August 24th, 2009 | 235 Entries

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235 Entries for “habitat”

  1. i really dont know what to write about habitat….its like a habit at…sounds like a creature from lord of the rings or somthing i dont know i live in one i guess we all live in one.

    By justin on 08.24.2009

  2. i’m moving four hours away for university. you’ve asked several times when i’m leaving, and still the answer remains the same. why the sudden concern? do you care for me more than i thought. this could be dangerous, or it could just be my head playing tricks on me. maybe i do want you to care as much as i think you do.

    By xx on 08.24.2009

  3. The mind of the artist becomes his habitat, a place to dwell, to hide, and to dream.

    By Noah Ross on 08.24.2009

  4. the place where we develope, somewhere where all people live and interact with others and try to pass this life. It determine us and create us

    By Jesus on 08.24.2009

  5. Observe Dewey in his natural habitat. Spread out on the bed, his paws hanging majestically over the side. The occasional whimper escapes from his lips as he catches is elusive prey, the ever present neighborhood cat.

    By Cory Campbell on 08.24.2009

  6. Habitat for the hearing impaired.

    No one understands a word coming from my mouth.

    I don’t understand a word coming from yours.

    It’s human nature I suppose.

    Habitually hearing the wrong thing at the wrong time.

    By Megan on 08.24.2009

  7. one time i wanted to build one of those nature style low impact habitats. like in a valley with some trees. I love the idea of living that close to nature. I never really thought about it before i saw a how to one time on the internet. possibly through stumble upon. it was pretty amazing

    By ryn on 08.24.2009

  8. a place for living. you make your own habitat depending on who you are. your habitat reflects who you are. make your habitat somewhere you always want to be. home. your habitat should be everchanging like you. like it. learn it. love it.

    By kalena on 08.24.2009

  9. A place where a certain animal lives; it’s natural habitat. A habitat is also a place that isn’t a natural habitat, but it is built to look like one, as in a zoo.

    By Ash on 08.24.2009

  10. Their habitat was a quickly diminishing one- and so the rare purple-toed swallow had to forge even harder for food. It haunted the litter on the boardwalk, undaunted by the people walking around.

    By Erin on 08.24.2009

  11. its not easy living this way. its not easy finding myself day to day. finding myself day to day in the same squalor ive created. this joyless home i’ve painted. ive painted. repainted. built up and tore down. ive enjoyed and ive hated. ive longed to leave, but i’ve stayed in. it’s about a home not a habitat. but these habits have left me.

    By joe mauer on 08.25.2009

  12. I grew up in such a lonely place.
    It feels now as if it were a millennium ago, but I know the years passed by were few, and I’ll forever live with these scars.

    By Dalton on 08.25.2009

  13. casa hogar nena niños espacio decoración emoción felicidad entrar casar vivir juntos emocionar vender vida cotiadiana cantar

    By jose on 08.25.2009

  14. habitat. a word i have no thought wat so ever abt. right now, am thinking about having lunch, taking a nap, and making up fantasies of t-rex!

    By jean on 08.25.2009

  15. a place that you live an incubator a cell a prison a place we’re forced into a place we have no say in we are all essentially animals anyway, we have no say in our habitat just like we have no say in who our parents will be a sad

    By Sir Jestro on 08.25.2009

  16. To fully appreciate the species one must view it in its natural habitat. Thriving on the fast pace of life and the stresses involved and needing constant contact with others of its species, indeed this creature cannot exist in any other place or time. It is an animal purely of its own small microcosm.
    Which is what makes the yuppie such a fascinating species to study.

    By Damo on 08.25.2009

  17. snakes
    science class
    el roble

    By Sara on 08.25.2009

  18. a place where things live
    environment the lovely environment
    frogs trees plants rivers ponds lakes and things of the forest where deers and lots of lovely little furry animals and amphibians live,
    habitaty places remind me of frogs.

    By becky on 08.25.2009

  19. a place to live, a dwelling, an environment. habitat for humanity. making an environment for humans, one home at a time. i think of nature, of jungles, of endangered animals when i hear the word “habitat.” green leaves, shade, chimpanzees.

    By Jennifer Styma on 08.25.2009

  20. Human beings in their habitat.

    Humans are a strange people. They have a multitude of habitats in which they can exist in. The variety is truly tremendous. From Eskimos to tribal Arabs in the desert.

    By Rizwan on 08.25.2009

  21. One’s habitat is the extension of one’s soul. It is the place we live, eat, sleep, work, dream, die.

    By stephen s on 08.25.2009

  22. habitat is the place we live in, like our natural homes, where we feel most comfortable….where we’ve grown up…

    By trish on 08.25.2009

  23. a habitat is a place where animals live together in a community I think they enjoy it but the truth is that some don’t due to the fact of humans destroying there natural habitat, but hopefully we can give back to these animals as much as they give to us.

