July 1st, 2013 | 175 Entries

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175 Entries for “god”

  1. There in the center of the treasure-filled grotto stood the golden statue of the god.

    “I’m rich,” said the greedy poacher. “I’m rich!”

    Those were the last words he ever spoke.

    By oioio on 07.02.2013

  2. He didn’t know if he believed; after all, his mother had been taken from him when he was young, his father was heading the same way, and he didn’t even have any friends to turn to because of what he was. It was horrible to say it, but he was completely alone, and the people that professed to speak for God always said he was unnatural, that he was going to end up in hell because he refused to wear a dress and grow his hair out.

    He hated the world, even the people that professed to be on his side, because for every one of them, there were 100 more that wanted to see him in an asylum or dead for who and what he was: a man that had been born a woman. It was quite possibly the worst feeling on the planet.

    By Libby on 07.02.2013

  3. Faith in God is the only thing getting me through life. If there is no God, no ‘life after death’, then life is just a waiting room, where all of us are slowly rotting, waiting to die.

    By Alvina on 07.02.2013

  4. God of mercy God of grace show the kindness of your face. Shine upon saviour shine, shine with light divine. Thank you God for all that you are and all that you do. Amen

    By Tracey on 07.02.2013

  5. there wasn’t one, that she knew. if there had been one, a god that is, then things may have been different. she may have put in a bit of effort here and there. she may have watched her words, here and there. instead, what did she care. one day, she would simply not wake up.

    By Amimee URL on 07.02.2013

  6. God is a silly word. I don’t believe in god, but I don’t judge people who do. If there were to be a god I think there should be many gods because the responsibility is too large for one.

    By Kacey on 07.02.2013

  7. Faith

    By Sarah URL on 07.02.2013

  8. We all believe in God and worship is all that he ask of us. To live life with out acceptance of worshiping the true and only God is wrong and will lead to moral decay and eventually our rejection to his glory and salvation.

    By victor URL on 07.02.2013

  9. I met a man who told me I should buy a typewriter and type out my favourite script. I don’t remember his name… Ok, I lied, I do. But I said that because he won’t remember mine. I don’t believe in God, but something tells me I should do what that man says.

    By Vague & Peculiar on 07.02.2013

  10. I met a man who told me I should buy a typewriter and copy out my favourite script. I don’t remember his name… Ok, I lied. I do, but he won’t remember mine.
    I don’t believe in God, but SOMETHING is telling me I ought to listen to that man.

    By Vague & Peculiar on 07.02.2013

  11. I like those kinds of games where you can do whatever you want… like the Sim series or the Zoo Tycoon, or the Insaniquarium, or the Sim City series… now that I mention it, I really want to play those. But… I can’t T^T. Well, the finals start on Friday and end of Tuesday, so there’s not much time yet! I guess I wouldn’t die if I postponed gaming for… a week? I guess?

    By thedarkestsheep on 07.02.2013

  12. No capital. That’s interesting. Are you there? It doesn’t feel like it on days like today, except in the smallest moments. A flash of sunshine. A red glint in a soggy puddle. But apart from that, nothing.

    By xx on 07.02.2013

  13. I don’t know if he is there, but all I know is that he is the cause of terrible actions by people that result in harm to others. If he was really there, why would he permit that? Why would people be harmed because of his apparent existence, when his apparent purpose and wish is for everyone to be loved by him?

    By Abbey on 07.02.2013

  14. Complete blind devotion. Stretch out your hands, and pray, hope, pray, cry, scream, apologize, pray some more. Wait for deliverance, wait for all of those fairy tales they told you to come true.

    By Soft URL on 07.02.2013

  15. God what a mghty word. Everywhere I see the word, a sense of overpowerment rushes through me faster than an adrenaline rush. Such a sad state seeing people who don’t know where to got to, to find solace. I know a place… Singing.. My mother’s lap… A place of peace, not necessarily a temple.

