January 11th, 2015 | 143 Entries

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143 Entries for “globe”

  1. his eyes were a big as the globe . his eyes held the world within , he was beautiful yet he was a disaster . He was the reason for peoples hurt but also they’re love .

    By Mary on 01.11.2015

  2. all are around the globe we are encompassed by a vast and wavering spirit. one that knows not of the limit we place on ourselves, but only of the immense possibilities that lie in all of the places we have yet to see. this mysterious being is known as mother nature. she knows all.

    By Melissa Laubi on 01.11.2015

  3. and oh
    that little sphere told me so
    much about where ive been and where
    i’ve yet to see
    it claims i will never escape the place i was born
    and who am i to argue
    sitting here with you promising
    seven years and then an airplane ride
    that may never come to fly

    By matthew on 01.11.2015

  4. I’ve seen all corners, cracks, crevasses of this globe but let me tell you, the best I’ve encountered and the most magic I’ve ever seen with my two ordinary eyes were the crazies. The wonderful folk who never gave reality their time of day. If you happen to find one, a wild and crazy of your own, goddamn it if you can keep up with them, never leave their side. And if you can’t, goddamn it, send them your understanding and love from the reactor in your heart from afar. They will need all the support they can get, because they will be doing the impossible regardless of who’s on their side. And sometimes there are not many who are. Be on their side. Stay by their side…at least if you can.

    By phia URL on 01.11.2015

  5. We don’t actually realize the earth is round. Oh we know it, intellectually, but the idea of living on a sphere will always be strange no matter how many times we see a globe sitting on a desk. When we visualize our world we visualize the flat maps that are so common, and have trouble realizing that yes, you can sail from india to America. You just go the other way.

    By Emily on 01.11.2015

  6. There is a small, malformed globe sitting on her windowsill from over twelve years ago, gifted to her by her father, and forsaken by her similarly as he did her. Sometimes, occasionally, her finger grazes the dusty plastic, prompting it to turn; then, it stops abruptly. The world is full of irony and symbolism, and surely English majors have a place in deciphering it all – reminding sufferers of their woe.

    By Liz on 01.11.2015

  7. He’d done it. All the way around the globe and back home again. So many adventures, tiger hunting in India, cocaine smuggling in Colombia, and assassinating the president in the US. It was a great time for the world’s most deadliest man.

    By Jayce Fryman on 01.11.2015

  8. I held the bauble delicately as if I were balancing a tiny world on my battered palm. It was nothing short of beautiful. Not quite silver, not quite gold, it shone like a perfect globe untouched by angry elements, natural disaster, or humanity’s aggressive boots.

    When Mona took the thing away from me, I was ready to cry. Somehow, I found more solace holding a mere metal ball than any other gift I had been given in my entire life.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.11.2015

  9. I had looked at the globe my whole life. It sat at my parent’s bar, glowering down at me, just proving that the world revolved around alcohol.

    It was a beautiful, truthful globe. It was black with golden and flourescent countries.

    By Laura on 01.11.2015

  10. Throughout there is all to be
    encompassed by the greater seas
    transposed and fixed on this axis
    taking spins
    by Natures finger tip
    to tumble into oblivion
    routed course of stygian infinity

    By Protean on 01.11.2015

  11. I traced my finger over the smooth waters and rough edges of the terrain. The need to fulfill my wanderlust growing ever so dearly as I touched upon the places I had yet to go. The globe was in my hands. I just needed to go.

    By Dart07 on 01.11.2015

  12. And so the globe still spins. War, injustice, and starvation continues to happen on this very globe. And yet it still spins. The errors of man never stop the natural order of things, no matter how hard man tries.

    By Lisa on 01.11.2015

  13. “If we could go on vacation anywhere on the globe, where would we go?”
    “Nowhere,” he said, “because I can’t trust you to behave. You’ll probably find a way to scandalize the locals and we’ll be kicked out of the country.”
    “Wow,” you snorted. “You have so much faith in me.”
    “Yeah well you don’t have a great track record. You get us kicked out of bars. Countries are the next logical step.”

    By Rebekah Kim on 01.11.2015

  14. A globe is like a taunt. A spherical goad that rests within the safety of home. It sits in the office, showing you all that you COULD see and reminding you of all that you currently can. It’s a call, one that begs you to leave and SEE. To open your eyes and mind and discover what that blue and green paper IS.

    By Preceptor on 01.11.2015

  15. He turned the sphere over in his hand with a gentle touch, rubbing his thumb against Africa, staring at the mountainous regions of Canada on the other side of the small object. Such a mundane, plastic thing, and yet it displayed the entire earth, simple and beautiful with all it’s bumpy imperfections. He signed and set it down.

    By kite on 01.11.2015

  16. Spanning the globe for great sports coverage. That’s the slogan that one of the major TV networks used for seems like a decade or more.

