August 10th, 2017 | 47 Entries

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47 Entries for “deserve”

  1. Deserve. De serve. The serve. The serve went over the net. Serve. If you serve you deserve something. Why do you get things you do not ‘deserve’? earn, merit,

    By StephenLaudig URL on 08.11.2017

  2. The nature deserves more respect from us earthlings. Why are we so disrespectful of the nature, cause of our arrogance. Let’s deserve each other thru understanding.

    By Renu on 08.11.2017

  3. You deserve each other , the wife screamed at her husband and walked out of an unhappy marriage.

    By Rainz URL on 08.11.2017

  4. i deserve a dessert after a good meal after a long day of work. i also deserve to write more as i kinda suck at it, but i guess this is a good start. you deserve to not feel deserving.

    By victorygin URL on 08.11.2017

  5. it is as always up untill now well joined in with the reality of merits to go slower than first imagined and not delete what i deserve to write , but i still do very much enjoy desrving the merits of free writing quicker than.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 08.11.2017

  6. I didn’t deserve to die, but all the same, I found myself staring up out of that cold ditch, felt the soil falling heavily upon my face as he clumsily shoveled the dirt back in.

    By Sophia Emille URL on 08.11.2017

  7. All human are deserved to be respected and treated well.

    By Lakshmi Sunil on 08.11.2017