June 1st, 2008 | 150 Entries

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150 Entries for “extreme”

  1. skiing, staying up late for days on end smoking pot and taking voccodin to numb away the pain knowing that rent was due yesterday and knowing its never gonna get paid, living on the edge, falling awya from everying sleep comes and you dream crazy fked up shit, try to cum and you can’t cause you’re too tired.

    By fucked up on 06.02.2008

  2. The furthest or highest degree of something

    By Jackie on 06.02.2008

  3. heights, weather, freezing, all extreme, ALL needed, all over the top,extreme sports can be fun, take things to the extreme, live ur life like you want, live like u never lived before

    By kelly on 06.02.2008

  4. radical, extreme ideas. spontaneous.. spur of the moment. random….stream of consciousness…wild…daring, carefree….restless…sporadical….limitless

    By amber walsch on 06.02.2008

  5. IT’s really extreme for us to just go through the day without stopping while your colleagues are just so darn inept. You’ll pull your hair out. And perhaps, even when you go down for a smoke, you’ll end up smoking the whole pack. Now isn’t that extreme for a writer?

    By sue on 06.02.2008

  6. totally, completey and how!

    By Dee on 06.02.2008

  7. the ultimate of all things, going beyond the normal that all people are used. Taking things beyond known limits to places not seen or known before. Take any object or item to its maximuim limit of performance and capability.

    By Li on 06.02.2008

  8. this is extreme programming.i am an extreme typer,typing at extreme speeds right now.how extreme can u go to study or to thrill ur self or to entertain people.i live the extreme way.i always follow the motto of live life dangerously! i follow it and this has always motivated me to achieving my goals.so live life the extreme way.

    By Mayank on 06.02.2008

  9. Before i knew it i was falling, and everything fell to black. it was death, but it was life, and it was the most exhilerated i have ever felt. Alongside this freendom was a new found respect for the people who let themselves go. I thought about all that I had never accomplished, and of the imposible things that would never happen.

    By stalynn on 06.02.2008

  10. That waterrafting ride was so extreme. I could hardly believe it. My clothes were drenched after I was done. The waves were so intense and the wind was crazy. It was just such an extreme ride.

    By abby on 06.02.2008

  11. extreme is like, totally awsome! I mean, extreme is like the best of the best, the top of the top, and come to think of it, it can apply to just about everything, like sports, and cooking, and erm, nudity. It’s like, the most er… ‘rad’ thing that you’ll ever get to hear, and once you do it then youi’ll be like, erm, totally stoned?

    By Shan on 06.02.2008

  12. why do people live their lives like it is a soap opera, always taking everyting to the extreme? Their emotions have to be really high or really low. Their actions, outragious. What is going on? An even keel, no drama, that would be lovely.

    By tango on 06.02.2008

  13. It has always gotten me into trouble. But I know if I’m given another chance, I will still do the extremes. It makes me feel alive.

    By von on 06.02.2008

  14. extreme as it seems that it takes only a minute to write about this word. what is extreme? does it have any connection with extremeties? the part of the body? what do i do if i get to write a lot in a minute?

    By sixtwenty on 06.02.2008

  15. This is so extreme. The heat is unbearable, the speed i have to write in likewise. What is going to happen to me, if I continue with this pace ?

    Actually it seems one minute is a mighty long time, judging by the progress indicator. Must be a NY minute :-)

    By Thomas on 06.02.2008

  16. are the ways of this world. extremity to a certain extent can be pushed to understand various aspects of life and its ways. an extreme situation demands an extreme action in an extreme motion of thought that pushed you to do what you did. so no person is extreme by behavior, its what he learnt while he was pushed in extreme situations.

    By ravi on 06.02.2008

  17. bike skate diving australia vans sport piercing tatto baggy dreadlocks hard core punk
    colours fredom love norco

    By vasva on 06.02.2008

  18. Extreme is a naughty word. It tricks you into thinking you are cooler than you really are. We should all get rolled up newspapers to end this awful behavior as soon as possible. Also, do not over feed. This can lead to weight problems.

    By Kaku on 06.02.2008

  19. The boy thought it would be amazing to take a flying leap off of his parents’ rooftop, and it was. It was thrilling, bone-chilling, and exhilarating for the brief moments he was in the air. The unfortunate reality of falling, however, made him regret all those hours spent watching extreme sports.

    By marie on 06.02.2008

  20. extremes are a limitation of perception, a personal boundary of what we deem unnacceptable and scary. the word conveys feelings beyond our understanding and occurances beyond our understanding

    By aifric on 06.02.2008

  21. extreme mormons. extremely blazed. to the extreme, to the max, max headroom. extreme power. my extremities got frostbite from overnanging. extreme sports are boring and people who play them are extremely boring. an extremely exciting thing is going for a walk late at night in the rain.

    By Ruby on 06.02.2008

  22. The waves were bigger than I could have ever imagined. This must have been what he meant when he said “extreme surfing.” I live on the gulf side, we never get waves this big. I never imagined a wave could drown someone.

    By Rocio on 06.02.2008

  23. when i see the word extreme i automatically think of extreme sports and how badly i want to be one of the people who does them well. not really concerned with how others view it but just out there, doing it, loving it every step, surf, climb, jump of the way.

    By you. on 06.02.2008

  24. extreme sports, extreme hair, tattoos, mountaineering, colour, weather, paychecks, lifestyles, science, news, personalities …. weight loss, weight in general.

    By Emily on 06.02.2008

  25. The crowd roared with anticipation, they could hardly wait for the opening. People began to push and shove trying to get to the front of the line. It would open any minuet now. These brave souls waited for days for this moment, and nothing was going to stand in their way.

    By Patrick Davis on 06.02.2008

  26. Hi how are you i’m great letgo fishing ok it will be swell. Boy your nice. Why thank you. Your pretty gangster yourself. Yeah I kill fish with TNT. The boom is the best. Swell.

    By Oliver on 06.02.2008

  27. extreme. perhaps the most overused ‘word of general intensity’ I’ve ever encountered. Extreme Pita, for example. How fucking extreme can a PITA actually be for Christ sake. Mayo only goes so far.

    By evan on 06.02.2008

  28. extreme is jumping out of a plane, head first to the ground.not knowing for sure if your parachute will open..maybe you forgot it. what would happen then?

    extreme is running with scissors. You could fall, and accidently stab yourself, what would you do then?

    By haneia on 06.02.2008

  29. the limits, the sky
    the tallest mountain we try

    your eyes, pierce, dart
    take my hand, here’s my heart

    By susie on 06.02.2008

  30. Extreme. What really isn’t extreme these days? Everyone loves exreme sports, whether they want to try it or not. Extreme psyciatric disorders have been learnt about, which makes me wonder, where were all these disorders a few hundred year ago? Anyhow, anything other than normal is said to be extreme, especially in the behavior of psychiatric patients. Extreme depression, extereme mood fluctuation……..it’s just that they’re not average, that’s all. And everyone tends to call them disabled. Great. What amazing vocabularies we have today.

    By Zia on 06.02.2008