    By Andy Taylor on 01.11.2015

  17. The circular object was mystifying. His son kept rolling it on the ground as though it were a toy, but the bumpy ridges on it prevented it from moving far. The globe had symbols written on it like “China” and “Pacific Ocean”.

    By Tasha Grim on 01.11.2015

  18. The simple circular object sat on the desk. The soft gentle dips and ridges captures his eyes as he attempted to focus on the voice of the droning professor. The spell of the globe enraptured him against his best efforts.

    By Lady Hobbit on 01.11.2015

  19. Fingers skating idly over the globe, she flicked her wrist and sent it spinning on it’s metal axis. “This is the world we live in, Saris,” she said, nodding towards the rapidly turning sphere. “Ever-moving. Ever-changing. Chaotic. Completely out of our control,” she slapped her palm down on the center of the ball, bringing it to an immediate halt, “And this is the world we deserve,”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 01.11.2015

  20. tracing my fingers along the globe of your back, its spiny mountain ranges and the softness of the ocean between your shoulder blades – you have always been the whole world to me, mapped with little veins like roads pointing me home, steering my ship back to the center of you

    By caitlinmonster URL on 01.11.2015

  21. He’s been ’round the globe and back more times than he cares to count. But really, this is the only place for him. With the breeze in his hair as he leans over the bridge to watch the fish lazily swim about, he breathes in the scent of cherry blossoms and finally feels at home.

    By Baekhesten on 01.11.2015

  22. there’s a globe sitting in the corner. it’s brown and faded from too much time in the sun, covered in dust. it’s timeless, in a way. the oceans are all wavy and grey, sprinkled with the mysterious monsters of times long past. “beyond this place there be dragons”, read looping gold letters, mysterious and strange.

    By Doragon on 01.11.2015

  23. it’s round
    full of people
    i wish i could go around it and just visit every place
    i wanna discover things, places, meet new people
    maybe i’ll find my soul mate somewhere around you know
    it would be a perfect life

    By Sam on 01.12.2015

  24. I want to travel the globe. I want to transport myself to the farthest most corners of the world and see all that there is to see. Experience all that there is to experience. If you stay in the one place your whole life you miss out on all the extraordinary places and people that the world has to offer.

    By carlabar on 01.12.2015

  25. sitting in the lounge room
    dad runs his fingers across the world
    and stops.

    By bridget URL on 01.12.2015

  26. I am a wanderer on the globe. a person who is one of many. but one in the whole of everything. the globe is round for that reason. you never walk the same trail, or jump in a river twice.

    By barb on 01.12.2015

  27. Across the globe there is famine, destruction, fear, and much I cannot say in sixty seconds. But with the help of everyone we can make a change.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 01.12.2015

  28. a globe is circle round thing that you see other countries on a globe is plastic earth.

    By Isaac on 01.12.2015

  29. He spun the globe, searching desperately for the country that his teacher requested him to find. Geography was not his subject, and he very much doubted he could get a better grade. Nevertheless, he spun on, in hope of getting extra credit for good effort.

    By Zach Martin on 01.12.2015

  30. light

    By mitzi bowen URL on 01.12.2015

  31. The world is what I think of

    By J Crawford on 01.12.2015

  32. light god is the light

    By mitzi bowen URL on 01.12.2015

  33. I shifted in my sat as the teacher talked on and on about globes. “I DON’T CARE!” i screamed in my head. I hate globes, why do i need to learn about them anyway.

    By Alexis on 01.12.2015

  34. the golden globe awards is a award show for movie actors and singers.

    By JM on 01.12.2015

  35. We have this globe in our dinning room. It looks old but its very beautiful.

    By Liberty Brouillette URL on 01.12.2015

  36. Sometimes, when the stress was too much, she’d lose herself in it. She’d learned the art of traveling thousands of miles without leaving her rat-infested one bedroom. Her fingers climbed the raised ridges of continents, and when she closed her eyes, she could see them.

    By Soft URL on 01.12.2015

  37. I closed my eyes and placed my finger on the spinning globe. It stopped and I open my eyes, excitement running through me. Paris stared back and visions of my next adventure scored through my mind.

    By Sheila URL on 01.12.2015

  38. I would love to travel around the globe. however, I don’t want to travel by commercial jets. I would love to live on an ocean liner that took me from place to place and then have some type of transportation that would whisk me to the locations I want to see

    By Clio on 01.12.2015

  39. upon this sphere, a three-dimensional circle of love and death. I put it into a spin and throw a dart at it from space, it lands in the middle of some ocean, so I pack my bags and begin the journey.

    By dominguez URL on 01.12.2015

  40. i’ve always dreamt of a spinning globe sitting on a desk in an office decorated with accomplishments. the globe would spin and my finger would land, and there i would be. it would be my way of life—spinning and landing. i still have this dream—i should start by purchasing the globe.

    By Safon on 01.12.2015