June 3rd, 2008 | 154 Entries

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154 Entries for “cowboy”

  1. Cowboy rides into town wearing a ten gallon hat and a pair of bumless chaps. Yee haaa, he hollers. Meanwhile the other cowboys look at him knd er funny. Who is that fella. I don;t know says another. But he sure is cute as hell!

    By James Edwards on 06.04.2008

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    By hl.jhjjl on 06.04.2008

  3. Riding on the range, feeling pretty strange, trying to find the sun, wounded it with my 6 gun, now it’s dark and not so fun. Where is everyone? Who knows what we’d find, riding the range of the mind? Wind it blows, trail it shows, far and missing on a moonlit night with my horse not into kissing. Oh well, I guess the stars will have to listen. Peace upon this midnight, everything will turn out alright. Where to go, what to see? Who am I and am I free? When does the time run out?

    By Richard Jones on 06.04.2008

  4. i see a hat, and a pony. i wonder how long it will be before i see that again. and look at what i leave behind…too many fields, too green, too sparse. i exchange my hat for a cap, my pony for a car.

    By charmaine on 06.04.2008

  5. riding in the desert on top a black horse, thoroughbred. riding home to his girlfriend, soon to be wife and baby daughter isabella and son, edward, two and four. he is going to propose to ella, having brought the ring, they will live happy in a large house and be rich, breeding horses on a ranch.

    By Joselyn on 06.04.2008

  6. in the western a damn badass cowboy emerged from the ashses. He ruled the country looking for the perfect girl. He who knew noone who could beat him, only suffered from the lack of love.

    By Silva on 06.04.2008

  7. He wasn’t a special guy. All he’d done was go to the same bar he went to every day of his pathetic little life for the past ten years. What happened between the sheriff and Guillermo had nothing to do with him.
    Yet before he knew it, he was the undisputed king of West Rock.

    By Jordan on 06.04.2008

  8. Chaps… I’ve always wanted to wear chaps. There’s just something about a cowboy. The way he walks and looks like he was out fucking all night. Arched knees… stiff back

    By s on 06.04.2008

  9. john waine horses wild west hooves guns hats movies sand orange indians, native. saloons drink little house on the praire brokeback mountain cattle wildness

    By Caitlyn on 06.04.2008

  10. The sound of leather, moving leather, especially on a saddle, is one of the biggest turn-on’s ever! Where’s my marlboro man??
    I need a smoke.

    By whitney on 06.04.2008

  11. he lives in the desert. is very bold and courageous.
    he faces a lot of trouble and comes face to face with death but still does not back down. rides the horse gallantly.

    By mitch on 06.04.2008

  12. cowboys love cattle. sometimes they think they are so cool in their tight pants that they wear them all the time. I like cowboys and always wanted to be one since I was a kid. Therefore, cowboys are cool. Every kid wants to be like a cowboy don’t they? You ever play cowboys and indian? I sure have when I was younger. How about war? did you ever play war? I used to love war!

    By Albert Krabbe on 06.04.2008

  13. he fell off his horse and broke his leg. im not sure he felt the pain … he was strangled by his whip in the porcess.
    the end.

    By hemlock on 06.04.2008

  14. this could either mean a bloke with a funky hat, or someone that does a crappy job as a tradesman. I’ve been ripped off by a cowboy once, he half-arsed a fitted kitchin and I ended up having to cook like a real cowboy. Oh the irony.

    By Matt Harwood on 06.04.2008

  15. y cowboy his name was woody, I played with him all the time until i got my buzz lightyear! I loved woody buy I loved Buzz more!!

    By Robs on 06.04.2008

  16. yeeeeeeeehawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

    By john on 06.04.2008

  17. Hey, she’s always liked the cowgirl thing; who knew there was a cowboy she wanted to try? Really quite the experience, bucking like a bronco.

    By Ravyn on 06.04.2008

  18. He swaggers into the bar looking like cheap whiskey. fuck that. he swaggers into the bar. that is all we have to say. that is all he did. paula cole once asked, where have all the cowboys gone? I don’t know sister girl, but they’re not here tonight. if they were we would be stuck doing shots with this redneck lug.

