January 11th, 2015 | 143 Entries

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143 Entries for “globe”

  1. The globe that sat on my dask was just reminding me how limited my chances were. I wanted to leave so much. I wanted to go all the way around the world and back and meet all the people and taste every food there would be to taste. Maybe it was my loneliness and maybe just my desire to travel. But I wanted to get rid of that globe.

    By Lara on 01.12.2015

  2. the globe was spinning, i don’t know me i must stop the globe from spinning because if it reaches max speed it will implode.

    By Jarrett on 01.12.2015

  3. The globe holds me tight as all of its inhabitants spin through the universe. All in it together, alone, one force, together on this strange trip through life.

    By Valerie Bologoff on 01.12.2015

  4. The year is 1987. On April 30th Whitney Houston comes out with the best selling track I Want To Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me). The first criminal ever is convicted using DNA evidence. Lethal Weapon racks up over 100 million dollars at the box office.

    In 1987 there are five billion people on planet Earth.

    To put that in perspective: 5,000,000,000.

    There were 2,863,042,795 on the globe in 1957.

    He’s getting the sinking feeling that the numbers will keep going up because some people simply refuse to go away.

    By bonemachine on 01.12.2015

  5. Jeremiah turned the globe in his hands, slowly, and was awestruck. Inside the glass, not only were the countries drawn out in crystal clear detail, but the dark shadow that placed half the planet in nighttime was very slowly moving, the clouds were actually swirling, and while the equatorial regions were warm and clammy, the poles were cold to the touch.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 01.12.2015

  6. Well, this is a hard one. It’s such a big place, with all kinds of things. So many different people, animals, plants and flowers. Sometimes, I almost lose my hopes on it, but I always end loving it.

    By Clara Daltrozo on 01.12.2015

  7. is a circle made fro gases that are in our galxey many other names for one thing

    By mustachlover on 01.12.2015

  8. what are you doing right now? going to sleep? going to school? just waking up? Whatever your are doing someone else could be doing something completely different.

    By AsHaMeD on 01.12.2015

  9. A globe is like a spherical map.

    By princess on 01.12.2015

  10. and as the globe was spinning maracuously ound and round again off of its base in the floor

    By teagan URL on 01.12.2015

  11. He pointed at the globe the place where he wanted to go next; it was Greece. Although it was very unlikely for him to go, he can’t help but think of the what ifs. His heart beat faster and faster as the images of his explorations flooded his mind, even when all of it were just pretend.

    By edrianredentor on 01.12.2015

  12. Around and around the world we go. Where we’ll stop, only you can know. It’s your life, make what you can of it. Don’t settle. Go after your dreams. Be happy. Be kind.

    By Stephanie on 01.12.2015

  13. we live on a globe, i have dreams of were i have this snow globe and the whole world is in it and i have the world in my hands so i think wow if i drop this then they all die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Shane Novak URL on 01.12.2015

  14. It’s empty. It’s cold. It’s so vast. Nobody feels the way I do. Nobody understands the pain, the sadness, that I feel.

    But they do.

    There are billions of other people who feel just like you. Who laugh like you. Cry like you. Feel like you do. The world is full of vigour and colour and life.

    You just have to live it.

    By Lo on 01.12.2015

  15. I stood up slowly, eyes wandering about in wonderment. I was in a strange place, one of vibrant green land and shimmering blue waters, of vast trees stretching into the sky, of creatures of every possible manner all around, constantly humming and all around just ALIVE, filling the space with sound. And I knew, with sudden strange awareness, that this was how it was all around the globe, full of miracles.

    By mm on 01.12.2015

  16. Ok, a globe is where we all live, is where all we are trapped, I don´t know what is more important, if we, living in this world, to know that it exists, or it, without us, being green, beautiful, natural, and totally alone…

    By Paty oxo on 01.12.2015

  17. glowb. A ball. Light. Not the sun, too small and not hot enough and far too close to be that. It’s a glowb. It follows you around, finds the dark corners, makes them less dark. It’s AI is simple, but effective. You feel bad for it, because sometimes, when it’s in a particularly dark place, it keeps going from one dark corner to another, never able to light the whole room at once. Poor glowb.

    By Benjie on 01.12.2015

  18. a globe is round. It represents the earth. It is usually green and blue. I can look up many countries on a globe. We have a globe in our classroom.

    By Cathy on 01.12.2015

  19. He opened his globe liuor cabinet and started with the fine brandy. He drank all his worries and sorrows down to the last edge of the bottle, as he laid there in self indulgence and putty he realized he could not get up his life was frozen in the drunken haziness state of mind.

    By Rush on 01.12.2015

  20. globules of spit fall
    from your mouth onto my chest
    and it makes my skin crawl,
    in your sleep I wonder
    whether I could kill you
    and slip into the night

    By s on 01.12.2015

  21. One day I would like to say that I traveled the globe. I know that it will likely never happen unless people suddenly start to play preschool teachers what they deserve. It’s alright though, I can visit all sorts of places locally I suppose.

