December 24th, 2009 | 174 Entries

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174 Entries for “give”

  1. the only thing i’m able to give him is, my friendship, i’ve been longing for us to be friends because he have good aura, and being with him is like giving me faith in goodness, he’s just great. A great man.

    By afriend on 12.24.2009

  2. me a name of a person who is woozy like myself.

    By ashley on 12.24.2009

  3. Give, what a powerful word. Giving, in this Christmas season, can spark many emotions and thoughts. It is said that giving is better then receiving and after my experiences, I would have to agree.

    By J on 12.24.2009

  4. offer, donate. An action of parting with something. Give money, help, advice, support, attention etc.

    By pavalamani pragasam on 12.24.2009

  5. Give makes me happy, even if I’m broke and I want something or myself. I love getting something for someone else. Even if it’s just to get their attention. I guess It’s kind of selfish even if the intentions are good. But aren’t they all?

    By Pearl Neithercut/ on 12.24.2009

  6. i give because i like to give. there is a feeling that accompanies giving and it is a wonderful, wonderful feeling. sometimes what it takes is the spark of joy and happiness across the person’s face when they open a gift, when they receive whatever you have given them. sometimes it merely takes the act of leaving that anonymous note on a person’s desk, a baked good tucked into a bag, being a bit mysterious and sly and devious and the thrill and feeling of wonderfulness for doing something so good, no matter how simple.

    By sofie on 12.24.2009

  7. give money you succker i just realized i haven’t slept in months my mother is upstairs and my dog is frightened to death poor little thing

    By gabriela on 12.24.2009

  8. to let others have something you cherish, and do so without regret

    By stuthedew on 12.24.2009

  9. this post is fantastic

    By Kuipcwyw on 12.25.2009

  10. toby was astonished at the nudge under his palm through his girlfriend’s dying skin. he hated this pregnancy, the alienation from all outside it, and all the anguish it gave him and audrey. she didn’t deserve to be beaten within a life’s thread but her will persevered even now; brain dead but inexplicably able to maintain her body long enough to give their baby the evanescent minute to be born.

    By on 12.25.2009

  11. many people think of giving as way for them to get something. If i give this person money they will help me. if i give gifts to my kids they’ll respect me. if i love him he’ll appreciate me. if i donate to the poor people will praise me. No one ever gives. They just take incognito…

    By kelly on 12.25.2009

  12. To have might be better than to give. Because if you get what you have it meas another was the one to give, but you will be the one to appreciate what has been given for as long as you decided to keep whatever has been given in a high regard for sentimental value.

    By thor on 12.25.2009

  13. Give it to me now, he said with the gun close to my friend’s neck.
    I slid the necklace slowly over my head and handed it.
    He grabbed at it
    He stil held my friend, the gun
    what to do

    By jabber on 12.25.2009

  14. i gave the before yesterday and thought that was enough for now, but then i realised that giving never stops to take a break and it never says now you have had enough…… take a look at the sun. it never stops giving, never does it say ‘and now you must await your turn, you have had your share for today’. hihihihihihihihi silly me.

    By Anonymous on 12.25.2009

  15. I hope I can give all of my knowledge to the people around me. I want to let them learn more. Am I having the knowledge? If not, how to give to others? Therefore, I need to learn more for boosting my knowledge!

    By Phee Khim Yong on 12.25.2009

  16. Give me something of actual substance. Something that will give me the tinglies whenever I think about it. Give to me something that I want to give you. I don’t expect much, but what I do expect is at least something in return. After being given nothing what’s the use?

    By JS on 12.25.2009

  17. It is better to give than to receive, however it is really nice to receive too! Also its important what you give, just like you can get really pissed off if what you receive isnt what you wanted or needed.

    By to cricket on my vespa on 12.25.2009

  18. the hardest thign is to give without expecting anythign back.if u can give …then be happy.

    By lini on 12.25.2009

  19. its Christmas so this is a good word to write about …Christmas is all about giving not just receiving presents – like Christ who gv His life for us. :)

    By housemdftw on 12.25.2009

  20. i want to give you all the feelings that you gave to me. i want to give you pain, hurt, heartbreak and all of the other awful things that you made me feel. i want to give you hell. i want to give you a reason to love me. i want to give you something to think, something to know, something to breathe something to fight. i want to give you passion, because without me you’ll never have it. i wanted to give you so many things but all you wanted to give me was away.

