December 25th, 2009 | 269 Entries

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269 Entries for “mittens”

  1. i got that girl a pair of mittens to show my love. what did she give me? doubt. she gavve me doubt. she wears them around me, she says she loves them. I don’t know what to believe. they have an X and an O. to match her tattoo.

    By Anonymous on 12.26.2009

  2. mittens are good for the people who like to save themselves from winter. I have seen people having their

    By Anonymous on 12.26.2009

  3. The mittens were soft and warm to his touch. But what was wrapped around his fists was not. It was the mighty legendary blade passed down from generations in his family. His fingers curled tightly around the hilt as he lowered himself into a combat stance.

    Before him the large monstrous minotaur let out a thunderous roar before charging him.

    By ThatGuy on 12.26.2009

  4. Mittens are something pretty weird. Aren’t they used for like, holding hot plates and shit? I’m not actually sure what mittens are, but I’m pretty sure that I’m right. Mittens… It rhymes with kittens, I’m guessing that’s why I can’t really figure out what they are? Are they a sort of kittens?

    By Kraetyz on 12.26.2009

  5. The little cat purred as the milk poured into the dish. She batted her owner softly with one white paw, accidentally knocking over the saucer. “Oh no!”

    By Tess on 12.26.2009

  6. warm cold outside locked out freezing cousin knock on door call out please open the door i”m cold. winter

    By cousin on 12.26.2009

  7. mittens

    By boogie on 12.26.2009

  8. Mittens are for keeping your fingers warm, on cold, wet windy days. They stop you from getting frost bite. They come in all sorts of colours, sizes and shapes.

    By Emma on 12.26.2009

  9. mittens are for comfort, mittens are the unitarian peice that bundles your hands and keeps them warm. mittens can be store bought or home made and that’s what makes them unique. they can be generic or they can be special but they all serve the same purpose.

    By Evan on 12.26.2009

  10. The red mittens, which had once seemed charming and useful, were now threadbare and itchy, a dreaded piece of holiday wear that she kept hidden in the back of her closet.

    By Kelsey on 12.26.2009

  11. jelp blalala

    By Anonymous on 12.26.2009

  12. mittens and a morning wool of thread hanging from the tops of stairs covered in hard, cold wood. mittens on your nose and my head and in our smiles we can see the stitching. One and two and three and crochet until we stop loving each other. Perhaps we will have a house full of mittens and stairs full of wool.

    By Megan on 12.26.2009

  13. mittens yeah cool accessories haaven’t seen one yet .
    represent the seeping of good ideas in the kitchen arena.

    By vj on 12.26.2009

  14. what same word again .bad word doesn’t help to write a good piece.

    By Anonymous on 12.26.2009

  15. I got a pair of mittens for Christmas. There’s an indian design on them and I wonder if Indians wore/wear mittens. I guess some must.

    By Anonymous on 12.26.2009

  16. Mittens was the name of my first cat. I was very young, a child, and I was very mean to her. I used to lock her in my toy box, which seems especially hideous to me in hindsight. Mittens was always having kittens. One day, my parents decided to get her fixed. Mittens didn’t come home. I remember going to kindergarden and being really confused by the whole thing. I knew every body was expecting me to be sad, but not knowing what death was, I expected Mittens was just “hiding” in my toybox.

    By Matt on 12.26.2009

  17. mittens are essential when one goes iceskating, as is hot chocolate. a single mitten is a lonely mitten.

    By Anonymous on 12.26.2009

  18. I have already given you my opinion on mittens!

    By Anonymous on 12.26.2009

  19. The cold bitter air seeped through the mittens. I blew on them hastily and hurried on, keeping my eyes on the warm glow of the house in front of me. I wanted to get inside, before this freak blizzard got any worse. Snow flakes swirled in front of my eyes,freezing in my hair, forming icicles.

    By some girl on 12.26.2009

  20. Mittens….sex.

    By yo on 12.26.2009

  21. warm

    By Anonymous on 12.26.2009

  22. cat gloves

    By ian on 12.26.2009

  23. i really wish that this site would change to word from mittens to something else. as much as i enjoy writing especially like this, i hate how the word has been mittens for like a whole freaking week. maybe they’re taking a break for the holidays. regarless, change the damn word.

    By geddie on 12.26.2009

  24. Mittens rock, they’re so fuzzy and cute. The only things that I don’t like about them is the thing that actually makes them mittens, the fact that your fingers are bound all togethor and unable to be used individually. There are those mittens that fold open to either open or closed fingered gloves, and while novel are not classical enough for my taste. I image they started as just a simple glove, before people coudl articulate the fingers. Either way, they rock.

    By Joey on 12.26.2009

  25. soft, if impractical
    something about the smell of wet wool reminds me of being a child
    one big finger, one little thumb
    snow hanging on for dear life, defying gravity and your idea of a proper snowballfight

    By Chris M on 12.26.2009

  26. Its very cold outside so i slipped on my Mittens. They werent my first choice of hand appearal but they’ll do. They were a navy blue which was my favorite color, but still I had not free range use of my fingers.

    By Hillary on 12.26.2009

  27. Mittens are so interesting, all they do is just keep your hands warm and stuff but they are so useful. It’s actually horrible weather right now as I live in the midwest and it’s December so it’s cold, icy, and snowy. Mittens will help keep my hands warm, but I actually prefer to wear gloves. Mittens rhymes with kittens which is kind of a neat thing because I like cats. well, I have a love/hate relationship with cats.

    By Evan on 12.26.2009

  28. She held the solitary mitten in her hand like a beacon, like the last burst of inspiration she’d ever have. She saw him holding the other one, running, and she thought that maybe, just maybe, she needed something more than the warmth from mittens.

    By Sky on 12.26.2009

  29. I think about cats wearing mittens like when I was a kid I had this book about kittens wearing mittens I think it was called goodnight moon. I remember really liking the drawings. Well, I live in Florida and I almost never wear mittens, even now in the dead of January except for when I’m riding my bike because the wind blows at me.

    By Chelsea on 12.26.2009