April 14th, 2013 | 146 Entries

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146 Entries for “geometric”

  1. shape me like the way you’ve shaped
    your picture-perfect windows
    that look out among lines, and planes
    so delicately arranged
    I wish to be
    part of your OCD
    Your Geometric Girl
    in your picture-perfect world

    By Lily on 04.14.2013

  2. shapes, and how they are perceived. How stuff is measured. using units such as meters. area.

    By huda on 04.14.2013

  3. i’m made of circles
    and you’re made of squares
    or so society says

    princesses are spheres
    and han solo’s a triangle
    or so fiction dictates

    and a star lives in the sky
    or the sea
    depending on who you ask

    and we’re all being forced into molds
    that don’t fit

    By Aly on 04.14.2013

  4. Walking out on the balcony late at night always feels so free and alive. Looking down upon the city and all it’s shapes and colors, it reminds to look at all of this through the eye of God. At least in the best way that I can. The slick geometry of the city, although somewhat disorderly, seems to fit perfectly at night. The perfection of each building that us humans have constructed. Everything fitting in it’s own little quarter and space. Damn, this whole thing is beautiful. Why can’t I be reminded of this all the time? It’s like only once you zoom out do things actually make sense.

    By AJ on 04.14.2013

  5. Stained glass windows have a way of tossing gems into the shadows as
    Shafts of light inch into the darkest corners, one must have the other & vice versa

    By Intuition on 04.14.2013

  6. what in the world does geometric mean? like triangles? polygons? i still remember what my geometry class was like. I don’t remember the lessons but i remember the atmosphere. it was cool. i liked it i think. it made me feel smart to be there. i remember the tables were long wooden tables like camp tables at a summer camp.

    By Felisha on 04.14.2013

  7. I’ve always been found of geometric shapes ! they are a part of everything around us .

    By Chinmaya on 04.14.2013

  8. Shapes and lines and symbols. Unsure of what they are and whaat to do with them ben continues to stare at the geometric shapes! His teacher comes up to his desk. “stuffing around again are we ben?”

    By Ri on 04.14.2013

  9. Geometric shapes surround me
    They are just all I ever see
    O, Lord, please set me free
    From this old world of geometry

    By Nikolay on 04.14.2013

  10. The triangles in the sky. The triangles on her dry skin. The triangles in her boots. It was all geometry. I knew how to solve this. I learned in 9th grade. Why didn’t I take notes? I can figure it out. Quadratic Formula.

    By Jackie on 04.14.2013

  11. i am breathing, slowly,
    i am wheezing lowly
    from my place on this globe of dirt
    to the beat of an entire planet full of lives
    to the rythm of what took eons to build
    what yearns and grows and strives
    toppling over and destroying itself
    certainly rising again
    to another capo of the geo-metric song.

    By berenique on 04.14.2013

  12. Geometric something related to metric calculation of earth. Hope its fine.I don’t know much :)

    By Nitin on 04.15.2013

  13. some thoughts about shapes etc. i like the simplicity, the defined rules and the beauty of solving and categorizing. It just makes perfect sense…

    By ori URL on 04.15.2013

  14. La geometría es el arte de poner en dos dimensiones lo que en efecto existe en 3, 4, 5 y hasta 6 dimensiones. ¡Qué grandiosa mágia hemos creado! Sólo la abstracción podría haber creado este pequeño monstruo lógico.

    By Carbet on 04.15.2013

  15. Geometric…I have nothing.

    By therese URL on 04.15.2013

  16. Lines. They were all over. There was nothing I could do to get them out of my head. The kept crossing each other with no particular meaning, no organisation; they just did.
    Over and over again, lines popped out and overlapped with each other, making geometrical shapes that I couldn’t understand. I wanted to cover my eyes or massage my temples to stop the migraine it’s giving me. But I can’t; my arms are tied around my body in a straitjacket.

    By Celine Wu URL on 04.15.2013

  17. Her body appeared to me as a perfection in geometry, as I embraced her and my hands around her flawless curves I felt my self, my existence, my god.I

    By Intekhab on 04.15.2013

  18. I love how can an architecture plan a building with a fantastic geometrical way

    By Laura on 04.15.2013

  19. hmmm geometry? Geometric? rocket science!

    By lucy on 04.15.2013

  20. I hate geometric since studing at school

    By Anastasia on 04.15.2013

  21. the shapes and sizes of the things around him disgust him. ugly shapes with harsh edges. ugly expressions on people’s faces. he wants to leave so badly, but he can’t. maybe he can. he breaks out of the window.

    By southernpumpkin on 04.15.2013

  22. geometric shapes are intriguing, they make every thing symmetrical and aesthetic, my favourite is a triangle, i dont know why. but making a perfect triangle is a challenge without any aid, i am mostly interested in isometric triangles.

