October 22nd, 2017 | 29 Entries

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29 Entries for “glove”

  1. I have both white and black gloves. These are for playing bells in the church choir. I also have cycling gloves – some are really old, and I use an old pair when I mow the lawn.

    I think of Michael Jackson, too – glove. Just one glove.

    My children often wear mismatched gloves…and socks. I think that’s just a children thing.

    By Heather on 10.22.2017

  2. She took her glove off. Just the one. Looked at her hand, that had become slightly blueish in the cold. Her nails were painted black, but was chipped. She hadn’t fixed her nails for days, maybe weeks.

    By Betina on 10.22.2017

  3. A glove is something I seem to always end up having even though I buy two at a time. Therefore, just like it’s close cousin, sock, I always seem to just have one from the pair. It’s an endless, vicious circle of buying new pairs of gloves and socks, only to seemingly always lose one.

    By Nick on 10.22.2017

  4. When I put on my gloves, my hands felt like a fireplace because they were so warm. I was going outside to play in the snow, so I needed my gloves. If I didn’t have gloves my hand would’ve gotten frostbite.

    By Paige Derr on 10.22.2017

  5. I looked at the single glove left in the drawer. Red like fresh blood. And I collapsed.
    It was so simple, just one half of a pair. Something you wouldn’t even think about putting on in a cold Minnesota winter. But suddenly it seemed like a gravestone.

    By jade on 10.22.2017

  6. She slipped her fingers into the fabric and sighed in relief. She wiggled into her scarf, feeling the warmth relieve her cold nose.

    By Bridget Grace on 10.22.2017

  7. It fit like a glove.
    And burned like hell.
    This was not the role she’d ever wanted to play.
    Never the shoes she’d wanted to wear.
    Instead, now, she stood, ramrod straight, head held high, throat tight, eyes dry. This was the way a queen stood before her people.
    The way she had to be strong, when there was a knife at her back. When she couldn’t trust her court. When her King was out to kill her.
    This was not the way a crown was supposed to feel, but perhaps, in time, she’d grow used to it.
    After all, it wasn’t the first time.

    By Sara H. URL on 10.22.2017

  8. It was the color of snow, blending in with her pale skin. Her hand trailed along the banister as she descended further down the staircase into the darkness of the night.

    By Grace C on 10.22.2017

  9. She followed the movement of his hand, as it fitted over hers like a long-lost glove finally returned. She looked at their hands–conjoined yet unblendable in both color and texture. Tears came to her eyes. She loved this man so much it was impossible to stay away.

    By LifesGrey on 10.22.2017

  10. Tracey removed the glove from her left hand and let her fingers descend into the open chasm in the victim’s throat. The sounds she heard as she dug through his flesh and tendons certainly weren’t…appealing, to say the least. Nor was the texture of her excavation particularly enticing. Still, once her fingernails struck metal, it was as if she had found gold nuggets in the deep West.

    “There,” she grunted as she extracted a rather impressive piece of shrapnel. “That’s a murder weapon for ya.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.22.2017

  11. My heart. With yours. Like it was meant to be. My eyes meet yours. Like no one else was meant to ever be between them. Like nothing but our minds were ever meant to fit together. Like two halves of a pair.

    By Lucas on 10.22.2017

  12. gloves are necessary for driving in the winter in Michigan if you don’t have heat in your car. I found this out the hard way the winter my mom told me I had to drive around looking for a job all day in my car with a broken heater. The worst part was it was only intermittent, so sometimes it gave me false hope of almost thawing out my fingers…

    By lbrygk on 10.22.2017

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  14. it tells me to write about ‘glove’ and all I see is a g in the way of love.

    By Namjai on 10.23.2017

  15. Breathing in , I hold a glove, the department of the glove holds my words that I type upon the keyboard grasping the facts of my morning when I am writing about the glove of worn experience.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 10.23.2017

  16. perhaps made a mistake and really meant to write “clove.” i much prefer “clove” to “glove.” not that i have much to say about either but cloves are really marvelous in mulled wine: red wine, doesn’t even have to be very good, half a can of frozen orange juice, cinnamon in sticks or powder, and lots of little cloves, maybe brown sugar too, heat it to not quite boiling, and sit and drink it through the cold winter nights. good for the flu, which i have, and even though the nights on oahu are not all that cold, for example, 79 F. tonight, which we do consider unseasonably and unreasonably cold, i think tomorrow i will walk slowly and painfully around the corner to a convenience store, and at least they’ll have terrible red wine but probably frozen orange juice too, and i may have a little bottle of cloves and i certainly have cinnamon and getting drunk may help with the flu. god knows, nothing else has helped so far.

    By Joanna Bressler on 10.23.2017

  17. It was when she slipped on the glove to her left hand that she decided that today will be the day she will make a major change in the way she thinks from now on as to alter her life to the way she wants it to be.

    By Daniel on 10.23.2017

  18. The glove was floating in the wind, pale white. It seemed lifeless as it floated. I grabbed it without thinking seeing it was speckled with blood. Somone had been murder.

    By makayla on 10.23.2017


    By aashugupta251 on 10.23.2017

  20. I only ware gloves when I’m handling very dirty and nasty things!

    By Isaiah Varella on 10.23.2017

  21. The glove sat in the middle of the outfield what is it doing out their asked the coach. Who left the little glove out their? one of the little kids says i did for I left it so the Jesus can play too! He seemed like He wanted to so i brought Him a glove to be on my team. The on my couch replied in a small chill voice and said i would be honored to have Jesus play on my team any time of the week.SO from then on the little kid brought the glove with him to every game for Jesus to play with the Team.

    By Mikkala on 10.23.2017

  22. The glove sat in the middle of the outfield. All alone and still. What is it doing out their asked the coach? Who left the little glove out their? one of the little kids says i did for I left it so the Jesus can play too! He seemed like He wanted to so i brought Him a glove to be on my team. The on my couch replied in a small chill voice and said i would be honored to have Jesus play on my team any time of the week.SO from then on the little kid brought the glove with him to every game for Jesus to play with them on the Team.

    By Mikkala on 10.23.2017

  23. You wear gloves when it is really cold. also you can wear gloves when you garden or doing something that is dirty and you don’t want your hands to get dirty.

    By zachary on 10.23.2017

  24. The way it all came together was unexplainable. It felt as though all the missing pieces were found and linked back with one another as though they had never been apart. So why is it that it all came crumbling down? Maybe it was a fear of genuine happiness or difficulty processing the feelings that were present. We often never know what the real cause to the end is, but what hurts the most is knowing you had something that fit like a glove, which turned into something that even the best of alterations may never be able to fix.

    By Theresa on 10.23.2017

  25. I love wearing gloves, that make me feel comfortable, and I used to wear gloves to play basketball in winter, that really different

    By Jerry Chen on 10.23.2017

  26. Winter is coming ! I wanna buy a glove. It’s gonna be cold ! I want glove can play phone for take a picture of snow !

    By Javier on 10.23.2017

  27. She was wearing one glove but the other glove was hidden. I had a glove once, but got dried out. I remembered my gloves but I forgot my hat. My hat was made out of gloves, and that was the surprise.

    By Maria on 10.23.2017

  28. one day a glove was wanting to be a bird so it tried to fly but it could not so it went to the wise old man in the village and asked if he could help him but he cod not

    By wylie on 10.23.2017

  29. Her gloves, came up to her elbows. They were a stunning pearly white. The fabric soft as satin. She looked like Cinderella.

    By Sophie Hubbard on 10.23.2017