March 10th, 2012 | 253 Entries

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253 Entries for “gourmet”

  1. You were like a gourmet meal, made just for me. Insttead, i went and got fast food. My ass still has not forgive me.

    By Tara URL on 03.11.2012

  2. Well, obviously with gourmet comes food.
    I love food.
    But, alas, I can not cook. So gourmet is not my forte.
    Whenever I see the word, I can’t help but pronounce the “t” on the end.
    So I met gourmet.
    Does that mean I don’t fully process the English language well in my head? Who knows.

    By alliepb on 03.11.2012

  3. So I love food. Every thing about it makes me happy. Especially gourmet food. It brings a group of people together at any occasion. It makes us smile and laugh and can make or break a relationship

    By John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmit on 03.11.2012

  4. If our lives are meals and our skills and experiences are the different flavours and ingredients of that meal, then I want to live a gourmet life.

    By Land of Dave URL on 03.11.2012

  5. food, I’m so hungry right now i could eat anything but gourmet food would be super fucking awesome

    By tut asinking on 03.11.2012

  6. Gourmet, the delectable delicacies delivered during degustation. Devilishly Devine and deliciously dammmm yummy stuff!

    By Sera on 03.11.2012

  7. He sat grumpily in the modernist chair, looking around as if the world couldn’t do enough for him. The wine was only 400$ and they had ordered it twice so they could get drunk. Life was difficult sometimes.

    By B Tichvinsky on 03.11.2012

  8. Gourmet is a culturalideal associated with the culinary artsof fine food and drink, or haute cuisine, which is characterised by elaborate preparations and presentations of large meals of small, often quite rich courses. The term and its associated practices are usually used positively to describe people of refined taste and passion.

    By Kerry on 03.11.2012

  9. Gourmet food is bullshit its all fancy and well presented and it’s all smug about it. French fries and duck liver don’t get along very well because the french fries like to keep it real, yo. Duck liver just sits there and reads its’ Hemmingway novels and sips tea and ignores everyone else.

    By Laura on 03.11.2012

  10. its a kind of food which tastes really good,its really,really posh and really really expensive.I’ve never really had any because I don’t have enough money,but it sounds amazing.It’s stuff like caviar and things like that.I’ll try it one day,it’s on my bucket list.

    By Jessica Macdonald URL on 03.11.2012

  11. What is a gourmet anyway ? A person who cooks well. I don’t like food. It is always about putting the exact amount of this and that, and it becomes so tedious, painfully laborious and often so pretentious that I can’t stand it any longer. It’s like you’re focusing on something that won’t change who you are, but that’ll change the taste in your mouth for like 12 seconds. It’s pointless

    By BoldLiam on 03.11.2012

  12. i dont know much about the gourmet but i would love to kbow more about it though. Like what it is mostley about and who works there and how long they work there for and mor. if i could learn more about the gourmet i would love it would be my onner.

    By whitlee on 03.11.2012

  13. food. its a basic life source. everyone needs it to survive. not just humans, everone. but does the food we put into our mouths matter? is it better to eat a gourmet meal than cheap fast food? is it better for you? psychically, yes.

    By rose on 03.11.2012

  14. What is a gourmet anyway ? A person who can tell you what food is good and which is not. I don’t like food. And I don’t like the idea of cooking. It is always about putting the exact amount of this and that, and it becomes so tedious, painfully laborious and often so pretentious that I can’t stand it any longer. It’s like you’re focusing on something that won’t change who you are, but that’ll change the taste in your mouth for like 12 seconds. It’s pointless

    By BoldLiam on 03.11.2012

  15. i now that a gourmet is not a fruit. i really dont now what a gourmet is at all can u tell me.

    By whitlee on 03.11.2012

  16. the gourmet meal seemed very appetizing. they all took a look at everything on the long table and breathed in a sigh of anticipation. next thing that happened was that someone came in to tell them all to begin

    By Edt on 03.11.2012

  17. Gourmet foods have become the rage. Television shows feature gourmet cooks. Videos instruct us how to prepare gourmet meals. Fine restaurants featuring different ethnic groups tempt us with spices from Egypt and vegetables sauteed with leeks and tumeric. Facebook and Twitter features chefs from around the world — foodie anyone?

    The global society has been a major factor. No longer are we content with mash potatoes and beef. We know about enchiladas and sushi. Another catalyst has been our health-conscious society. We are aware of the dangers of fatty foods, thus we are eager for new recipes. Only a gourmet could come up with a mouth-watering meal with for brocoli and black beans.

    For those of us who are not gourmets, we have resources to help us. At coupon.suze. com we can save money preparing our favorite dishes. At another website, we can type in the name of a food and it will give us recipes and tell us exactly where to find the sought after item.

    Gourmet is not a distinction, it’s a mindset. If you are feeling adventurous (and hungry) then go to your kitchen. Look around and let your mind wander.

    By Danita on 03.11.2012

  18. “it wasn’t gourmet, that’s for sure.” she told her friend on the phone.
    “what are you talking about?” she asked, the food last night was gourmet, but nothing was ever good enough for 73 year old Jo. According to her friend Georgia, the appetizer smelled like something out of a top chef episode, the salads were crisp with the right amount of dressing, not drowning, but not in a drought. The entree was unique and melted on your tounge. And the desert was in surplus of sweetness. Georgia thought her friend wasn’t gourmet.

    By Caroline Schwab on 03.11.2012

  19. food nice yum yummy delicious great eat French pronunciation restaurant italian dinner special meal stomach

    By harper lee on 03.11.2012

  20. Gourmet is a word i heard of but never used before. why? because i barely know the meaning to it. all i know is that it has something to do with food, but other than that i can’t describe it with more details.