    By shipra URL on 04.15.2013

  23. צורה גיאומטרית קפצה יום אחד על השולחן שלי והתפוצצה לרסיסים. חשבתי לעצמי שזה מאוד מוזר ולא רציתי להמשיך לאכול את הבננה ולשתות את התה שהתחלתי בדיוק לפני ארבעים ושניים שניות.

    By עדי URL on 04.15.2013

  24. the days of our lives were geometric in their similarity. Some days had more corners than others, but all were regular, all were defined. At night we dreamed of random shapes, floppiness and falling.

    By Anne-Marie Swift on 04.15.2013

  25. The geometric shapes the hedges were cut into was an interesting landscaping technique. Mr. Johnson was so into math that his entire house had different math elements throughout it.

    By Terrence Thomas on 04.15.2013

  26. They fit together like a puzzle; neatly, perfectly, problem-free. If he was this shape, she was its complement. That’s how it always seemed to be.

    So why, she wondered, had this not worked out like before? It’s like she was a round peg trying to fit into a square hole – neither of them relenting.

    By Rio on 04.15.2013

  27. geometric is a math science. Pifagore’s theoreme is one of the most famous. the figures are round, square, triple. it is learned at school from 7th grade.

    By Marina on 04.15.2013

  28. The geometric design that I had drawn was the one chosen for the cover of the Art magazine. The judges were impress with the other presentations, however they were not good enough to take first place.

    By victor URL on 04.15.2013

  29. He paced up and down the kitchen, papers in one hand, tape measure in the other.
    His wife glanced up from the breakfast bar, having looked for inspiration in the cup of coffee that was Luke warm at best.
    He looked down quickly at the papers, and looked at her with a smile. A eureka moment, he knew those geometry lessons would pay off.
    ‘Yes Tina, the smaller washing machine will fit.’

    By Ian on 04.15.2013

  30. I don’t really know what that word ,eans I hear it in maths maybe? it honestly doesn’t excite me. it even looks like a maths word.. it isn’t very nice looking.

    By tay on 04.15.2013

  31. It’s like to measure the Earth. It’s like maths of geography. Cubicle world and square people.

    By WaitingForTheSun on 04.15.2013

  32. I just did this and I had the exact same word. im not really sure whats happening. and as I already said. I don’t like this word. im more concentrated on Hannah Montana than this word at the moment… and my sixty seconds is almost up so…..

    By tayls on 04.15.2013

  33. The blind man reached out for it, ran his fingers around the object, felt it’s crevices and mounds, and smiled a toothy smile because he recognised what his hands held .

    By Herringbone on 04.15.2013

  34. Destiny that is how is all about it does not matter about time but time is priceless so as youth, and it is not enough sometimes this crapy universe that mankind as created is been evolve into a deep trip of the most cynical and unjustified cruelty that the human nature has seen we have been collapsing into our own nature since the creation of our species maybe Destiny is something that it will happens to us sooner to our nature and restore the balance of this curse planet living with an unhealthy virus condemned to dead name “humans”…
    but the only sure thing is that life is an lapse of time errant of our Destiny!

    By Doug URL on 04.15.2013

  35. “Find the geometric mean of this…” my raven-haired teacher’s voice trails off as I stare longingly out the window to look at the summer lit day. I could honestly care less about geometry at this moment.

    By Kerry on 04.15.2013

  36. I led her hand to the round table and placed it on the old frame. She slowly ran it around the border, letting her fingers fall in and out of all the bumps. I watched her enthusiastically as she finished her way and stopped.

    “Geometric.” It was all she said.

    By OneJen on 04.15.2013

  37. Trailing fingertips
    Find fine lines and smooth shapes
    Against warming skin.
    Slow breaths punctuate the air
    Until a curve is struck,
    Releasing a gasp
    And a mouthful of words
    And teeth and
    Sound and

    By sonneillon URL on 04.15.2013

  38. Oh. A word that isn’t used so often in most circles. It’s speaking of things being shapes, like triangles and such. I know somebody who does stained glass, which is often done in geometric shapes, because cutting the glass is very difficult. But I know one person who actually will chip things into round-looking edges.

    By Serryphae URL on 04.15.2013

  39. The buildings of today are all sharp corners and vectors that collided in straight lines of glass and steel. The older buildings may have been inefficient and let little light in. But they knew how to create beauty in the carved stone and beautiful stone work. Each home could be a castle, and every town a kingdom.

    By River Ranter URL on 04.15.2013

  40. shapes. shapes. that’s what I think about. they need not be right angled, not necessarily perfect circles, but shapes nonetheless.
    it took me a while to realise that everything around me was geometric. everything

    By savita on 04.15.2013