December 29th, 2013 | 65 Entries

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65 Entries for “crossfire”

  1. Perhaps it was the glares, or the snide comments, or maybe it was even the sound of bedsprings creaking, but Jonathan was glad to be free of the apartment whenever Gabriel and Abraham got into a fight.

    By Elizabeth URL on 12.29.2013

  2. The name of my old blog. The one you never cared to look at or check, to update yourself with the destruction of the construction from the crossfire of the two girls you cared so much more for.

    By Anonymous URL on 12.30.2013

  3. She was caught in the crossfire of it all. Her dad’s drunk stride and her mom’s anger misdemeanor. It felt like ice when she was struck with her dad’s fist.

    By Shelby on 12.30.2013

  4. I feel like a crossfire every single time I visit family. Not only I have a big extended family, they live in different towns. I live overseas so we don’t get to see often. But when we do, I am amid a fight of who will see me first.

    By Fernanda URL on 12.30.2013

  5. I wish I had a choice, a bit of a voice, maybe even more, but fuck it. Forget it, I know I’ll regret it when I’m elderly but until my offspring is taking care of me I suppose it’s my job to suffer. Fuck me ’cause fuck her. I’m so fucking impressed.

    By Tangles on 12.30.2013

  6. Looking over the aftermath of the crossfire, Lt James of the 101 st airborne got sick- all over the crimson ground. Nobody ever mentions the hell this is in the recruitment posters.

    By mediaman64 URL on 12.30.2013

  7. Caught in the crossfire – that’s how it felt. John and I were working well together, and I felt that I was really getting somewhere. Then there was Janette to consider. She has an important role to play in the organisation, and I need to have her on side as well – but it had become a balancing act.

    By barbara Jones on 12.30.2013

  8. “Goddamnit. Stop that, Jackson.”
    “Why, sir?”
    “Cause we’re in the middle of it all, dumb nuts. Do you want to die because of crossfire?”
    “No, sir.”

    By Adrian George Nicolae URL on 12.30.2013

  9. guns, thoughts, words, images, caught in it, backtalk, slap, hurt, pain, question

    By Peggy Near on 12.30.2013

  10. Huge crossfire among the naked walls,
    hidden behind our quick breaths.

    There’s no need to scream anything
    or worse
    shouting and yelling
    – our thoughts are noisily echoing –

    We just stand
    one in front of the other, still:
    looking through the mirrors of eyes
    shattering the aching souls
    tearing apart the hearts,
    let them bleed.

    There’s no need to talk at all:
    your silent words are enough.

    By gargouillis on 12.30.2013

  11. they crossfired with the sound of the bangs increasing with each minute. abby acouldn’t bear the beloved people of her town take each other down. she had to do something. or else… she couldn’t think about the consequences of what would happen.

    By Tilly Havens on 12.30.2013

  12. So often she would end up in the familial crossfire. It was never truly clear why they were all fighting but somehow she knew it had something to do with her. Poor girl, she wondered, pondered, questioned and went on like that for years and years to finally figure out it was simply because she was born. Sometimes adding another to a mix just doesn’t work.

    By just a girl URL on 12.30.2013

  13. My parents never turned me against each other. I didn’t even know they’d gotten divorced until it was done. I wish they had. How dare they leave me to develop my own opinions. I should have been forced to feel something, like in every other avenue of my life.

    By Brie URL on 12.30.2013

  14. As the new year approaches, my conscience is fighting the idea of whether to hold on to old thoughts, relationships, feelings or letting go, moving on, and creating new. I chose the latter, smiling knowing that the last year was great, but this year grants the opportunity for something even better.

    By Jeffrey korb on 12.30.2013

  15. Stuck in the Crossfire of life
    Bullet flying by, how will you react
    will you duck and hide
    or grab you gun and shoot back
    make the choice before it’s too late

    By Frankie D. URL on 12.30.2013

  16. I can’t believe I’m caught in the crossfire of their emotions again. I’m here, but invisible, or so it seems. But I’m not invisible — I’m real, and hurting, even if they don’t seem to care. How can I make them stop? Stop, and think for one moment before they try to hurt each other again.

    By Kristine on 12.30.2013

  17. Caught in the crossfire of their argument, the child hunkered on the floor and began to hum, bouncing slightly on his haunches with his index fingers stuffed in his ears.

    By mrsmig URL on 12.30.2013

  18. The argument continued after they reached the office. It was really stressful working together as well as living together. So many colleagues caught up in the crossfire.

    By Alexandra URL on 12.30.2013

  19. Someday you might actually understand what its like to be caught in the crossfire between living and the dead. Both sides out to get you because you just don’t fit in anywhere. but someday pain is gonna make everything alright because talking to angels is what we all need sometimes. And I know you think I’ve gone mad to quote a song like this but really someday you are going to understand the way I feel here, standing in the crossfire of day and night, black and white in the claws of someone I have not met. And I’ll keep saying that I talk to angels because apparently they are the only friends I have in this creepy warring place. And I swear I don’t belong. Please tell me someday you’ve got to understand….

    By Madison on 12.30.2013

  20. A cross of fire
    the shape of desire
    demean demean. I mean
    to make you scream

    sacrilegious (sinful, really) sacrosanct (inviolable) or sanctimonious (high-horse)

    By La Bête becomes Man URL on 12.30.2013

  21. Crossfire is when two lovers place their own selfishness before the love and compassion they have for their partner. It is dangerous and deadly.

    By Cori on 12.30.2013

  22. No one ever wants to be caught here. That place that is between possibly good and bad or two sides fighting for common ground. The idea of being caught in the “crossfire” scares us and quite frankly we try to avoid it at all costs. Except, is that really the answer? We should sometimes strive to be stuck here because it means that we are standing for something and not letting others dictate the side we should choose.

    By Theresa on 12.30.2013

  23. In a crossfire, they’ll never ask you the specifics- instead, they throw you a gun and then insist that they were saving you.

    I look at the papers spread out on the table, and the lawyer that looks kindly at me.

    “So, child, who would you like to go with? Your mom or your dad?”

    By Ollie on 12.30.2013

  24. i dont know anything about crossfire. its a compound word. i think it has something to do with war. like both sides are shooting. im not very sure.

    By deja URL on 12.30.2013

  25. Men moved about, panic was palpable in the air.
    Some were positioning, some were dead.
    Some were praying, some were crying.
    Some were bold, some were smiling.
    Fire, fury, cacophony
    The crossfire had just begun.

    By Batul URL on 12.30.2013