December 24th, 2008 | 176 Entries

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176 Entries for “give”

  1. giving is this odd sensation…sometimes it’s a tangible gift, sometimes it’s time or love or compassion…it is part of your heart that you place in a another’s hands, hoping that it will bring them joy as you have found joy in giving it.

    By Kate on 12.25.2008

  2. I always think about what others can give to me, but it seems I rarely think about what I can give to others unless it benefits me in some way. I always want things. I want love, I want success, I want money, I want to be attractive, I want friends. And I think that I am enough to give in return… just the person that I am is enough. I give my whole being, but will I get anything in return?

    By Michelle on 12.25.2008

  3. giving is one thing lots of people do not know how to do. If more people gave then we would be a happier world and people would not be poor. Or at least people would be more grateful. Besides that, giving makes you feel better about yourself and it makes other people feel good. So feel free to give more.

    By Melissa on 12.25.2008

  4. this christmas i gave you your present. and in return you gave me back my heart.

    mangled and broken you gave it back to me and its the last thing i would have asked for.

    in fact i would have never asked for it. Not for a long, long time. I could have loved you. all i wanted was you to give me your heart…and my pet fish you promised me.

    By stephanie on 12.25.2008

  5. me more.
    than this.
    than this moment.
    these moments.

    (are wasted.)

    By Crystal Anne on 12.25.2008

  6. I’ll give you a diamond ring, my friend, if it makes you feel alright.
    I’ll give you what I got to give, if it makes you feel alright.

    Well, I don’t care too much for money.

    ‘Cause money can’t buy me love.

    By Andriano on 12.25.2008

  7. I could give a rat’s ass about Christmas. But I’m not really sure what that would entail. I haven’t seen many rats and I also seem to have misplaced my rat asses remover. They are tricky to remove, you know…

    By Caron on 12.25.2008

  8. giving is the most awesome thing you can do unless this giving is some what i would think is aids or herpes or perhaps gonerrea and other than that its pretty cool i guess you can get things at like christmas and stuff like that but other htan that well not necessarly it could also be your birthday, hanakuah, or perhaps

    By Ryan C. on 12.25.2008

  9. i want to give you something. but i dont know exactly what. perhaps it is a piece of my heart. which is lame and overdone. perhaps it is something i am not yet willing to give. i can give up i can give out i can give a gift, which i refuse to give thi year. i can give my trust or my happiness or my solitude. or i can give that all away. i wont do it, simply because you ask me to.

    By e on 12.25.2008

  10. Before we’d met, we were closer than should be possible. You gave me life-your air, food, water… your purpose all for me. In time, roles reverse.

    By Meryl on 12.25.2008

  11. who would not give? giving is a primary emotion of sorts. giving is loving. giving is caring. giving is respecting. giving makes the world better. humanity will be in a better place if people gave instead of taking

    By asif on 12.25.2008

  12. Why do we give things, to show how much we are? Or to get people to think we are awesome? i think the latter, which is sad, but it’s true. Even if you really do care, and you really do try to get something so perfect. It really just doesn’t mean shit. oh well, you still got to try, don’t you?

    By Clare on 12.25.2008

  13. put something into someone elses hands that you have in your own and wish to share.

    By Bonnie Blackwell on 12.25.2008

  14. i didn’t expect to give so much and receive so little.. not work much but one jiggle in a change bin on the sidewalk… where i walk wishing my life was different.. it’s a waste.. all days are spent beating myself up saying it’s nice but where is the rest… I talk all day but can’t get a verse off my chest.. and it’s depressing me.. I inhale deeply

    By Phlyy on 12.25.2008

  15. There is lots out there in the world that we could all give. And its a shame that nowadays not as many people are giving as there should be. So take time to think about giving. Give to your families, your friends. Give to the needy and the less fortunate. Giving is the greatest reward of all.

    By Ricky on 12.25.2008

  16. How appropriate they would choose the word give. It’s christmas. Am I suppose to write about how much better it is to give than receive? Or am I suppose to write about some other kind of holiday fluff?

    By miss clause on 12.25.2008

  17. ken leaned in and kissed me. this experience he was giving me was the most breathtaking moment of my life. i kissed back and hugged him back, never wanting to let go. “i love you”.
    i gave him my heart. for ever.

    By karen on 12.25.2008

  18. I had given Carl the blubbery piece of goo earlier that day. I had no idea what to expect from him; in fact, this was the first time I had even seen him. At the time, I did not even know his name was Carl.

    But now, looking into his unforgiving eyes, I knew I had made an awful mistake.

    By Ellen on 12.25.2008

  19. give is what drives the world. giving is a pleasure. to give is what makes the warmth in us all grow. We all must learn to give before we can take. Giving is true happiness. Only when you are willing to part with something has you trly grasped its meaning.