    By Abinaya on 07.02.2013

  16. The man who built the world, he’s also the man who teaches everyone to be “good” and yet somehow causes the most people to do “bad” over what he is or what he means. God made us in his own image and we constantly strive to reveal his secrets.

    By Jeff on 07.02.2013

  17. God is in the face of children, whether they lie or not. This is what Miss Hacklebee had aways thought, at least. Teaching at Angels Wings Preschool had been her life for the larger part of twenty-five years, and she thought that no child would ever make her take the Lord’s name in vain; that was until she had crossed paths with Tim, the meanest five-year-old ever to enter the large, wooden doors.

    By Dominic on 07.02.2013

  18. God.
    Is he good or bad?
    Everywhere or no where?
    Part of nature or being?
    Mysterious force or form?
    In Heaven or in Earth?
    In this Universe or not?
    Who knows?
    Many know,
    All with different answers.
    Who to believe
    Is a difficult situation.
    If there is a God
    Why doesn’t he show us
    Whether we’re his puppets
    Or whether we’ve come here for a reason?

    By Abinaya on 07.02.2013

  19. god is my admiration. god created us in six days, and on the seventh, he rest, so he called it a week.. i’m playin’.. and god, he can’t really talk to us, but i always talk to him even though he never talks back.. i love how that works because it doesn’t make me think that i’m talkin to myself. god, we can also use it as an expression, when we are surprised, we say “oh god!”, the same when we are shocked, or see something unpleasant.

    By han on 07.02.2013

  20. Well this is a loaded word. God or god? Right now I am struggling with my faith. I have always been a steadfast christian. Not an in your face one, but one who believes that Jesus has morals and those morals can improve the amazing life that He gave us. I believe in gay marriage and not judging others, especially other Christians for their sometimes crazy beliefs. But I continue to fall away. I avoid my faith. Why? Why now? Why all of a sudden am I not able to talk to my heavenly Father anymore? What happened? Why have I stopped reading the Bible? I was so passionate for God. I loved Him so much. I lived my life around Him and His Word. The World is so tempting. I think that is the problem. I need to remember how much more exciting it was to constantly live every moment, every second in God’s presence. To feel His love. And live as if the next second He may call you to do something even more radical than He did two seconds ago. I could be a PhD or I could listen to the message God gave me so many years ago to do what I love and just care for others. I want to live out a life of God’s radical love.

    By Emma on 07.02.2013

  21. God is my everything. I hate the stereotype that comes with the word. I hate the way it makes you seem like a religious fanatic.
    But there you go.

    By faefa on 07.02.2013

  22. I used to believe in one God. Since then I have walked the journey only to find there are many ways of seeing the world. I now believe I am spiritual and has nothing to do with religion and one God. I love who I am now. Free.

    By Pamela Darling on 07.02.2013

  23. Well, I suppose its time. God may have tried to crush my cookies, but now it is time to pay the baker so pay up you losers. This hand and the pot is mine.

    Having tonight in a pub listened to a talk on god, religion and feminism and how being female is a hidden secret and we females need to be feminine, we need to come out and hold up our heads in the sun where we can convert the world to the true message, I am not so sure that god is the word I want to write about.

    By Meredyth URL on 07.02.2013

  24. She silently bowed her head, wondering what exactly to say. She’d never prayed before. Was she supposed to speak formally or casually? Was she supposed to butter Him up or was she supposed to say exactly what she felt? She decided to be forthright. He was an omniscient God. He’d know instantly if she wasn’t.

    By ShadowPrayers on 07.02.2013

  25. And I´m thinking Jesus just let us be without our friends, withour the Lord, she feel from thirty floors and she lived. Let´s praise the Lord, she lost her fingers, she lost her toes, bur she livied, let´s prai

    By Alissa on 07.02.2013

  26. GOD, I wish he would leave me alone. I am trying so hard to concentrate and he will NOT leave me alone. It’s hard enough to do this alone; with an audience it’s just about impossible. And yet if he truly left me alone I would hate it.

