July 25th, 2009 | 177 Entries

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177 Entries for “gravity”

  1. gravity is as cruel joke. just something to bring us down every once in a while. something that makes us realize that life isn’t all posies and love. it’s shit sometimes. let’s get something straight. i hate gravity. it ruins a lot of things, that i’d rather have…well. unruined. i blame gravity for everything bad that ever happened to me. i blame gravity for my being dead.

    By stephany on 07.25.2009

  2. Oh, gravity. Your persistence amazes everyone. Yet we never have been able to understand you, perhaps that is what interests us.

    By blah on 07.25.2009

  3. Always pulling you down, always struggling against it. The one force in life you will never beat, that man has fought for so many years. The only moment when we will no longer feel its pull, is when the world has come to an end.

    By Waffles on 07.25.2009

  4. Gravity is pulling me down, down, down. Stuck to this damned forsaken earth. I feel it’s weight, it’s pull. I wonder what it feels like to be totally weightless, like astronauts on the moon. Floating around in space…feeling nothing but the air around you. But what goes up must come down, as they say. Unless you’re talking about souls, spirits. Unless you don’t believe in souls or spirits.

    By Jenni on 07.25.2009

  5. gravity keeps me up at night.
    keeps me afloat when i think
    is the only way to keep my soul
    way over yonder
    186,000 mi per second
    the speed of light
    my mind
    and gravity
    are not well acquainted.

    By mcgee on 07.25.2009

  6. pull me.
    earth has lost all ability
    to do such (or, at least,
    that’s what he told me.)

    so you’re my last resort.

    trust me, i wouldn’t
    normally put such a grave task
    in your hands, but sometimes
    we have to abandon
    our intuition
    and let the most unkind hands
    pull us back to reality.

    By rachel on 07.25.2009

  7. oh, so heavy, but i don’t believe in laws anyway, so why should i care, right?

    By chesa on 07.25.2009

  8. gravity pulls us where we need to be, just go with the flow and you’ll see where you end up in this crazy world and you’ll find that the person next to you is the one that is forever yours.

    By Kelsey on 07.25.2009

  9. I love gravity.

    It holds me gently against the earth, a warm and tight embrace. Sometimes I’m floating in empty space but then gravity hugs me and I’m back, here, breathing and staring up into the eyes of the universe, the millions of stars. I don’t think gravity ever wants to let me go, as I lie here.

    I think gravity loves me back.

    By Tyler on 07.25.2009

  10. it pulls people down, i was taught about it in i think 6th grade first by learning about isaac newton. this is why old ladies have saggy boobs, cause they get pulled down. and why it hurts when watermelons get thrown off of buildings and land on your head sometimes, but if that person was you, you must have been really really unlucky.

    By kristie on 07.25.2009

  11. The gravity of my life is starting to finally catch up with me. Oh lord I do not like where this is headed.

    By Steve on 07.25.2009

  12. when he sky is pulling everything thing down. You’re like who and then the whole world feels like it’s crazy and i don’t know what the fuck else there is to say about gravity. It makes us live forever and ever until we die and then when we go in the ground, it holds us forever under, so we don’t get sucked up into mars.

    By Becky on 07.25.2009

  13. It was a horrible situation, terrible. There was blood everywhere, covering the pavement and the platform, but he didn’t notice. All he could do was laugh, a horrible, screeching laugh that pierced through his brain. The gravity of the situation did not even register; the fact that his best friend had jumped into a train was not important. Just the way the blood made odd patterns, the way they looks so wrong and yet so /right/ was all that mattered.

    By Gabi on 07.25.2009

  14. The gravity was the best part. It made me fall onto him. He felt so nice. We kissed. We touched each other in places that felt so good. Gravity is a magical thing. Especially for us.

    By skipper on 07.25.2009

  15. In time, even gravity dies.
    Time is shapeless and does not bend to the whims of such a minuscule force.
    Even gravity dies.
    Where will you be at the end of the rainbow?
    Where will you be when gravity dies?
    Where will you be when you and I and everyone else soars off from the material?
    Where will you be when the stars all fling about, pinball games whose ends conclude the universe?
    You’ll be the new gravity.
    Pulling everything down, down.
    Earth’s gone, you can’t pull us down to earth.
    You can only bring us down to you.
    I always respected gravity; it kept my mind in place.
    Not anymore.

    By Jake on 07.25.2009

  16. the thing that holds us down and holds us together what keeps our feet on the ground when our heads are in the sky, when our dreams take us away from here the gravity will pull us back to earth and we will remain grounded

    By jenn l on 07.25.2009

  17. I was walking and talking. Suddenly gravity, that old bitch decided to rear her ugly head. She pulled me down to the ground. And just like an episode of Malcolm and the Middle, I wasnt going anywere.

    By John on 07.25.2009

  18. the thing that keeps us on the earth. 9.81m/s sq. its pretty crazy cuz it not only keeps us on the earth, but it pretty much keeps everything in the universe together, like the planets and stuff.

    By jennifer on 07.25.2009

  19. It is what keeps our feet on the ground. Newton discovered this by the falling of an apple on his head. Gravity is generated by the spinning of an object of huge mass. Earth’s gravity is less than the moon’s.

