December 24th, 2008 | 176 Entries

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176 Entries for “give”

  1. i give hima present.
    but hey, is it what he wants?
    a present?
    well, maybe he will be annoyed, because a present is not what he expected.
    but it’s nice.
    if i were him, i would be happy.
    if you give someone a present,
    maybe the one would give you a present, too.
    who knows?
    i dont.
    give me the chance to proove.

    By kally on 12.26.2008

  2. to give or not to give, that is the question…it is not always better to give but give anyway…

    By roberto on 12.26.2008

  3. give it to him. its his. dont take his stuff. he has nothing anymore. the things he has are the most important to him. dont take away all that he has left. thats selfish. he has nothing. literally nothing. his house is blown to pieces. dont make it worse. give him some of your own things.

    By meg on 12.26.2008

  4. to be free to give of oneself and ones possesions is a freedom not to be taken lightly; relieved of the constraints of possession and ownership give of ones self to others

    By Hannah on 12.26.2008

  5. I give you all i can take and you give me sunlight days and walks in the midafternoon down tree lined streets. could anyone ask for more?

    By leah on 12.26.2008

  6. giving can be a very good or bad thing, depending on what you give. you can give many things like physical things BUT you can also give things which people can’t see. like love. giving someone something nice means you appreciate their presence etc. it’s nice to give stuff to people you like.

    By Hasan on 12.26.2008

  7. Give, give, give that is all that she ever appears to do. And then complain about it. Martyrdom must be hard, constant work. I can’t imagine the burden, myself, because I’m a taker. Always have been, always will be I suspect. Doesn’t matter,

    By alias octavia on 12.26.2008

  8. Give me a moment and I’ll give you a lifetime. Give me a lifetime and I’ll give you my life.

    By Andy on 12.26.2008

  9. to give is the factor that distinguishes human from animals

    By Stanislas Fontaine on 12.26.2008

  10. I wish I could give more, to give as much as I take. It’s hard. I like it when you like what I have to offer, I like it when you thank me. Giving is a gift.

    By Rain on 12.26.2008

  11. People don’t give enough. I’m not complaining about the entire generating, just alot of it. The world is selfish! We need to fix this and GIVE! Christmas is over.

    By Josh on 12.26.2008

  12. important to ones health and happiness. makes you feel good, as well as the others.

    By Dayna on 12.26.2008

  13. the world will test you by taking away. don’t let it stop you, be the person you know you can.

    By Billt on 12.26.2008

  14. Give me a break. I’m rather done with this dissembling. Give me my Santa socks back. Give me my ruby red nail polish back. Give me my notebook, my traveling coffee mug and my heart back. Happy Holidays.

    By TheBess on 12.26.2008

  15. WHen I you give something to someone, it is really a gift to yourself. I feel a thousand times better being the giver. If I get something, I now have to deal with the guilt that I should have given them something. What should i get them?

    By KT on 12.26.2008

  16. “Fifty,” said the man.
    Mr. Douler looked up from his desk. “What?”
    “I’ll give you fifty silver coins for the boy.”
    The other man set the paper he was working on aside and peered at Mr. Speckles suspiciously from behind his tiny spectacles.

    By Just me on 12.26.2008