March 17th, 2010 | 175 Entries

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175 Entries for “grape”

  1. grape

    By Rhiannon on 03.18.2010

  2. grape flavored koolaid is always the best. black people will love you if you make it for them.

    By LALALALALALA on 03.18.2010

  3. I love grapes. They come in so many colors: purple, green, white, red. I guess not so many colors, but enough. I like the seedless grapes. There is nothing worse than biting into a grape and finding seeds. I spit them out. I will not swallow them. One annoying thing about grapes is that you can stab them with a fork. So, if you have some on your plate, be careful, because if you try to eat them with a fork they’ll likely end up flying across the room before you are successful at stabbing one.

    By eric on 03.18.2010

  4. grapes are delicious i love using then as a game in foreplays for sex, and of course them

    By joseph575 on 03.18.2010

  5. oh how i love grapes for they produce drinks,some sweet but some bitter and wine,merlot cabernat sauvignon pinotage with cigarettes and chocolate and sex grapes.i like you

    By johann on 03.18.2010

  6. Dionysus was one sick puppy. Not only did he fornicate on top of the hides of dead bulls, but he regularly had his servants beat while he hung over them from straps, shoveling grapes and fermented grape wine down his gullet and masturbating on the soon to be unconscious servant. It was fun and games to him, this hedonism that normally impaired the lives of others. After being arrested for killing a series of hooker 14 year old boys, he blamed the grape grown from a rose bush. The sweet necter of these grapes rotted and molded while his servents attempted a meed for him. The rot and tarnish of rarity and beauty drove him to slaughter these boys. Or so his defense lawyers said, who secretly hated and reviled him during their feigned defense of him. You don’t make friends by jacking off onto their unconscious backs.

    By Luc De Schepper on 03.18.2010

  7. a great fruit. when you eat it, a thousand different flavors explode in your mouth. can be eaten with almost anything; cheese, alone, in yogurt…

    By Murielle on 03.18.2010

  8. Grape. I like grapes. Grapes are in my fridge. But usually in the summer. Sometimes I like the purple ones better. Which is weird. But I like them both. I should squish a grape. But I have none. You wish you had a grape. I’m imagining myself with a grape. You’re jealous of my imaginary grape.

    By Fignacious on 03.18.2010

  9. She popped a plump grape into her mouth, smiling for a moment. “This is good. I forgot about grapes.”
    I frowned. “How can you forget grapes?”
    She just shrugged.

    By Angellica Sterling on 03.18.2010

  10. a fruit, something I like – sometimes frozen. Poisonous to dogs. When dried, they are raisins, which I love in cereal and oatmeal cookies. Well, I like them in a lot of cookies.

    By Yukonlass on 03.18.2010

  11. Grape, the burst of flavor as teeth crush through tender skin and frozen, fruity insides. Strange, that of this natural viney seed pod, we manipulate it to juice and wine and imbibe away our feelings and numb the memories of summers with frozen grapes and woods and vines crawling across backyard fences.

    By Chloe URL on 03.18.2010

  12. The purple fruit bounced off the table and landed near my feet. It contrasted greatly against the pristine tiles of the floor, and looked like a small hole instead of one round shape. I turned away from the plethora of food.

    By Sarah on 03.18.2010

  13. round

    By wil URL on 03.18.2010

  14. there they go again rolling across the floor. They insist on ordering grapes for snack only too …

    By lorraine Settanni on 03.18.2010

  15. He rolled onto his side to look at her, eyebrow quirked a bit. She smiled at him, reclining on the grass and sipping obnoxiously from her grape juice-box. …Personally, he preferred apple, but he wasn’t about to judge. She looked like she was enjoying herself. He liked that. He wasn’t about to say anything that could ruin it. He didn’t feel the need to say anything at all.

    By Ksher on 03.18.2010