June 2nd, 2008 | 210 Entries

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210 Entries for “guilty”

  1. i did guilty already. maybe they should come up with some new words. like ‘saucy’ or ‘kalamazoo’. well, that isnt really a word, its a place. but it would be more fun that writing about guilt all the time. sheesh. unless THEY feel guilty…..

    By Celeste on 06.03.2008

  2. THE definition of guilty, who knows? Lack of innocence or the presence of evil intention. Who is guilty? I am guilty of wasting time on this whilst I am supposed to be revising.

    By Jonny on 06.03.2008

  3. woke up this morning like every morning, greeting that sick feeling in my stomach. every morning it’s the same, like an old wound, it just won’t heal.

    but this morning, i walked out to the kitchen and saw a post-it stuck to the fridge with 2 anonymous words:

    it’s forgiven.

    best words in the english language.

    By beth on 06.03.2008

  4. “Your Honor, please!” Roger stood up quickly from his seat, “You can’t expect a blind man to make a positive I.D. of my client from his aftershave. Unless you can prove he’s the only one on the planet that uses it.”

    By Stratcat X on 06.03.2008

  5. i think about someone who have done something they shouldn’t have done and they feel horrible about that becouse they know that its isn’t the right thing to do. guilty is also a hardish word it sounds so evil

    By Nicholas on 06.03.2008

  6. Guilty? How could that be? What happened? How did this start!

    I scream inside – NO! You people have lost your minds! Get me out of here.

    Still, that word resounds in my head. I am numb. I am transported away from my attorney. I hear buzzing, which is probably the host of people in the court room.

    I’m taken, as if I’m floating, away from that room, through a hallway, and then into a flash of lights and explosive sound.

    I hear my name being called out, I hear people defending and cursing me.

    By martel on 06.03.2008

  7. i caant believe i just did that shit this makes y brain hurt what should i do dAMN IT IM SO STUPID SOme times what was that about

    By claire on 06.03.2008

  8. I looked into your eyes for that one final time. And thats all I could see. Guilt. And it burned. Not just inside you, though I could see that that was what it was doing. But inside me for letting this happen in the first place. And I’m sorry, I’M SORRRY! Let me turn it back, let it stop!

    By Moogle on 06.03.2008

  9. oh my god I’m so FED UP of everything. Tired of following society’s goddamn rules yknow? Just because you give me the word “guilty” doesn’t mean I HAVE to write about it. ARGH.

    I want to be on the higher plane of life, always. I hate coming down. I want to float up there, or fly, whatever floats your boat. It’s so easy up there.

    By 343 on 06.03.2008

  10. I forgive you.

    By kl on 06.03.2008