    By Cyril on 08.25.2009

  24. I live in a city accros the sea. I know i wont be there forever, but i want to keep a place here.

    By léo on 08.25.2009

  25. where sunshine drops like rain and splashes onto my cereal bowl in the morning when i can wake up feeling safe and sound within my habitat

    By j l on 08.25.2009

  26. Habitats are where all animals live. for example, birds need to live in areas of open space with trees so they can build nests. Amphibians need a dark, wet place. There is also a charity called Habitat for Humanity that builds houses for underprivileged.

    By Barton on 08.25.2009

  27. Habitat – Habitat for Humanity – Humanity – Humanities – Geography – Human Geography – Population pyramids – Stage 2 Demographic Transition – Uganda – Africa – South Africa – AIDS – HIV – Virus – H1N1.

    By Barton on 08.25.2009

  28. It was an alien habitat for a woman used to her own space. Too many people. Too much noise she liked quiet. Peace and quiet. She had to get out, get away. She picked up her things and made for the door.

    (This is so cool! Prompt type sites don’t usually inspire me.)

    By Sarah Crowther on 08.25.2009

  29. habitat’s confuse me. they say all living things have a ‘natural’ habitat, a place where they belong, feel comfortable.
    it worries me when i see other people who’ve already found theirs. and makes me wonder if i will ever find my own, and what will happen if i don’t.

    By will w. on 08.25.2009

  30. To the left, the ring of glowing porches that provide cover for the restless. Beyond those telephone poles, the gray boxes that shelter the wicked and the shy, the blinds turned down and the music turned up. Then up that hill, near the oak that shivers in a breeze, the last reader, cradling a book like two-handfuls of evaporating water.

    By Brian Slusher on 08.25.2009

  31. My habitat is where my habits are at. The music I listen to, the movies I watch, all the porno… exist in my habitat. They call to me from the corners of these walls and sing to me with cheerful undertones. My habitat is where my habit’s at. My habitat is where my habits get fat.

    By Johnny D. on 08.25.2009

  32. happy, very

    By Vanja on 08.25.2009

  33. habitats come in all different forms, trees and holes and bushes and walls and houses.
    today i walked upon the lawn and saw a pole-sized hole, depths of soil brownness unlit by the tiny pocket torch i shone into it. against the lush greenness of the turf it looked incongruous, a black hole in the fabric of the grass.
    i thought for a second about sticking my hand into it and renaming myself alice; before i remembered that i had to meet people, and write an essay tonight. and so i walked on.
    now i wonder what would have happened if i’d knelt down and poked the invisible claireair with a cautious finger.

    By claire on 08.25.2009

  34. Piles, no, mountains of papers surrounding me. Their ridges treacherous and terrifyingly beautiful all at the same time. Lines of black, letters, words, scurry across the mountain like dusty paths. This is where I walk.

    By Vee on 08.25.2009

  35. Habitat is such a seriously boring word. Imagine having to say my habitat consists of a boring computer screen and a blue water bottle and some crazy people sitting around me thinking of ideas, which constitutes my species.

    By buzzy on 08.25.2009

  36. Habitat, the place we all live in. The place where i carry out my “habit(s)” “at”. My comfortable shelter and refuge. Where I am most happy till someone destroys it.

    By smiles on 08.25.2009

  37. A post it note- framed by pictures.
    Overlapping cards- of all ages. Pinned to the calendar given, in humor.

    A sea of glass- stilled by time. Flat enough to skim rocks across.
    As always, three bounces.
    5 full cups, taunt the lone empty one.
    He’ll have a friend sooner or later.

    But the white. The brightness from the clutter, a livable place.
    Home not to any pens that work.
    Frustrating their protector.

    And the outsider.
    The box.
    The new shiny sense of smell lifting from a radiating light, still with its guide to life poking from the makeshift lid.

    It fits, only because it doesnt.

    By Andy Pantts. on 08.25.2009

  38. a habitat is such a weird name for just a bloody place where you live, your surroundings. mine is pretty boring to say the least. definitely not inspiring. bank like infrastructure, cubicles. a computer screen. maybe i should consider making it a l

    By bragnic on 08.25.2009

  39. habitat for humanity is like the ecosystem in which we stand. welcoming anyone within. no choice, no politics. just one bigg ball for everyone to excist

    By amanda on 08.25.2009

  40. Her habitat was so small. like a little pebble in sand…
    It was so fragile,
    like a pebble near ocean, which gets washed away by the strong waves…

    coming and going…

    By Rida on 08.25.2009