    By joe on 12.25.2008

  20. give ur heart. that’s all i think of. everything u’ve got. and wat more do u have than ur heart? if you’re anything like me then you’re probably thinking that that’s not much. a ravaged heart, broken and glazed over unevenly. not much, eh? dispite everything, it’s your heart, it’s all you have left when everything else you know is gone. give your heart. give.

    By emily on 12.25.2008

  21. I have nothing to give but love. I give more and more comes to me. I have a well that never ends of this juicy sweet nectar. Take some, its yours.

    By mackenzie on 12.25.2008

  22. Giving is a good act. People have a lot should give to the needy. Giving should be made mandatory. Then the money can be more compartmentalized throughout the economic limits of the country.

    By fuzzles on 12.25.2008

  23. It is in the giving that you receive

    By G Hans on 12.25.2008

  24. Give me this one chance to make you understand what I have been trying to show you for years now. Listen, just once, really here these words and think on their meaning. I need you to give me this, just this, and then it can finally be over for good and we can both move on.

    By Bailey on 12.25.2008

  25. it seems nobody really understands how to just give something nowadays, whether as a gift or just something somebody needs. there’s always a catch, an excuse, a last word, or some guarantee of repayment.

    By ian on 12.25.2008

  26. to give is to get is to give is to get. they say it is better to give than to receive but giving would be nothing without receiving. you would not know the meaning of receiving something and would no longer care about giving.

    By qdizzy on 12.26.2008

  27. we give all we can.
    we walk down the halls handing out gifts and receiving smiles. however ive given you everything.
    ive left it all on the table and have been handed nothing in return. love is not selfish but youve proven to be. no matter what i do your charilistan attitude has causes a eruption in my mind to leave.

    By Gary on 12.26.2008

  28. is it about giving or taking? do you want me to give so you can take more? is that why you encourage me to do good? because you just want more from me.. because it isnt because you care about me or want me to be a better person unless it is to benefit you! I can think of something I’d like to give you!

    By amy on 12.26.2008

  29. That is all we really have to do. No questions. Don’t think about what to expect or what you will gain. Don’t ask about what the point is. Just do it. Give with all your heart, and ask for nothing in return.

    By sharine on 12.26.2008

  30. cherish those around you, share your love completely, never hold back, Life can not be empty if you just give…..

    By cobaltmoonrose on 12.26.2008

  31. There’s nothing more I could give to you. There’s nothing you haven’t already taken. You have everything, you’re not even satisfied with my whole being. I’ve become what I’ve never wanted to be before. My self went willingly. I’ve given you everything, In return.. For nothing at all.

    By megan. on 12.26.2008

  32. You can give happiness to a person if you give your time to that person. Time is the most precious and valueable thing a person has. How much busy you may be but you can always take out some time for your dear ones. This is because whatever you do, you do to make your dear ones happy.

    By Ruchi on 12.26.2008

  33. to give is everything. give – one simple word that makes the world go around. Today is Christmas, and the whole principal of the word was put to the test today, and ya know what? I think it was put to good use. Yes, give.

    By Ashley on 12.26.2008

  34. To give, to create,
    a new chance to feel something real.
    To live, to love or hate,
    to believe in something more.
    These few reasons we cling to,
    these new ones we have in store,
    another thing to be grateful for.

    By Rick Veloz on 12.26.2008

  35. I like to give rather than receive. It makes me feel nice. If I can improve someones life I feel like I’m improving my own. Christmas is about giving. Merry Christmas! :D

    By Joe on 12.26.2008

  36. To give means to share, you learn how to in kindergarten, and that’s all you really need to know about life, sharing and caring. Giving. It’s as simple as that. You give you get.

    By Cheyenne on 12.26.2008

  37. I hate giving presents. I’m never sure if the giftee will like it, and plus I’m not really sure who I’m buying for – me or them? Me, so I can feel like the wonderful altruistic person I supposedly am, or them, so they can recieve the gift? Many people say “it is better to give than to recieve”, but what’s it like for the poor reciever? Doesn’t anyone think of how they’d feel about it?

    By theangelofdarkness on 12.26.2008

  38. I give her the gift. She looks inside, purses her lips, and removes the tissue paper. “What is it?” she asks, no hint of interest. “You’ll see, I say, and turn to walk away. I can feel her eyes boring into my back, but I don’t care.

    By Casey on 12.26.2008

  39. give it to me, he said. i thought about it and decided – no – i’m going to keep it, it’s mine, and i’ll decide you i’m going to give it to and its not him. i thing i’ll keep it to myself. i want to hold onto it for the moment. i’ll give it to somebody, someday, but not today, its mine.

    By joan on 12.26.2008

  40. I would like to have the chance to be able to give something important to someone. I have it in my hands and ready to give. However the person I want to give it to is still hesitant to receive it.

    By Alex on 12.26.2008