March 19th, 2009 | 310 Entries

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310 Entries for “grid”

  1. the cars stuck in a grid again like so many days before hot and sweaty hands stuck to the wheel i’m locked in and locked out in the grid something that i did

    By Lyndon Wesley on 03.20.2009

  2. it’s impossible to feel alone in this city. there are people everywhere; meandering around on the perfectly-parallel and perpendicular streets that make up our downtown grid. everyone hustling and bustling from A to B, never really stopping to engage one another. i suppose that while you can never really feel alone, you also never really feel like you’re a part of anything. no one engages, most just keep their eyes to the ground- looking up only to check to see if it’s safe to cross the street.

    By Dana on 03.20.2009

  3. Lines, meeting, intersecting. On top of each other, making love. With a little bit of space between them, maturity. Keeping things organized, inside tiny rows of neat little boxed-in spaces. Making the world a better place.

    By Flora May on 03.20.2009

  4. there is a grid around my life. I want to get free !!!!

    By ana on 03.20.2009

  5. The first uniform that I fell into was to te lower levels of society. I’ve ever since been working to try and make myself something more. Every time I feel I’ve moved up I fall again.
    You are a force I cannot deny. I’ve risen only to fall, I’ve moved only to slide to one side or the next.

    By Jim on 03.20.2009

  6. It would make sense if all cities used the grid system when building roads. Of course, that would be boring but considering the amount of people that get lost in their own backyard, it would be helpful. Why wasn’t it done in that manner to begin with?

    By pam on 03.20.2009

  7. a grid is a format. a way for streets to be set up, but not for a life. chaos is beauty, change is necessary. a grid. don’t know…. what a silly word

    By cat on 03.20.2009

  8. She looked down through the grid, trying to spot her coin. Her “kucky” coin, she needed it back. With it she had survived the first flight of her life. She had won a horse race – granted, it wasn’t much she had won, but at least she hadn’t lost. Her father, they said, had the coin in his pocket during his car-crash which left him paralyzed but alive.

    By Karen on 03.20.2009


    By MIKE on 03.20.2009

  10. This reminds me of my boss’ daughters name: Ingrid. When you think about it, this is kind of like the opposite of “off the grid.” You’re in the grid. It’s around you.

    You’re oriented. Ordered. Part of a system. A component of a whole.

    Grid also makes me think of crib. I don’t know why. Maybe because it’s lines like bars, going up and down. Perpendicular to the ground. Right angles, ordered, structured, and containing. Keeping order and sleeping babies, numbers, time, measures, and trends.

    Cribs are a sign of civilized society.

    By Elizabeth Saloka on 03.20.2009

  11. I was looking at the grid and I had no Idea what the capatin wanted me to do. I couldn’t possibly send the missle to the enemy shit. My brother was an enemy and after loosing contact with him 6 months ago, he could be on that ship. I’m now standing here with my eye watering thinking about what I have to do next.

    By Jeri on 03.20.2009

  12. It’s a grid! It’s a grid! Shit!

    By on 03.20.2009

  13. i was hold in a grid. there was no escape. i was locked down in a jpeg, and photoshop must be shut down. there was pain in the grid. all the bodies were dead, all the children were crying.i was not dead.

    By onur on 03.20.2009

  14. grid on the map, do you rememeber how to find me anymore?

    Remember out grade 9 geo class when we talked about alphanumeric grids and military grids and things like that..

    well I’m standing here, with an x n the map marked in red just follow the path and we can go at this together… I’m not hard to find or maybe you can mark the map yourself and I can hope that we’ll be in this together.

    By Samie on 03.20.2009

  15. My town’s streets are a series of intersecting streets – a grid if you like. Much like my friends. We all intersect each other’s life.

    By Martha on 03.20.2009

  16. Structured form into which you can place items. also part of the Slavic name In-grid. I wonder what items can you place into Ingrid?:)

    By Jeremy25 on 03.20.2009

  17. there was an iron grid laying there next to his feet….. hw thought to himself what should i do now? i have nothing all the people have abonded me…….

    By tyler on 03.20.2009

  18. grid. neat little boxes, to fit into. to live off of. to practice your printing, to design your house, your lawn, your escape.

    By zenjen on 03.20.2009

  19. A grid is used for many things, from graphs in math class to building structures for architect purposes..

    By Jane Smith on 03.20.2009

  20. It was a network made with pride, rivaling that of a spider. At some moment, I might’ve realized that this was a hoax, but I believed it nevertheless, this grid of hearts that made me feeled loved.

    By Suwa on 03.20.2009

  21. that blocks that makes it realize, that what we do is connected, to me, to you, from you, to me, the feelings that we have… that we had, but as we drift appart, not by choice, but by force, will make it appeear the connections that we must keep

    By andkzy lau on 03.20.2009

  22. grid is good. its on earth. its used in photoshop. a grid is composed of horizontal and vertical lines. Its great to have a grid as it helps you to spot things on the map. A grid has four letters G R I D

    By Sahil on 03.20.2009

  23. The grid controleld the city. Every word spoken every though that was thought, they knew. Never disobey the grid people were told. Mark was never told and the ditch that his body lay in was not talking in a hurry. The grid woulod one day fall but itll that day, more died and in more ditvhes bodies lied.

    By caley on 03.20.2009


    That’s all that was there. THe debris, wires, all wraped-up around my flesh.
    The spindle.

    By C. Manasa on 03.20.2009

  25. grid is a world of warcraft addon that makes healing raids much easier. it has many configuration options and makes the game more enjoyable. You can get a copy of grid from

    By Adam on 03.20.2009

  26. The structure of a grid reduces complex information into easier to process parcels. The organization is beneficial, but the angular structure feels unnatural. Let’s have some round grids, eh? That sounds nice.

    By droid on 03.20.2009

  27. I feel like I am on a life grid. Walking each street and feeling that if I fall off the grid no one will see that I have fallen.

    By julie on 03.20.2009

  28. I hate cities where all of the streets are laid out into a silly little system of squares. As if intermingling letters and numbers makes me less lost.

    By Chris Baker on 03.20.2009

  29. drawing on the grid, the lines so perfect.
    boxes, lines, boxes, lines.

    By mattie may on 03.20.2009

  30. the lawn was marked off in an 8 by 8 grid with bright pink tape on little posts. it was measured exactly. painstakingly. and the grid itself was located in the exact center of the plot of land.

    By sarah on 03.20.2009