    By Jon Prince on 01.12.2015

  22. This is a funny word, and somehow I can’t think of a single inspiring thought id want to put on a page and proudly show to anyone.
    And that, in a nutshell, is writers block.
    Or depression.

    By A Tree Hugger on 01.12.2015

  23. It was more like an orb than a globe, really. It was reddish, orangey and firey yellow. And it stood on a pedestal in my grandfather’s front yard. It was flanked by gnomes doing all sorts of useful things, like pushing wheelbarrows filled with flowers or sitting on rocks to take a drink. I always wondered where it came from, but never asked. Until it was too late. He was gone. I’d missed my chance. And I have never regretted anything more in my life.

    Four weeks ago, I inherited that globe and stuffed it in the back of my closet with my old gym socks and broken legos, wondering if I’d ever figure out where it came from and why grandpa left it to me.

    By Molly on 01.12.2015

  24. the globe was spinning wildly. crushing all that was on the surface. smashing, spinning, destroying, week i guess its true it’s the end of the world as we know it.

    By maddy on 01.12.2015

  25. The globe sat on the far side of the room, reminding me of what could have been. We could be in Germany right now, but instead we’re still stuck here because of some stupid fight. I got up with a new determination. I’m going to fix us.

    By Kaitlyn on 01.12.2015

  26. The globe is my web, not a spider’s web, trying to catch the unsuspecting, but the web of connectedness. People are so beautiful, and so connected. It breaks my heart that most have no idea how connected they are to each other. I have so much love for all of you, every beautiful part of you. The world is a beautiful place, and worth fighting for.

    By Doe on 01.12.2015

  27. All over the globe there are people loving each other, people falling in and out of love …. and i’m sitting here stuck thinking about you and how I miss the taste of your lips

    By taylorp URL on 01.12.2015

  28. world ball, orb of blue and green, planet, ball, learning, continents, travel, latitude, longitude

    By sarah on 01.12.2015

  29. Total destruction. Thats whats left after they came. Saw. Conquered. Whatever Caesar. This is my story now. But you know what? The earth was never yours. It was ours. And now, we’re gonna take it back. One city at a time.

    By Savvy on 01.12.2015

  30. The word “globe” has a round, enormous sound. it’s a fitting word for the vast sphere on which all of human history has occurred.

    By victoria on 01.12.2015

  31. pendulous globe of ours pendulating in the solar system not contributing as far as we can tell beyond it’s own slightly mis-pearshapen figure of ours so I appear to be getting more than sixty seconds it seems – or relative time dilation

    By gander on 01.12.2015

  32. Bet you thought I was going to write about the Golden Globe awards didn’t you?
    Well you’re correct.
    Whoever that dude was that made the joke about j-lo’s boobs: you said what we were all thinking. To those that deemed it “in bad taste”: was the dress itself not more inappropriate than the obvious joke?

    By Mandy URL on 01.12.2015

  33. the globe big and large and huge and round and spacious and pretty and stuff, it’s blue, or maybe it’s like a snow globe with a thousand shiny white flakes that look upon in awe-inspiring wonder. i just don;t know, idk, glooobe. ok

    By cadesia on 01.12.2015

  34. I’ve been around the globe, traveled to many countries. Tell me where you have been and I will tell you a story of living there. I’ve been amongst great monuments and places that would awe any human being. I’ve seen people at their best and their worst. Yet everywhere I go, it’s always the same.

    By Laura Riddle URL on 01.12.2015

  35. Breathing, swimming, dancing. So, many wonderful things happen while living on this globe, earth. Enjoying every moment is my journey.

    By Lisa on 01.12.2015

  36. Her head was the size and shape of a particularly misshapen globe. When she spoke it was as if the Tropic of Cancer were trying to peel off the bottom hemisphere and start fresh on a new head. It’s not the most flattering portrait, I will grant you, but then, I’ve been to Australia.

    By Chris URL on 01.12.2015

  37. Jeremy Renner commenting to J-Lo about her “globes” at the golden globes last night was probably the weirdest moment in television history

    By Paige Havener on 01.12.2015

  38. Globes are cool. That’s about all I can say about this subject right now….yep I’m out of time I guess

    By Paige Havener on 01.12.2015

  39. Shakespeare knew nothing of the world outside. He knew he would not be able to provide for his family the way he wanted. Young Willy was left with a choice. Become a financial adviser and make the money he knew was necessary, or leave that world for one he knew he loved. One filled with creatures and beings of impossibility. He needed to choose the second. He needed to choose the Globe. And he changed the world there.

    By Nick URL on 01.12.2015

  40. The snow here glitters
    the rain falls slow
    the ocean can’t drown you
    the streetlights glow
    everywhere you ever
    wanted to go
    inside this little glass globe.

    By thedugong on 01.12.2015