March 18th, 2010 | 189 Entries

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189 Entries for “veins”

  1. The last time I saw Jamey he was leaving for Iraq. It was a surprise to all of us that he had decided to fight a war rather that head off to college like it had been planned. But that was Jamey. He was like that.

    By Laura URL on 03.19.2010

  2. veins, veins, veins, they are the dragons banes. The veins of God run swiftly with life that spouts forth eternal things and grand things.

    By Matt on 03.19.2010

  3. The tunnel was unstable, but I had to go back one more time. Veins of gold were laced through the quartz, so much that it could be scraped off with a knife. Unfortunately, I tempted fate once too often. The tunnel collapsed, trapping me with my gold forever.

    By Doug McIntire URL on 03.19.2010

  4. I can feel his veins under the skin in his wrist. His hands around mine feel so strong, warm, safe in mine. I feel so content when he holds me, hugs me. He feels perfect with me. I trace my fingers along his hands and his wrists, tracing those veins…

    By <3 on 03.19.2010

  5. snaking red shoes hurt my eyes. the blue parts peel back beyond the yellow laced layers, showing my toes.

    By Karen URL on 03.19.2010

  6. I hated the fact that the anesthetic was running through my veins. The point of contact occurred; I had no desire to lose all control of my conscious thought and become a prisoner of this drug-induced coma. Not knowing what I don’t know scares me to no end.

    By Mandi on 03.19.2010

  7. i felt it running through my veins, what was it they had called it in biology… adrenaline. what a kick! i didn’t think that revenge could be this good. i stand staring down at the mutilated body, serves him right for raping my sister.

    By Lily on 03.19.2010

  8. are recepacles for our blood. they fork to all the different locations in our body, pipelines to life. they are mindless neceessities. they are suprisingly fragile receptacles of our lives–a common kitchen knife may sever them. yet they are amazingly tough. they regenerate, grow, some can be dispensed with. they wriggle out of the way, too. they are pipelines of death for junkies — but also of life for medicines–and for morphine. they harden with carbs and can keep their own cargo from reaching any destinations. they are soundless — although we sometimes think we can hear blood pounding in them. our bodies are full of them–but unless they are varicose we never think of what they might look like. Invisible whiskers-away of waste so that the arteries can bring life. They are the garbagemen to the artery milkmen.

    By susan on 03.19.2010

  9. The blood is boiling throughout my veins. I have questions that need answering and I want them so eagerly but, I know I must be patient and stop my foolish complaints.

    By Staying Grounded on 03.19.2010

  10. Veins, routes, thin blue lanes that can be seen- ever so pale- under the translucent skin of her wrists. Wrists so slender and fragile I feel as if her bones will slice right through if she so much as flicks them. How can she be the strongest person I know?

    By Yellow on 03.19.2010

  11. i have veins in my arm. they go throughout my entire body. some people inject heroin in their veins, but i do. i dont do heroin. my veins look blue through my arm but they bleed red. when i take acid my veins look like vines and trees and pulsin weird things. veins are weird.

    By anne on 03.19.2010

  12. She lives there, driving through my arms and legs, pushing towards my bitter little heart. I try as hard as I can to pull them free, but like handkerchiefs from a clown’s pocket, they just keep coming.

    By Derek on 03.19.2010

  13. I have prominent veins in my arms and legs, but I am afraid of needles. I guess I would be a good treat for a vampire, but I am afraid of teeth too.

    By Billy on 03.19.2010

  14. Veins in leaves are interesting. They let sap go to each part of the leaves to keep it alive at least that is what I think their purpose is. Maybe they just hold the leaf flesh together. I don’t know for sure.

    By Tracy on 03.19.2010

  15. The veins in this leaf are so intricate and small. Like the veins in my body they bring water to all the cells in the plant. It amazes me how such a small tube can do so much.

    By Phyllis Lovell on 03.19.2010

  16. vane veins weather the vague vanities

    By Art on 03.19.2010

  17. I don’t know what runs through my veins anymore, it’s like they pump battery acid, every pump leading the dispair of lost love to the engine that’s my heart.

    By Gavin on 03.19.2010

  18. The submissive below is not mine. I know what the veins in leaves are for. Some how it was posted with my name.

    By Phyllis Lovell on 03.19.2010

  19. She studied the veins on the inside of his elbow like she was a nurse at a blood donation center. Gently she rubbed her fingers over his slightly tanned skin, tracing the map of his veins with a feather light touch. He seemed to squirm a bit, though he was trying to hide it, and she smiled, but didn’t take her gaze from the blue lines just underneath his skin.

    By Heather on 03.19.2010

  20. the viens in my arms pump love. They pump hunger. They pump anger. They pump lust. All the while these feelings crashing, swirling, like a scheduled whirlpool. While sometimes this sucks, i’d rather be riding the tide than to not have a flow. Life is crazy. Ride it like a wave.

    By Kendra Pengelly on 03.19.2010

  21. my veins run full
    full with red blood
    red blood and oxygen

    By christian on 03.19.2010

  22. you cut them, you find blood. Bright red blood. The color of death, the color pain, strong pain.

    By Murielle on 03.19.2010

  23. Every fiber of his being, every vein, every limb, everything was different now. He felt it in every inch of his body. That need, that urge. In that itch he couldn

    By Alissa on 03.19.2010

  24. I remember my first girlfriend, who used to be obsessed with my veins. They used to stick out quite a bit in my right arm, but they’re much more dormant these days. She used to rub them when I had my arm around her, and it felt both awkward and amazing. She cut her own veins before we broke up.

    By Hacbarton on 03.19.2010

  25. dripping
    the pale gold sink
    emptying their contents

    By Chinemenma Udokwu URL on 03.19.2010

  26. Prom night was supposed to be a special night when I look beautiful. Instead, the picture shows my veins on my hand popping out. Aweful.

    By Heather on 03.19.2010

  27. Veins run deep through your body like roots in a tree. But they don’t serve the same function. Cause everybody knows trees don’t have blood. If they do, it’s called syrup. And syrup is tasty.

    By Danny on 03.19.2010

  28. His veins were protruding, sweat beads formed just above his eyebrows. She stood before him, defenseless. Ella knew what was going to happen. and yet there was nothing left to do but hope.

    By Angela Davio on 03.19.2010

  29. gushing through my body like the words flowing out of my mouth. i would have done anything to let you know what went on inside of me while you are around. i just want to let you swim through my veins. i would do anything to be with you.

    By pjs. on 03.19.2010