February 7th, 2010 | 219 Entries

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219 Entries for “glance”

  1. At a glance, she resembled Marilyn. But death is ever luminous, so she must have just been dreaming.

    By Brett on 02.08.2010

  2. I just take one moment to glance over my shoulder and ultimately my entire perspective has changed. New information enters the picture. Such a small gesture with such major results. What if I hadn’t taken that little moment.

    By Anonymous on 02.08.2010

  3. looking quickly at something
    small amount of contact

    By mike nickholds on 02.08.2010

  4. at a glance if i thought a bit then i thought a bit too long

    By Aviv Cohn on 02.08.2010

  5. glumpey

    By ebonique on 02.08.2010

  6. glancing at the beautiful girl across the room. she glances back. glance is a brief look at someone or something’s appearance. glances turn into glares.

    By Mike on 02.08.2010

  7. i glanced at him from across the room. he has such a beautiful smile. i can never get over it. i could write volumes upon volumes on his smile. and his laugh! he laughs at everything. he’s such a happy person, and he makes me happy. i wish he could see how write we are for one another, but sometimes, that’s not how life works.

    By Jannat on 02.08.2010

  8. i glanced at the tv. there was a show on, but i didn’t want to watch it. i really wanted to be with you, but you were engrossed with the boring medical show. I couldn’t tell you that what i really wanted to do was to lay nexxt to you, because you woiuld have made it seem awkward. i mean, we’re just friends…right?

    By Adelaide on 02.08.2010

  9. i glanced at you and smiled as i remembered an old inside joke we laughed at for hours on end. i wish it was that simple now.

    By kathryn on 02.08.2010

  10. I glanced over to my right and I see my phone. Currently I’m texting my girlfriend whom I love so very much. Tomorrow is our three month anniversary and I couldn’t be happier. I’m in such a crappy mood and seeing a text from her puts a smile on my face <3 i love her.

    By Roman on 02.08.2010

  11. i saw somthing, didn’t know what it was, i just saw it , i wish i can see it again but if i did i don’t think i’ll be thinking about it cos then the mystrey

    By susanne on 02.08.2010

  12. taking a peek or staring shamelessly with yr guard down, seems like it has sexual or sensual undertones for some reason to me. there’s an element of taboo in it almost i think. like yr no’supposed’ to look at things/people that way. maybe secretive and personal?

    By candy on 02.08.2010

  13. I took a glace out the window

    By anna on 02.08.2010

  14. i saw somthing, i wish i never saw, but i did, am i glad? i maybe, but more than that i’m interstid, i like what i saw even though i don’t know what it was and what it meeans

    By susanne on 02.08.2010

  15. It

    By Halle on 02.08.2010

  16. at a glance I can see my daughter. Out of the corner of my eye….just a quick glance, and she is smiling at me. I smile back. I love her so so much….

    By janet on 02.08.2010

  17. Rubbing his rugged-shaven chin he glanced through silver aviators at the hiked-up skirts and hopped-up heels of the L.A. party-scene girls that stood in long lines like ants waiting to enter their hole in the sand and escape from the sun of the harsh working world.

    By Jesse Shulman on 02.08.2010

  18. qt a glance i am a seemingly normal girl who can do anything. im am tough on the outside but on the inside i am weak. people dont see that. i wish i could express it sometimes.

    By laura rocco on 02.08.2010

  19. one glance in the mirror was all that was needed to confirm his own identity; but he was still in the cave and all he could figure out was whether it was really his, or just a shadow. he sighed and sank to the floor.

    By Antonio on 02.08.2010