October 26th, 2008 | 937 Entries

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937 Entries for “gentle”

  1. carring..nice..emotional,boring sometimes,pay attention to one’s needs,

    By araya on 10.31.2008

  2. Gentle kisses by the moonlight fire, covered in cashmere blankets, holding steamy glasses of hot chocolate!

    By Haley on 10.31.2008

  3. The gentle streams, rolled slowly on as a gentle wind blew through the tress above. A sharp contrast to the horror that unfolded between the tall grass growing beside the stream.

    By Ebrahim on 10.31.2008

  4. A gentle touch
    is all a person needs
    to feel safe, secure, and loved.
    A gentle touch
    is a small gesture
    that can make someone feel so
    much better.
    A gentle touch
    is what a baby yearns for,
    is what a friend needs,
    is what a lover wants.
    A gentle touch
    is all that matters.

    By Sarah Bartholow on 10.31.2008

  5. Please be gentle with me.

    By Morgan on 10.31.2008


    By SAM on 10.31.2008

  7. My grandmother’s hands were gentle. As much work, fun, play, struggle as they went through, they were the most gentle things. She had a way of holding me when I was a little kid that made me feel like I was in the safest place on Earth.

    By Bart on 10.31.2008

  8. It was a soft hand that moved across the milky white complexion of her cheek. It had been almost 13 years since their eyes fell into each others. It was like a minute had not passed. She took his hand in hers and gently kissed the back of his fingertips

    By Dusty on 10.31.2008

  9. gentle is the word that describes me or so I am being constantly told. Not sure if I like this, sometimres there is a lot ot being mean nasty and no more Mr Nice Guy.

    By Myles Delvins on 10.31.2008

  10. A gentle flick of my tongue upon her clitoris was all it took to keep her squirting and squirting again!

    By King Cunnilingus on 10.31.2008

  11. time to let go softness and light a caress you can barely feel detached curled up in sunlight pillows that support me and my insecurity what i cannot see

    By emily braid on 10.31.2008

  12. The wind swept over the heather, pushing it and pulling it. His fingers brushed through her soft brown hair and he kissed her lips with the tenderness of a whisper, there, amidst the flowers.

    By David on 10.31.2008

  13. A soft touch, without harshness or anger. Loving, giving everything through the feeling of the physical. Everyone strives for this emotion from others, it is necessary to life, we love gentleness and convey it many different ways. Being gentle rids ourselves of war.

    By Alex Thompson on 10.31.2008

  14. Go gently into that good night…gently? Into the dark? It’s Holloween and I’m expected to tiptoe through darkness? Not likely. The wind might flow gently through the branches, the loose leaves showering the grass in reds and oranges and yellows.

    By Hosanna on 10.31.2008

  15. soft skin her long flowing hair. warm eyes. room lights up when she enters. everything about her says home. love. my reason for being, my muse. my counterpart. a new world has opened up to me.

    By ecm on 10.31.2008

  16. I don’t kn0w very many gentle people or gentlemen,
    what is gentle? Not anybody I know.

    By tara on 10.31.2008

  17. She ran her fingers across his skin. Precious, precious. She could lay here for hours, watching him sleep. Tawny stroked a stray lock of dark hair away from Will’s face, watching the wavering light from the candle flicker and fade.

    By Pip on 10.31.2008