but were pleased to go on the trip. When they got to the place they needed to be they saw that they had to wait an hour to board the boat. They were angry for the long wait but once boarded they were pleased to be offered refreshments and drinks. They were surprised that it only took 15 minutes to get to Long Island which was pretty quick. Once there, they met friends, ate, and then flew home. They flew home because it was quicker and cheaper than going back by ferry.

    By KJ on 02.12.2019

  21. Tomó el ferry con una pizca de esperanza en los bolsillos. Mientras la incómoda barcaza se alejaba de su puerto, buscó lo que le quedaba en la bolsa y sólo encontró un agujero.

    By Miauricio Jimenez URL on 02.12.2019