December 27th, 2013 | 60 Entries

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60 Entries for “assuming”

  1. Assuming you can make it as far as the border, what then? Peter screamed at his wife. You’re willing to leave everything behind for coke?

    By mediaman64 URL on 12.28.2013

  2. People are always assuming that they really know me, and nowhere is this more apparent than with Christmas gifts. Never mind that I don’t even celebrate the holiday, so I don’t expect gifts in the first place. Invariably they send me wine or sweets. I am a teatotaler and I don’t eat sweets. I make no secret about these dietary quirks. This is WHY I don’t like Christmas. It’s not so much the disappointment at getting a useless gift as the fact that its very uselessness shows how little they really listen to me or know me.

    By mimimanderly URL on 12.28.2013

  3. “Then why were you all over her?!” se accused him giving him a death glare.

    “What are you talking about?” he waws completely confused on what she was accusing him of, he didn’t remeber doing anything wrong.

    “don’t think that you can play me for a fool i saw you all over that girl in the park today” She was reeeling from the fact that he was deciding to play dumb.

    “Who?” he was getting angry now, “My sister?!” there was a second silence as the girl realized her mistake.

    By Clara on 12.28.2013

  4. She slowly opened up and realized that she didn’t really need to think hard about what was happening in front of her. She saw it as it is, and that’s it.

    By literateilliterate URL on 12.28.2013

  5. Assuming that he is still waiting for her there, she walked past all of them-breaking with it all her childhood memories and all her precious ties that she took so much pain to conserve. There was no fear-no confusion-no turn backs for her. She walked forward and drove away to the house they built together with their dreams…

    By Maria URL on 12.28.2013

  6. stop assuming that it has something to do with me, you did bad u hurt us really bad, and you come here saying sorry without actually having the courage to fix it.
    stop assuming that this is my character, you shouldnt be building assumptions based on doubts..
    i can not forgive yet

    By nosayba on 12.28.2013

  7. I assume that some people think that they know what they are talking about. Without assuming, I guess that we, as a species, assume things on a daily basis. That young mother with a pram must be single. That teenager blaring loud music must be a goth. We make assumptions all the time.

    By Nikita URL on 12.28.2013

  8. “Assuming you know what you’re talking about…why would I want to spend the night in that old, empty barn?”

    Jake smiled. He had him. Paul wouldn’t say no now, not when there was money at stake.

    “We stay the night and we get paid $500.00 each,” Jake stated, “One night, Paul. Just one night.”

    Paul frowned. He knew the reputation of this barn. Haunted is what everyone said and rumor had it that no one had ever stayed the night and survived. But he needed the $500.00.

    By Cim URL on 12.28.2013

  9. He always collected her from her shift at the hospital. It had been a really busy day and he hadn’t arrived. Was she wrong in assuming that he was going to be there.

    By Alexandra URL on 12.28.2013

  10. your lips are assuming against my own, as if they’re entitled to relish in the press of my own. violent kisses become of those who take without asking.

    By Karri URL on 12.28.2013

  11. He watches the girl as she passes through the crowd. She’s tall with long bottle blonde hair and a thin waist and pale fingers that have never seen hard work. Just before he turns away he notices her old worn out shoes that clash magnificently against her designer dress.

    By ella on 12.28.2013

  12. Assuming, huh?
    One of my rules is to never assume a thing.
    Why? Because people who should know things more often than not don’t. You’ll be left scratching your head as to your why your assuming happened.

    By Adrian George Nicolae URL on 12.28.2013

  13. “Don’t assume anything.”

    It was the last thing Malliki said before pushing in his hand the silver timepiece, and disappearing into the subway crowds.

    He looked around, then back at the watch, numberless, even now taking his pulse, its second hand speeding up and slowing down. Every person had his own subjective time, and it would be no good to share it with anyone who he didn’t completely trust.

    By Holden URL on 12.28.2013

  14. Assuming a soul has never a good thing to do because sometimes when he was so we can get it all wrong. A psalm name that what you think is correct then you might be able to get away with it. But if you assume that what you are so was wrong you might cause more harm than good. So I suggest that you gys refrain from a soul mate.

    By laura on 12.28.2013

  15. From Laura: assuming that ive done this correctly I should be able to get this done for the camp and everyone just one account. that way I can see what folks are doing.

    By Laura URL on 12.28.2013

  16. I was assuming he was human, maybe he wasn’t. I had met so many different species since i started travelling with my friend. This could be some alien that looked human like, or just a shape shifter

    By kirsty on 12.28.2013

  17. Dan didn’t know if he was just assuming they were talking about him, but he was pretty sure they were. He was tired of being talked about. He knew they were talking about how they’re beating him at Candy Crush, but little did they know that Dan was leveling up. He played all weekend long and went up 4 levels. Now he on level 147. Dan, a 37 year old man who works in his little cubicle in Michigan, divorced, two kids away in collage, and the proudest moment of his life was on Saturday, when he beat level 147.

    By Shannonkeya URL on 12.28.2013

  18. ez egy olyan szó, amit most nem tudok megfejteni, hogy mi lehet. Szóval passz. De lehet, hogy azt jelenti, hogy összefoglás? meg kellene nézni a neten. feltételezi. ezt jelenti

    By pali URL on 12.28.2013

  19. Assuming, of course, that you’ll still have me.

    The head that had been staring at the ground suddenly snapped up to stare at you, wide-eyed and shocked. Yeah, he said, softer than ever before, I’ll still have you.

    You smiled and, before you could even realize you were doing it, crossed the short distance and finally connected your lips to his–stars, planets, constellations aligning.

    By Jordan on 12.28.2013

  20. she had an assuming stare. she looked and you felt as if you were being publically judged. i instantly felt bad for any family she might have. with her all knowing snotty glare i gathered that she was a generally unhappy person who accepted her own mistakes by comparing them to other’s. i had seen her smile and was generally terrified of it.

    By Abigail W on 12.28.2013