    By Anonymous on 12.25.2009

  21. give a weired word . you give many things but why do you give. what do you get in retirn for the giving. what does give have to do with our satisfaction and

    By Anonymous on 12.25.2009

  22. Giving is the ability to pass something to another without the thought of receiving in exchange. Christmas time is notorious for the “giving” concept.

    By Jonny on 12.25.2009

  23. well, that’s relevant as today is Christmas day. i am very proud of the gifts i gave this year. a hogwarts express to my train obsessed little brother, i baked cookies for my friends, and i bought some awesome t-shirts for my cousin. had a good day… Merry Christmas everybody! xoxo

    By Lila on 12.25.2009

  24. Give and recieve more things that you can imagine. Giving cleanses the soul and creates peace within the spirit. Giving is a special gift from God above. So treasure with joy!

    By Danielle Coleman on 12.25.2009

  25. i give you a pen. you say nice pen. i said thanks. you said lets go to a movie. i said okay. we went to lord of the rings. you gave me my pen back. the end.

    By Anonymous on 12.25.2009

  26. the method of giving is impossible to understand
    if you give away too eagarly you appear artificially kind
    if you give too shyly you appear greedy
    and if you don’t give at all you appear to be unkind in every way, despite the fact that you could be very nice

    By mee on 12.25.2009

  27. tonight, i give you my jacket.

    tonight, i give you my gloves.

    tonight, i give you my heart.

    but you give me nothing at all.

    By alice on 12.25.2009

  28. I gave my mother a book for Christmas. She hasn’t opened the present, and doesn’t want to. It’s upsetting that I would pick out something to give her and she doesn’t even want to know what it is. Givingis just as much about the reciever as it is about the giver and when the reciever doesn’t like what’s given it is not fair.

    By Nina on 12.25.2009

  29. love
    to yourself
    and anyone else that will take it
    and anything else that will reflect it
    and see it swooping back towards you
    and do not duck
    it will love you
    it will feel good
    you will float
    above your problems
    and see them as the silly little dust that they are.

    By carolyn on 12.25.2009

  30. Someone gave me a laptop for Christmas, and its operating system was, by default, Ubuntu. Now, I figured, OK so I just need to get used to a new operating system, like I did with my MacBook. I tried it for hours, and I’m still trying it now–a day later. Let me tell you, I want to fucking kill myself and smash the laptop on something hard till it’s unrecognizable.

    By Allison on 12.25.2009

  31. This sweater I’ve been given is a bit tight, but there’s give in it. Very considerate of the giver to give me the benefit and flattery of a gift one size too small.

    By Andy C on 12.25.2009

  32. To open ones heart to love to feel and experience another person to the fullest extent;oneness completeness with another human being expecting nothing in return but honesty.

    By Amy on 12.25.2009

  33. give presents, christmas, giving spirit, take, leave, give away, given, the giver, third grade, pink pearl erasers, jared mccall, mrs. scoby, reading time, memories, elementary school, weird, strange, spinning chair

    By Brittany on 12.25.2009

  34. i gave it all away. i gave it too many. i’ve got nothing left but he says maybe i do. i don’t know what to do or say.don’t give it all away.

    By Anne on 12.25.2009

  35. give it, take it, love it, steal it, lend it, have it, leave it, see it, be it, know it, need it, hope it, with it…

    By Ron on 12.25.2009

  36. When i think of giving i think about giving presents to my family on christmas. This year i gave my sister a shirt and a coat, and both of my brothers jackets. :) i am very glad i gave to them the best gift ever!

    By Yomama on 12.25.2009

  37. charity

    By chaz on 12.25.2009

  38. Verse and nothing else have I to give

    By Robert Browning on 12.25.2009

  39. how appropriate for Xmas day though we should be giving everyday – to give is to let down your wall – your ego – your self awareness – to give away a piece of yourself – give it all away

    By anndar on 12.25.2009

  40. “Keep back the one word more,
    Nor give of your whole store;
    For, it may be, in Art

    By Lizette Woodworth Reese on 12.25.2009