August 24th, 2009 | 235 Entries

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235 Entries for “habitat”

  1. In my habitat I can rome. Free and naked if I please. Clothed and hidden if I please. In my habitat I am warm, I am safe and I am left to my vices and my habits where no one may judge or bother me.

    By Tressa on 08.25.2009

  2. Past the cat fur and the scent of black eyed peas slowing simmering in curry, my bed calls to me. Wildlife experts would say: Observe her in her natural habitat. Here she seeks comfort and feels safe.

    By vabs on 08.25.2009

  3. its like a jungle in this habitat!
    sure, that may be plagiarism but I don’t expect my mind to come up with anything better, because right now it’s falling like puzzle pieces. and i’m trying to pick them all up and put back together my head but things have changed. my habitat has changed.

    By dysrianism on 08.25.2009

  4. Laura stood at the driveway, watching the construction underway. She had long since given up anger, and was now just puzzled. The area under development was the last habitat for a breeding pair of loons.

    By Denise on 08.25.2009

  5. Habit is where organism interact with one another. There a are different types of habitats in the word, all with unique organisms.

    By John on 08.25.2009

  6. People are like animals. They respond to their habitat. you grow up in a habitat of distrust and back stabbing then that is how you will deal with lifes problems. These habitats can have grave repurcussions upon the people whom they are affected by

    By Arc on 08.25.2009

  7. habitat? as in habitat for humanity? oh i built one of those houses. and sweated blood and tears and … well, sweat out of my pores the entire day.

    By jen on 08.25.2009

  8. going to the market made me feel like there was no tomorrow. the koalas outside sat at the tree eating the meat pies which i placed over the top of the wall when i was looking at the crown on top of that slut’s head and she was like ‘oh bitch, you gonna pay for that’ but this was not my idea of a nice day out so i made sure no one was there.

    By frank's mum on 08.25.2009

  9. This is not where i thought I would be, Skip said, over a coffee at the new place around the corner. I really want to homestead. to live on the land.

    By paul whittle on 08.25.2009

  10. I live in a world where “habitat” has little to no meaning whatsoever. Natural habitat? Most developers have never heard the term. Those riding the machines that strip our lands of trees and forestation–“habitat” is the little cube they sit in while the trees tumble to the ground.

    By Cooper Watt on 08.25.2009

  11. The gorilla’s habitat was at risk from the evil tree demolishers. Every day they would cut a few trees closer to Barney’s home. Every day he knew it was only a matter of time until they got to him. He knew he had to stop them.

    By Helen on 08.25.2009

  12. They called it a grand experiment. They chose six children randomly at birth, from different ethnic backgrounds and raised them on the flat, golden Savannah of Africa. They were the children of the Serengeti, equipped with radio transmitters and left to live or die in the harsh habitat where once our ancestors traveled. Funny, they grew to seek harmony over discord…

    By ThomG on 08.25.2009

  13. A rabbit hole. lol. Idk. A home where I sleep or rest.
    It can be inside or outside. people build habitats.

    By christy on 08.25.2009

  14. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    By Tanzanette on 08.25.2009

  15. I live in this place with the wet trees and damp house. A habitat not pleasing to some and yet a dream come true for me.. The feel of the damp against my skin… wet ..moist… refreshing. For some the drown of it is overwhelming .. for me I hunger for the wonder of.. I dive deep..

    By jeanne on 08.25.2009

  16. There are six people in here, two in each room. We have a couple of couches in the common area, and a bathroom that we have to clean every week. Outside our den is the great outdoors, where clouds sleep in the valleys while we are waking.

    By r.a. on 08.25.2009

  17. my home. this is my head. it’s green and slushy. there are bugs everywhere, and there are leaves, rainforests, rush hour jams of termites, impeccably marching. these are my thoughts. no, these are what my thoughts should be like. instead there are sneakers stepping into the line, sending these neat rows of insects into total chaos. there is nothing i want here. i want my mind not to be tropical. i want it to be winter and cold. that’s a habitat – to sleep in and dream. dream away the winter.

    By flory on 08.25.2009

  18. We are destroying the natural habitat of many of the creatures that share this planet with us. We have to stop being so selfish because, if we don’t, the world will soon turn it’s back on us.