    By sorryimnotperfect on 03.11.2012

  21. The things she experienced that day, the one day of her life she would see greatness, they were incredible. The gourmet food, the extravagance of it all. She could only wonder though, why they would waste so much on a life that could soon come to an end.

    By Catherine Grace on 03.11.2012

  22. getting there.

    By Annie on 03.11.2012

  23. I didn’t have any gourmet food today. When I think “gourmet,” i think good, classy food. However, today, my food were all crappy and junky. Crappy in a sense that I couldn’t go out and eat in a classy restaurant with my family– and well, given my calorie diet, I had to stick to low-calorie packaged foods since foods that are well-prepared usually contain lots of calories. I had Mcdonals, though.. But I didn’t eat it. I only ate 4 nuggets (no sauce) which constitutes only 190 calories. That was my dinner, and it was not a gourmet kind of food.

    By margarita on 03.11.2012

  24. gourmetresturants gefallen mir eigentlich nicht besonders. sie sind zu schick für mich. die leute sind zu schick, das essen ist zu schick und schmecken tut es auch nicht. genau wie zu schicke leute. die mag man irgendwie nicht aus tiefstem herzen. wie das essen. man sagt vielleicht: hu interessant, ist aber dann doch ganz froh wenn man wieder fritten zu essen bekommt. Ich denke so ist das auch mit den schicken leuten, zumindest bei mir. es ist mal ganz nett mit ihnen auszugehen, aber dannach hätte man doch gerne wieder ein vaar abgerissene jugendliche mit löchern in den schuhen und ungekämmten haaren. da gehört man irgendwie hin. also ich zumindest.

    By mue on 03.11.2012

  25. The very best tasting. Exquisite, flavorful offerings of edible delight.

    By Michele on 03.11.2012

  26. The gourmet food was so high class and fancy I gasped. Where did he get the money for this? He then asked me to taste the baklava. It was the most delectable thing I had ever tasted!

    By Julia on 03.11.2012

  27. John felt out of place in the Gourmet Club. Free food hound he was, and this was the most top-notch free food he could get (well, not entirely free because of $20 membership dues, but what the heck, he could get gourmet food every weekend, the student activities association basically funded their eating trips). People with big bellies laughed over exquisite French restaurants he couldn’t begin to spell

    By Holden URL on 03.11.2012

  28. I love food. Gourmet food is so hard to come by, honestly. Nowadays people just eat crap that has no nutrition and just fills them up. Gourmet food, to me, has the chef’s soul in it. A little of their hearts, passion and dedication. You can really get to know someone through what they cook. It steals a little part of yourself every time you put a plate of food out, whether you’re a chef or just a person cooking at home.

    By CNou91 on 03.11.2012

  29. I never actually had gourmet food before. Mostly because I come from a low-income home so that was not something we could afford. Gourmet for me is cereal with 2% milk. I’m not complaining though. I know one day money won’t be an issue for me. At least I like to hope so…

    By Sheedaaa on 03.11.2012

  30. Gourmet. The word rolls off the tongue with a soft and subtle sound. It brings to mind Michelin, Whole Foods, fancy dresses and high heels, the clinking of forks and knives against fine china.

    By Sasha on 03.11.2012

  31. As Jillian, the best chef in Manhattan, cooked a gourmet meal for her boyfriend, she realized that he detested red meat. She would have to start from scratch; she would have to through out the current meal. Instead of doing this treacherous act, she took the cooked steaks down to the homeless shelter.

    By Harnisk on 03.11.2012

  32. I walked into the room to see a gourmet spread sitting on the table. He was standing beside it, dressed to the nines. The first thought that came to mind was, “he never cooks.” I knew something special was going to happen… But what?

    By Alexandra on 03.11.2012

  33. there is nothing gourmet about you laying me over this white table cloth, knocking the wine glasses over, ripping my shirt off, bending me over, kissing my neck, staining the floor. there is nothing classy about our act in the middle of this public restaurant, nothing but you turning me on.

    By Abra URL on 03.11.2012

  34. gourmet is a french word and is an elaborate type of food display.

    By keri on 03.11.2012

  35. the meal was amazing, he took me to an Italian restaurant that had the most delicious food. that night I will never forget, the gourmet food

    By Erica Jakma URL on 03.11.2012

  36. Simple, is not simple by any means. The word “simple” does not exist; simple is an expression that is referred to when struggling. When something is simple, you are using you mind to convince yourself that something is easier than it is. Nothing in this world is simple.

    By peter on 03.11.2012

  37. gourmet food could be interesting. different countries consider different foods to be gourmet, while others could think it is a taboo to eat that specific food.

    By Kathryn on 03.11.2012

  38. A gourmet meal. Fit for a king.

    He stabbed it in it’s back. Let the twitching stop. Let the blood pour out.

    Watch his meals life flicker out of his eyes.

    Cannibalism had become more of a way of life than just survival.

    Let the meal begin.

    …Okay I think that was the creepiest thing I have ever written…

    By Xelliana on 03.11.2012

  39. My lady sat down and I smiled as I presented to her some filet mignon. Or rather it was a Mcfish sandwich from Mcdonald’s, the true gourmet meal for a financially ailing student. We enjoyed ourselves, and I took away the tray for added romance.

    By R__n Moccasin on 03.11.2012

  40. I like food. No necessarily gourmet food but regular every day food. I just have some jamaican food not too long ago. It was good! I could go for some more!!! ahhhhhh!!!!

    By Sunny Delight on 03.11.2012