December 28th, 2013 | 61 Entries

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61 Entries for “gentlemen”

  1. His words made me laugh.
    Words like “Musn’t” and “Alas” and “Fret.”
    He said these things on a daily basis.
    But there was one particular word that made me duck my head and cover my mouth with my hand to muffle the soft giggles and hide the red cheeks.


    He named me with such a kind and gentle title that put images of boot buttons and parasols into my head. Occasionally it was “dear” and “love” but most often it was


    He always said it in a friendly way, taking my hand with a flourish and brushing his lips against the skin of my knuckles or offering me his arm in such a classy, but obviously joking, way.
    It was all in good fun, with an air of humour and no implications of romance, but that word always managed to make my face flush red.


    By Miss Luna Clipse on 12.29.2013

  2. She saw three nice looking guys walking right in front of her. All dressed in custom made suits, they looked lovely, they looked like gentlemen. An yet when she walked past them she heard them talk, and the illusion that those suits gave her quickly faded away.

    By U on 12.29.2013

  3. a gentlemen would open the door for you, give you your jacket when you’re cold, and all the stereotypical things. But I think he would also have to have some sort of special touch to add to his gentlemenness haha

    By EmileeMark on 12.29.2013

  4. The starting announcement roared over the loudspeaker, ” gentlemen start your engines’. Gabriel, sitting in the stands with his dad, felt his heart rate go up a notch thinking about his brother.

    By mediaman64 on 12.29.2013

  5. Well, as it turns out, the Gentlemen in my brain who were supposed to get this done all in the span of the mere 60 seconds given, are out on lunch, thus this sentence was born.

    By Martin Pajuri on 12.29.2013

  6. What happened to chivalry? You killed it. You can’t have white knights in a full democracy. The doors were always closed for me anyway. Don’t help me. Don’t touch me.

    By Brie on 12.29.2013

  7. The gentlemen stood about in studied poses of langor: elbow canted and hand on hip, walking stick held just so, head tilted at the precise angle to show off the carefully tied cravat.

    By mrsmig on 12.29.2013

  8. If society considers the men degrading and exploiting women as “gentlemen,” then I don’t want to be a lady.

    By Grace on 12.29.2013

  9. Every men wants to be a gentlemen and every women wants a gentlemen. But although they are very hard to find.

    By Nina on 12.29.2013

  10. It’s the the distinguishing characteristic of a gentleman that allows one to put out a cigar on the forehead of a lady. It takes a lot of compassion for gentlemen to not throw a drink in the face of a lady that just won’t stop talkin’.

    By Rover on 12.29.2013

  11. buckling tired shoes they try
    i am lacing you up with my eyes
    i am damned by your honest reply
    you are scared of a gentle embrace
    leathered cheeks like the scars on your face

    By elliott on 12.29.2013

  12. I like men to be gentlemen. Manners maketh a man. Open doors, give up seats. Oh yes, proper gentlemen please.

    By Alexandra on 12.29.2013

  13. You would think a gentleman would be kind or chivalrous. Well, he was the opposite. He didn’t know how to talk to anyone, obviously, otherwise he wouldn’t have insulted all he talked to within the first 2 words. Whoever this dude was, rich or not, he is one of those people that, as Solomon said, is a servant in fine clothes on the back of a horse, while the real kings are on foot in rags.

    By Jess on 12.29.2013

  14. Sometimes a blank page is prettier than a string of words forced together like… like something. It’s more polite to the reader to admit that you’ve got nothing to say than to waste paper and their vluable time. More gentleman

    By Wilma Shakespeare on 12.29.2013

  15. OOH gentlemen i know that you are better than women…. but even that you never know them as much they know you… so you can say that are better then you cause you just don’t know their hearts and what is going in their inside… they could give you smile and want kill you; they could give you a big hurt but they really love you… just try to understand them PLEASE.

    By rossou on 12.29.2013

  16. I think it’s a good idea when men act like gentlemen. It makes it nice for the women. It shows good breeding and fine manners. Of course, not everyone is bred to be a gentleman, but it’s nice to have one in the family. We could all breed gentlemen if we wanted to. But some people done care.

    By WSpencer URL on 12.29.2013

  17. I grazed my finger in small circle paths on his spine, breathing in this morning and exhaling only worry. I let my eyes wander over the curvature of his body, inspecting his freckles and hair, and how his muscles laid and I was captivated by the beauty of this man.
    But this beauty isn’t mine to take in.
    I untangled myself from him, peeling him off like my shadow, leaving not completely whole, I know someday we’ll be together, but I ache knowing what I did and I know all I have is regret. I heard his timber voice dipping like honey in slow intervals saying her name where mine should of been.
    “goodbye” I said timidly
    “goodnight” he replied in a daze
    The difference between goodnight and goodbye is one means I’m coming back and one means I might.

    I haven’t talked to him since.

    By Katelin Woods on 12.29.2013

  18. “Gentlemen usually open the door for a lady,” Gertie frowned.
    “You know any?” her brother, Jon, replied with a sigh, “I’ll give them a call.”
    “Very funny,” she stated flashing him a fake smile.
    “You could have stayed home,” Jon reminded her.
    “And miss all the fun?” Gertie stated as she climbed out of the car and looked up at the old castle, “Not a chance.”
    Jon slammed the car door behind her and lifted up the two suitcases sitting on the curb.
    “I’m only staying for one night,” he grumbled as she turned to be certain he had her luggage.
    Gertie laughed lightly.
    “That’s the bet,” she said quietly, studying the large, dark windows, “Whether or not you make it through the night is the question.”
    Jon shook his head as he carried the suitcases up the stone steps.
    “It’s not haunted,” he insisted.
    “Well,” Gertie replied following him, “I have $100 on the bet that says it is and that you won’t stay.”
    Jon set the suitcases down on the top step.
    “You bet against me?!” he snapped with raised eyebrows, “Carry your own luggage!”
    “Oh don’t be such a crybaby,” Gertie sniffed and pulled the long cord that began the ringing of a deep bell somewhere up in the steeple. She looked at her brother and rolled her eyes.

    By Cim on 12.29.2013

  19. “Gentlemen!” Jane shouted at the crowded room like an angry hen at a bunch of wandering roosters. The youngsters of her childcare room, all below the age of three and still waddling about in diapers, looked up at her with saucer-sized eyes at the sound of the harsh tone in her voice.

    By Rosheen on 12.29.2013

  20. Black suit:
    a pounding heart
    and wide open blue eyes
    just like the sky right before the dawn.

    (Melodious night)

    Lovely and kind manners:
    I can still feel the softness of the pale skin
    against my ashamed lips.

    You breath deeply and I fell,
    hurting knees and wrists;
    bleeding words over the tongue.

    You are a real gentlemen
    and smiling
    you pour me ambrosia
    and tear me apart.

    ( Ouch. Love)

    By gargouillis on 12.29.2013

  21. He was a proper gentleman, not only possessing an impressively keen aesthetic sense and charismatic nature, but a caring heart. He, unlike other self-titled gentlemen, realized all that had led him to his fortunes, chance and choices alike, and accepted the duty of supporting those that had unwittingly, unconsciously supported him without asking anything in return.

    By Julian Christopher Geritz on 12.30.2013