February 6th, 2010 | 181 Entries

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181 Entries for “checks”

  1. writing check was something i learned to do at a young age. my mother said it was important. i learned that you should always write the sense as “over 100” so that someone couldn’t change the decimal to a comma and make it 100 dollars more the the price i intended to pay.

    By Jessica on 02.07.2010

  2. makes me think of my checkbook and how i don’t have enough money to pay bills with. that’s it. I’m broke. I’m 44 and broke. I have got to find a way out of this mess.

    By Christine on 02.07.2010

  3. I write checks when I have to buy things because I have a debit card and checks make me feel professional and fancy. Sometimes I sign my anem real big at the bottom to feel like a grown up. You can fold a check, but not a debit card. I like checks better than cash I think!

    By Kathleen Costanza on 02.07.2010

  4. You get checks in the mail, for holidays and such.

    By missscaryjeri on 02.07.2010

  5. Checks. Checkmarks, checkbooks. Checkers. Check yourself in the mirror. Got it? Check.

    By j on 02.07.2010

  6. I checks checkchecks i check everytime i go to sleep, if i see you but you are not there neither are the monsters. You are no monster, you are amazing fantastic but you are not here you are not mine i like checks i would like 1010101010010100101 dollars please you are rich.

    By Elin on 02.07.2010

  7. I want someone to write a big fat check to me. And I’ll take it and I’ll go somewhere south. Because the cold is killing me. Actually, it’s not the cold. I can always put on more clothes. But the snow. The fucking snow. It’s driving me crazy.

    By hannah n stuff on 02.07.2010

  8. checks are an old way of paying for things. It’s true non? Yes, they are still around, but not in their former capacity. It is sad really, yet in a sense, progressive, in a good way. Yes, checks are out and credit is in, and my childhood is changing.

    By bex on 02.07.2010

  9. Checks and balances are the backbone of our society. If there wasn’t someone to check you, you wouldn’t do your best work ever. That is the benefits of checks.

    By Mandy on 02.07.2010

  10. and balances and I have no more money to spend. i prefer stripes to plaids and love them in the mail when they are coming to me they line up on my lists as things well done.

    By Lisa Brock on 02.07.2010

  11. checks and balances. check’s in the mail. fraud.
    identity theft. getting paid. livelihood.

    By Lizette on 02.07.2010

  12. Checks are what I love to see on my board, a fun game of…okay this writing prompt sucks. I dont want to write about checks! BORING….

    By Anonymous on 02.07.2010

  13. I sighed, running my hands through the red locks that have endured every torture mechanism possible and still look decent. “Every day, Zack.” I said. “You check her out, she checks you out, y’all go out, and I just stand there; waiting.”

    By H on 02.07.2010

  14. Littered upon the desk, hiding the oak, showering it in white paper. He wanted to burn them, every last one. He didn’t want checks; he didn’t want room-checks.

    By Ant on 02.07.2010

  15. checks – like checking of things on a list, checking people out of your heart. like checks to someone, money out – money in. Like checkmate – I’ve got you now, game over. like checking out.

    By kiw on 02.07.2010

  16. thousands checks have been written. more than thousands, millions. more than millions, BILLIONS. so many have been written and i wonder the percentage that have bounced.

    By k8 harrington on 02.07.2010

  17. money paper writing numbers

    By siobhan Deeming on 02.07.2010

  18. “Don’t worry if I write rhymes, I write checks.” – P.Diddy

    Reprehensible and awesome, he is a master gloater…

    By az on 02.07.2010

  19. the checks. i don’t know what to say about them. they are what you write, what you fill out when you have no money with you but much money elsewhere. or even no money elsewhere! i guess i would prefer them to credit cards if i were old enough to have either. i don’t know. they seem a lot safer, like if you bounce a check, it might not be as bad as as if a credit card was too high? and checks the marks that teachers put on your homework, some teachers use a check to say if it is right and others use it to say if it is wrong.

    By claudia louise on 02.07.2010

  20. the very dinosaur way of forcing people to stand in line waiting.

    By jeff hilliard on 02.07.2010

  21. I glanced down at the check in my hand. The sum was enormous and the thought of losing all that money was making me become encompassed in nausea.
    I looked at Wes. He was so trusting. But I couldn’t do it.
    “No.” I ripped up the check into little pieces. “No.”

    By xoLolli on 02.07.2010