    By JW on 06.04.2008

  19. The meanest, baddest mofo in town, just got nastier! Cowboy Bob is having a bad hair day. He got out of bed on the wrong side, ripped a fingernail, and ran out of cottage cheese. His cat Pickles ran away, and he lost his job at the Rodeo; so today was the day that things were gonna change in Bob’s life.

    By Steve Chalom on 06.04.2008

  20. Western hats line the steps and boots are propped high in the air. Its a balmy Texas day and the lazy lunch hour came not a minute early. The gents’ ears perk as the the wind slightly rustles. A tease and a farse. No refreshing breeze will be felt on this afternoon.

    By Brandi on 06.04.2008

  21. it’s funny but that word really means almost nothing to me. just the afternoons spent in front of the tv watching cowboys running after cows, speaking with that funny accent…

    By dragos on 06.04.2008

  22. he was alone in the desert, but he had no need of anyone else. He lived as he did by choice and that was how it was going to stay. On occasion he would go into town for supplies or to get ‘refreshment’ but those times were few and far between.

    By Simon on 06.04.2008

  23. He was kind of a pretty boy. He had nice hair, although it was covered by the big hat he wore. He had that kind of a shirt the always seem to have, and pla blue, nearly broken jeans.

    By Ulla on 06.04.2008

  24. love the cowbosys. Watched Far and away last night where Tom Cruise played a young Irish dude who decided to come to Amreica an claim some land. He essentially became a cowboy. Funny that I am writing this today based on a 1992 movie I watched last night.

    By Todd on 06.04.2008

  25. cowboy- horse.

    By Deanna on 06.04.2008

  26. these boots don’t fit. they’ve got too many embroidered patterns on them. they make my calves look fat. am i supposed to wear these with tight jeans? a short skirt? leggings, stockings? maybe some make-up will feminize them a little bit. Why do people like cowboy boots? “because jessica simpson wore them last year”, said the salesmen.

    By Emski on 06.04.2008

  27. YeeHaa! Rodeos and such. Get on lil’ doggie and what’s for supper ya’ll. I live in Texas and STILL despise the word ya’ll! I’m still just a yankee. Hmph!

    By R.E. Taylor on 06.04.2008

  28. A cowboy was riding a horse through a wide expanse of infinity. He was a space cowboy you see,
    riding the electron energies through time and space.

    By bleh on 06.04.2008

  29. it was his hat which esmerized me. it truly had the ability of distracting you from anything else in sight. i could imagine the man wearing it having a gun by his side and a lasso, ready to pull a horse in from somewhere. i wanted to slap the hat out of his head and see if i could myself turn into a cowboy. preposterous. you weren’t just made into someone by the things that you wore.

    By Alexandra on 06.04.2008

  30. it was a day when i was going home and i met a cowboy, i asked him where’s your cow he said i dont know, he asked me to go and bring him a cigarette, as i dont smoke i told him i cant because my father will see me and kill me, so he took his colt.

    By adil on 06.04.2008

  31. He looked around at the other patrons in the bar. His gaze settled on one man sitting quietly in the corner. He turned to Ellen. “That guy is a real cowboy. You can tell just by looking.” he said. Ellen gave him a sideways glance. “Bull” she said, “You couldn’t tell a cowboy from your ass.”

    By Stratcat X on 06.04.2008

  32. Kinky ;)
    Make some noise, boy.
    I like your poise, boy
    Be wearin’ that hat that way
    Southern accent in everything you say
    Ride the horse, if it makes you feel free
    …or you could just ride me

    By iiuo on 06.04.2008

  33. The cowboy made his way across the dusty desert planes atop his black steed. As his tired body turned toward the sunset, he found himself at peace. Alone, unabashed, unafraid, and in the middle of nowhere. As the light began to slip away behind the hills he thought to himself…this is meditation.

    By Laura on 06.04.2008

  34. Ronald Reagan…

    By Rich on 06.04.2008