    By mrsmig on 07.02.2013

  27. She had never been really religious, her father had not encouraged her to believe in god, or in anything really. It was his way of keeping her under his control, to be the only source of authority in her life.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 07.02.2013

  28. unfailing. His love is endless and He is way too good to us then we deserve. God only means our one gracious God. Father of Jesus Christ. God is the highest, the strongest, the most powerful, but also the most compassionate and understanding.

    By Nat on 07.02.2013

  29. God is an infinite that we cant ever put inside our little words such as: immense, big, or even infinite.

    By Chi on 07.02.2013

  30. today the messiah was born to a pack of lions.
    thirty-three years ago it was to elephants,
    and for several months he was circulating
    among hundreds of species of short-lived flies.

    this was the prophecy that was never written down
    because the prophet had walked on four legs:
    when the world ends, the animals will ascend to heaven,
    and the humans will scramble on top of each other
    to scurry into coveted empty seats. the ones who make it
    will get eaten because the carnivores will not stop being
    carnivores. the rest will be divided

    between chew toys
    for the leviathan and comfort food
    for when the behemoth feels like bingeing.

    salvation came easy for everyone else
    but us, because we were the only ones too stupid
    and too wise to leave any room in our hearts for doubt.
    don’t tell me good friday was just as bad as it sounds,
    don’t tell me only beasts could have come up with the idea
    of stripping someone naked and nailing them to a cross.

    if we were to have a fatal flaw, this would be it:
    the conviction that eternal love demanded
    a heavy sacrifice, the need to see water leaking
    through the holes from someone’s palms.

    By h. b. on 07.02.2013

  31. God? What is god. I have never seen him, her , or it. But the image of this “god” is the believe in everyone’s eyes. The truth, the lies, and most of all the hope. The one word that can heal many people. but also kill many people. I for one, do not believe in this god. But i do believe in all it represents. And I do believe in the good of everyone.

    By Anthony Trinh on 07.02.2013

  32. I really dislike god as i think he turns people into ignorant pricks. I’ agnostic and i am open the idea of religion but i think some religious people take things too far. Its a nice idea but it has hindered science a lot.

    Religion is a lot like masturbation, it’s fine to do it by yourself in your room, but don’t shove it into children’s faces and change their life

    By Andy Walsh on 07.02.2013

  33. God is my savior and has always been my savior. He is there for me when others are not and has guided me on my path of art and music. He drives me to always do my best.

    By Aubri on 07.02.2013

  34. He is really important to many different people, but to others he does not exist. There is such the god particle was founded this year. He looks like Zues.

    By Greyson on 07.02.2013

  35. “How like a god!” … “What?”

    “‘In apprehension, how like a god!’ … Where’s that from?”

    “I don’t know. … Do you want an omelette?”

    “Omelette, omelette … Hamlet! That’s it. Hamlet! Thanks.”

    “Sure. One ham omelette, comin’ up.”

    By oioio on 07.02.2013

  36. God is omniscient. God is everywhere. God is all-powerful.

    Or is he?

    Can he see anything? Has he spoken to anyone?

    By ChecklistRobot on 07.02.2013

  37. well thats a big one for sure, though for reasons I cannot understand. For we are we to seek out the creator of this land? Have we not more important problems, situations more readily at hand? for I know not the answers to this, for knowing the answers is bland!

    By Kevin Carey on 07.02.2013

  38. Some think that God is in everything we do. They may be right. But I don’t think he’s there the way other want to believe. I think he’s in all, but he’s there for the pleasure of watching us die. That’s all he does. He watches. And he likes it. He could do something about all of this if he wanted to. He doesn’t.

    By Annah on 07.02.2013

  39. Is he real or not? Nobody really knows
    one says yes one says no
    Fighting about it doesnt help
    Just believe in yourself

    By Linda on 07.02.2013

  40. God, a belief that something is beyond life. An entity that created us in it’s image. I’m unsure of whether or not there is a God, but the whole point of the belief is faith.

    By Dean Marshall on 07.02.2013