December 26th, 2008 | 150 Entries

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150 Entries for “after”

  1. Babies Happen AFTER SEX
    SO DOES std’s and crying abortions and suicide

    don’t forget the trauma of teen age pregnancy

    By Clayton on 12.27.2008

  2. after i finish this, i’ll be shutting the computer down and rest. This is just an exercise to just write and write about just well about anything that comes to mind. this is like writing in a journal.

    By sheermee on 12.27.2008

  3. After I took a sip of tea, I thought “It’s not such a bad thing to be working this Christmas. I love my work, and I would spend Christmases with my work and my work alone, if I had to.” Was I committed? Was I using my work to fill a void? Regardless of what my reasons were, my passion to work remained.

    By BD on 12.27.2008

  4. after life. What is after. what really matters is before, beofe is the after. Live, breath and make good. Enjoy the little thingd, the movies, the friends, the fun. Money is small compared to joy and reall happiness. I want my after to be full of good thoughts.

    By Stephanie on 12.27.2008

  5. After I went to the store, I saw a pig flying through the sky. this pig was eating a banana and she had a blue toe on one of her nails. The pig flew into ym face and ate me. I felt myself tumblign down inside of the pig’s stomache. I went down, down, down. Then I felt the pig throw me back up again and that was it.

    By Angelik on 12.27.2008

  6. midnight came a distant sound it was a car with ppl in it they were dancing to dsomje weird music, something a ltitle like country-jazz-techno why that? i dunno….

    By lolicon on 12.27.2008

  7. After all this time, I still love you like I did the day I met you.
    After a cta, a death, a baby, a move interstate – after everything…

    By jen on 12.27.2008

  8. I believe that the word after symbolizes change. It symbolizes the light at the end of the tunnel. The good that comes once the bad has left. It’s such an empowering word but we treat it like it’s meaningless. Why do we do this? It’s absolutely amazing. After.

    By Monique on 12.27.2008

  9. yeah, sure, i’m gonna start work soon. after i finish typing this. and perhaps after dinner. and after a few videos maybe. maybe after my little tv break. yeah, that sounds good. a short nap after that would be nice too. i’ll start. right after…

    By xq on 12.27.2008

  10. The future is always something most people worry about. Most women want to be with a man who they see themselves to have a good future with. Most people make decisions based on what the future holds for them.

    But what matters most is what we do now. What we do with the little time that we have. If we spend all our time worrying about what comes after, we stop living in the present. And after all the dust settles at the end of our life, we can only look back and feel regret of what we could have done in the past while we spent all of our time worrying about tomorrow.

    By Trina on 12.27.2008

  11. The end of the night we go to the after hour club and begin our adventure into the after life. After that we go after some food

    By jon on 12.27.2008

  12. They always knew that they would have to pay for what they did. The repercussions were always at the back of their minds, haunting them, nagging them while they went about their everyday tasks. They kept themselves in a convenient bubble with a frame of mind that dictated that they would probably never have to face anything for what they were doing, and this was all very soothing for their egos and consciences.

    By Claire on 12.27.2008

  13. After jeebus had finished fingering the rabbit, he put it back in it’s cage, bolting the door shut. He walked away, sniffing his fingers, smiling the smile of a man who had just fingered a rabbit for the first time. He knew his wife wouldn’t understand, but he didn’t care because he had rabbit shit under his fingernails and he liked it.

    By Dave Basement on 12.27.2008

  14. after is an interesting word. It is not in the beginning, but some time after. it is not necessarilly the end but it could be after. after is a word that I use a lot with the kids.

    By ken on 12.27.2008

  15. After seems to be so far away. It never comes at the right time. You always have to wait for something else to happen to get after. After can be sooner, but then its now. Such a simple word yet so much to surround its one little meaning, to but it off till a later time? why not now?

    By brooke on 12.27.2008

  16. not before but proceeding something: the important thing is proceeding what? If, the thing that is before and after is what it is not, then it fairly–we can say–exists!

    By lifeproof on 12.27.2008

  17. After Christmas. After anything. After isn’t sad…or always sad. After is memories. After is almost like reviewing the situation. After today, it’s tomorrow. Or today. After is precious, because without after there would be no during.

    By Mallory Grey on 12.27.2008

  18. After Christmas. After everything is done. Is there let down and disappointment or is there relief. Is there joy that everything is over? everything to be boxed away for another year and life gets back to normal (whatever that is). The ebb and flow of the days a

    By Pam on 12.27.2008

  19. After the party…we all went insane.
    After, God, this one took me by surprise, i don’t know what to say.

    Saw Yes Man last nite with some friends, it was pretty funny.

    By evan on 12.27.2008

  20. this is the word that describes the situation occuring after a certain event For eg: I brush my teeth after i have my lunch.So this word expreeses a situation

    By Rupak on 12.27.2008

  21. after the aftermath I’m trapped in collapsing hats that trample taxi cabs with plastic mats

    but after that, the the fancy cats and the second THE wasn’t a mistake it was a fake a fnord the incandescent lord

    have mercy on us for we have sinned against the number 5 because we didn’t know what it didn’t mean the I the meat and the you in between

    before apres(I prey, I pray)

    By NWC23 on 12.27.2008

  22. before you say after say afterthought before mine yours today tomorrow then now sing song sung under over down up side to side and all along the watchtower. say what’s after after? is it what comes before after? doesn’t after come before after too? and before… all befores are someone’s afters

    By samar on 12.27.2008

  23. After all this has passed, I still will remain… After I’ve wrought my last, they’ll be beauty from pain… She sung softly to no one in particular as she stared farther than most could see with her black eye and her bandaged eye.

    By Hannah on 12.27.2008

  24. The time comes post before. Something I know might happen when the present events are complete. Something maybe I hope will happen.

    By Russell on 12.27.2008

  25. this is what leaves you broken.always wanting more. this feeling of “after”.

    By lalala on 12.27.2008

  26. time. why is it that this reminds me of time? is it the fact that now this world runs on on time and money and sense time is money then thn this society is basically controled by money. stupid humans

    By kat on 12.27.2008

  27. Ever after. After the dawn. After seems to explain what we do to clean up following an important event. After explains the recovery or letdown following an event. ‘After’ is a small word used to summarize a chain of events that aren’t judged as important as the events coming before. Happily ever after.

    By Kaitlyn on 12.27.2008

  28. after is the damn word that i am supposed to write about right now at this moment. i found this page while stumbling. after i had sex once today, i wanted more shortly afterward. after midnight, we’re gonna let it all hang out. after is the word that most people say

    By KillyrKirsten on 12.27.2008

  29. Afternoon. After I’ve done all I needed to do. After the sun reaches its peak and the depressing mode of the day sets in. Sets in with the setting sun. How I hate the afternoon. The reminder that the day is coming to its close and there was so much I didn’t do. Soon it will be night and my worries will go away with the hum of my computer and the long for someone, anyone to knock on my door.

    By PRose on 12.27.2008

  30. after the fall, we
    stand up,
    after is
    what happens
    before the next after,
    but during
    we need to not
    think to much about after
    or perhaps, we don’t think about
    after at all,
    we think before,
    we think about during
    but what happens after,
    is the result of
    during, the present
    right now…we
    look toward after,
    or back to before
    before after
    there was a before this
    and that is over,
    once before is over
    it is after..

    like right now
    it is morning
    and I’m wondering what
    I will do after…

    but I think
    I’ll not
    remember the past
    or think any further
    about “after”

    By QalbsQuill on 12.27.2008