    By Mack Shih on 07.25.2009

  20. Gravity is killing me. Keeping me down, I want to soar and kill people. Not really, maybe kill people that are idiots. What the fuck am I talking about? Flying, getting the fuck away from mere mortals who are enslaved to their goddamn feet planted squarely in mediocrity. Please deliver me from this godforsaken piece of shit called the collective environment.

    By duane on 07.25.2009

  21. The force of the universe by which objects are attracted to other objects, as determined by their mass. Thus, a larger object exerts a greater pull on a smaller object, with the result being that the smaller object is drawn nearer to the larger, and yet the larger is also somewhat drawn to the smaller.

    The force is such that it can also bend light around objects of any mass, with larger masses bending light to a greater degree than a smaller mass might.

    By Tom Hauville on 07.25.2009

  22. what a wonderful way to spend exsistance, trapped to a world filled with hate, violence, and other hellish beasts.

    By Lizabell on 07.25.2009

  23. these are all for you. every single one. you attract me like gravity. nothing can stop it or change it no matter how hard it tries. no one attracts me like you. i dont orbit just anyone. your gravity pulls me in eternally.

    By B on 07.25.2009

  24. Gravity, the force that pulls us near. Do each of us have our own gravity? Our own orbit. Does one always connect with another, or more beings? Gravity, the sole source of connection…are we all planets? Or just tiny spectacles of being?

    By Nikolette on 07.25.2009

  25. I want you to pull me towards gravity.
    Take me away from everything I know and care for, just for a moment I want to be free.
    I want nothing to be around me, just the rustling of leaves and wind. I wait for you, I wait for you on the porch.
    Take me gravity, take me away.

    By Moss on 07.25.2009

  26. the gravity of the situation hit me the next day. i had no idea one could be so unhappy. the weight of the world was crushing down on me, and there was nothing i could do about it. i wished i could sail into zero gravity.

    By Austin Lee on 07.25.2009

  27. heavy all around us it is everywhere we are nothing without it but yet it is the only thing that seems to limit us. we need it to live but to truly live we strive to escape it.

    By David on 07.25.2009

  28. It makes things fall to the earth, or any planet for that matter. It’s pretty damn amazing if you ask me. Unless it makes you fall, or teardrops roll down your face. That’s never fun.

    By Joe kalicki on 07.25.2009

  29. “Gravity strikes again” cried the man as the instrument fell to the floor, bending and denting in the visions of our mind as it fell. and the musician, left breathless with fear could only watch in horror as his livelyhood was sent to it’s death.

    By Kyla on 07.25.2009

  30. Today I feel the gravity of my loss
    My brother, gone now six months
    He was bold and brash and loud when alive
    I don’t think death will diminish him at all

    By Unilove on 07.25.2009

  31. Gravity is the force that attach us all to the ground. without it we would be flying around. Like leviting hindus. Like balloons. Fuck you gravity.

    By Axel on 07.25.2009

  32. I wish I could say fuck it. And go on with my life. But what would it be? No wild howl from the street below. Who is it who makes that sound? Am I really also that one? How could I eventually stand in the mass at a street festival and feel like the people rubbing up against me are also me? Knowing that certain rules and truths are all holding us, we are born and we die. If it really that simple, then why the HELL does it seem so far-fetched?

    By satchi on 07.25.2009

  33. heavy with you. heavy and unforgiving. why not just fly around, over the mountains, blue and weightless, aspens delicately swaying below my sweet body, all love, all day and all night, always the realest of the real, and how it should be.

    By radha on 07.25.2009

  34. Gravity sucks. AHAHA. Oh the irony of that statement. Gravity is a bitch sometimes. Like when you’re laying on the couch and need to get up and go do something. It’s not your own laziness keeping you there, it’s that damn gravity.

    By The Captain on 07.26.2009

  35. gravity affects the ocean tides. It stops us dropping off the earth. What goes up must come down, you throw a ball up and it has to drop again instead of floating off into space. if you jump up and down on a moving train do u travel forward? or stay in the same place?

    By eg on 07.26.2009

  36. Gravity rides everything.

    By Adam on 07.26.2009

  37. What a bish!! It’s always there, always pulling me down. I just want to sprout wings and fly. Without it though, I think the world would be a little chaotic. But we could use some of that, couldn’t we?

    By Kaduck Novak on 07.26.2009

  38. it holds me in place but also could drop me in it! Huge gravity – desperate situations – Men with long faces, probably Victorian, giving you a hard time “a matter of great gravity!!” wow – glad thats not me in that situation!!

    By Chris Richards on 07.26.2009

  39. It fell like a bomb, nose down, with no notion of time or space.

    Only the miles in between seemed to be moving past, wooshing past its fur with a faint whistling, the wind in its ears.

    Above, Master cackled gleefully. The balcony slowly shrinked away into the far distance and then it disappeared altogether.

    By Deis on 07.26.2009

  40. bring me down, like the exodus of speed from my body, crashing in waves against the rocks of fatigue, slothlike i can only stumble, trying to lift my head higher but I am pulled down by this force.

    By M Ainsley on 07.26.2009