    By Citizen_Erased on 08.25.2009

  19. We all have habitats. Animals have habitats. Why are we damaging their habitats? By doing so we are just damaging the food chain and ultimately, damaging ourselves. Man’s exploitation of nature really makes me feel how stupid it is to be human.

    By aisyah on 08.25.2009

  20. A place that we live. They’ll talk about how we destroy it, that’s wrong. We’re molding it into our own image. So our image is fire and metal and desolation, but that’s fine. We’re egotistical enough to call it beautiful. And besides, who am I to say what is beautiful and what isn’t?

    By tv on 08.25.2009

  21. I remember first hearing habitat when talking about animals and the environment. What is their habitat and then how it became a design word.

    By Chris G on 08.25.2009

  22. moshes safies creation in tornoto. also the habitat centre in delhi india. eveyrthing relates to architecture. such an insane intense word. relates to socialogy

    By leena on 08.25.2009

  23. It is a place to hang your hat. It can be taken away from you from forces cannot control.

    By Lisa on 08.25.2009

  24. habitat is for animals, they need a comfortable place to live wen then have children or i guess theyre not called children.. theyre more sort of gurim or something. anyway, in this habitat they have everything that they need, and if they dont have what they need h=they leave that habitat. thats why we need to preserve the environment so that animals have everything they need in their habitat so that they dont leave and then eventually become extinct like the chinese dolphin that used to live in the xang river.

    By sarah on 08.25.2009

  25. Thia is my habitat. Here in your arms.

    By Joseph Erickson on 08.25.2009

  26. My habitat – makes me think of a teranium from 4th grade. Perhaps that is where I first learned the word “habitat” – one’s natural surroundings. Where you’re most likely to be able to find a particular creature. So-and-so prefers a jungle habitat. I prefer a cozy coffee shop in the midst of a bussling and slightly chilly city. That’s my habitat.

    By Kristy on 08.25.2009

  27. in this habitat, my element, i am feeling so relentless and homeless, the one place i should feel at peace. but every corner is crowded by a memory and it’s just not fair that your slate is so clean. if i could change the scenery i would but i cant, so i wont.

    By Melissa Leigh on 08.25.2009

  28. an overture to analogue dwellings, felt to be taken for granted, need not be the by product of a modern treason.

    By Burns Drake on 08.25.2009

  29. his world was a white one. white doors, white windows, white carpet. the mice were white the bedding was white, the walls were white. even the men with the needles were white.
    they didn’t know what was wrong with him. just that any direct exposure to his skin or the air he exhaled brought on nausea and cramps, headaches and blindness. then convulsions and death.

    By jeniece jones on 08.25.2009

  30. Habitat is a place where living beings, well, live. You can have good habitats (think the mediterranian) and bad habitats (think the northern part of Canada). The same goes for animals. Humans are the fittest animals in nature because we are so adept at fitting into different habitats.

    By Bjarne S on 08.25.2009

  31. where you live, lifestyle alters it, how you progress in life, how you change it yourself, wht it means to have a healthy habitat, what it takes to make a healthy habitat, maintain your habitat and retain your habitat for all others to see, it makes a big imporession on everyone around you.

    By Deganoth on 08.25.2009

  32. My native habitat is the forest. I love it. It seems strange, doesn’t it — I grew up a city girl. Surrounded by buildings and people and cars and THINGS, not trees and the sounds of nature. I love it, though. I spent a summer camping out here when I was 8 and I was hooked. Permanently. My soul lives out here. As soon as I got out of high school — to the point of graduating early — I came out

    By kristin on 08.25.2009

  33. in the darkest hair
    of the darkest hour
    a bright ribbon
    and un
    remembering old things
    or oldest, eldest
    the wind moves it
    to the heavens then below
    on the dreaming place
    of a girl

    By Jill on 08.25.2009

  34. animals, don’t destroy, save, share, take care, reconstruct, learn about, preserve, create, survive, essential, life,

    By Silvia on 08.25.2009

  35. habitat is one of my fave shops in the uk. its part of the conran grou pand always has funky designs and is probs what got me interested/first aware of interior design and concepts.
    also habitats are where things live and in my uni course we learn all about different ecological niches that create these habitats.

    By sophie on 08.25.2009