October 31st, 2008 | 1,236 Entries

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1,236 Entries for “startled”

  1. you jump taking an exciting idea and turning it into reality you stumble and shove until you figure out a way to understand and accept the situation.

    By Dante on 11.06.2008

  2. i was sitting on the front porch when i heard something in the bushes near my house. i stood quickly in response. the noise caught me completely off guard. my heart began to race and i could feel my pulse n my finger tips.

    By Chaz on 11.06.2008

  3. He was startled to see that she was still in the room once he had returned form the store. He was sure that she would have left after their argument. It hadn’t been the first fight this week and he was sure that she must be sick of it.
    What he didn’t know as he looked at the back of her head as she sat in the chair was that she was not really there..

    By anwen on 11.06.2008

  4. How long has it been startled for? One would think that being startled was a momentary experience, but here, we have been startled for days. We are now looking for me, there is no excitement here, no progress. Shock wears thin

    By Lizy on 11.06.2008

  5. I felt it crawling up my leg. Under my clothes. Under my skin. Crawling, crawling. Getting closer and closer to my inner being. Then bam! Startled was me.

    By Alex on 11.06.2008

  6. Startled
    by the fact
    that this page is back up
    and still working;
    so everything old
    is new again;
    everything left behind
    is there to pick up
    everything once gone
    has returned again.

    and back on the page!

    By Don H. on 11.06.2008

  7. startled.
    i was.
    when you stopped.
    calling my name.
    we had chemistry.
    you had me.
    you screwed up.
    but i don’t feel free.
    maybe you do.
    truthfully i’ll never know.

    By abby on 11.06.2008

  8. I am startled at the fact that this is the word. I don’t quite understand this page or the rules of this game. Even reading the examples give me a startle because they don’t seem to help me figure out what’s going on. Just seeing the word gave my heart a jump because I can see the timer running out. It’s nerve-wrecking knowing that you only have so little time before the time is up.

    By Alyssa on 11.06.2008

  9. She looked around startled by how much blood her mom had loss from that little cut on her finger. “Shoot.” Her mom whispered under her breath as she ran to the bathroom to wash her cut.

    By Kendra on 11.06.2008

  10. i was surprised to find that word just staring at me immediately. I was shocked it was about an emotion and not an animal like a zebra running from a lion.

    By Rollin Joe Pollock on 11.06.2008

  11. I was startled since the beginning. I never knew such a thing could exist. This monstrous jealousy that hung over me like a cloud because they had what i wanted. This cloud hangs over all of us, startling us each time we hear it rain on our parade.

    By SirFusting on 11.06.2008

  12. Startled, eh? You want to know what is startling? Looking in his eyes and seeing that quiet resentment you’ve always known but never recognized. Realizing that in his mind, you’re the disappointment, and what can you do about it except draw back and wait for it to pass? Even though you know it won’t, it’s still worth hoping, isn’t it? Isn’t it.

    By Bee on 11.06.2008

  13. i was startled when i heard the news about josiass new job. i couldn’t hardly contain myself! we would be moving to amsterdam, starting a new life and hopefully a family. It seem so perfect so unreal…is this really happening?

    By Tawny on 11.07.2008

  14. I can’t remember the last time I was startled. I know when you’re around the corner. I know..

    By Darren on 11.07.2008

  15. briefly confused,
    or touched like a feather bustled by the wind,
    we are pushed and pulled towards the tideline
    hoping and hoofing our ground
    a couple of words that mean nothing or everything can put you on the brink
    and all you need
    is the sun to shine
    and reflect
    off a dusty building
    to prove it’s not dusty anymore
    (is it even a building?)

    By ele on 11.07.2008

  16. i was startled when i came in the room and saw you. It scared me terribly. you said you were gone, but you’re still around. I’m tired and just want to be done, but you’re still here and I hate it. Let me GO! i’m scared you never will.

    By Brady on 11.07.2008

  17. clamour as the pane fell down
    fragmented like,
    and tear drops

    By daz on 11.07.2008

  18. frightening, sudden, alarmed, shocking, dazed

    By Whitney on 11.07.2008

  19. He hasn’t spoken to me in three months. He contacts me and asks me to go to New Hampshire for the weekend. Needless to say I was startled at his arrogance. That I would go anywhere with him. Then he took his offer back. Startled to say the least. More like bitterness has moved from the back seat to the drivers seat. Completely reckless and without the proper student driving training.

    By Roxanne on 11.07.2008

  20. i never knew what to expect when i opened the door. the last thing on my mind was you. but, nevetheless, there you were. i was so startled i dropped the beer i was drinking. “what are you doing here?” i asked “coming to take you away” you said. i’ve never felt so alive in my life.

    By amanda w. on 11.07.2008

  21. i saw you. and i was shocked. you had never done this. no, you didn’t dare to kill an ant either. but now, look what you were doing. you were trying to shoot a bird. i did’t know what you were thinking. i guessed i never knew you anymore.

    By jen on 11.07.2008

  22. thats what I am when i first saw tjhis website… Its like fun to be doing sumthing like this… This word basically means surprised and mostly in a plesant way..

    By Pooja on 11.07.2008

  23. shocked, amazed, surprised, even
    i leap as if stunned
    and turn to find
    the world around me
    has changed overnight

    something is in the air again

    be it promise or threat
    warning or pleasure
    it took me aback
    with how quickly it appeared

    startled, i look to the future
    wondering what i shall find there.

    By peter dawes on 11.07.2008

  24. I am startled when I am listening to my iPod and someone talks to me. It scares the shit out of me. The whole reason I listen to music is to avoid people talking to me (particularly on the subway in the morning).

    By shantz on 11.07.2008

  25. he was a good friend

    By jessica on 11.07.2008

  26. i was started for more than one day
    for many many days
    and here i was
    3 days counting

    By mongoose on 11.07.2008

  27. sovereign

    By cecilia on 11.07.2008

  28. I walked into the bridge tower and THERE. BANG. It hit me like a snow storm. The error rushing up from my heart to my throat, blood surging through my veins, panicking, holding my breath for the next beat.j

    By lilacdolphin666 on 11.07.2008

  29. if you were startled when Obama won the race
    you shouldn’t have been!

    By soulbrush on 11.07.2008

  30. I am no longer startled about anything –
    my life no longer has meaning or purpose
    because this word has been the OneWord
    for way too long…
    I shall now 11-28

    By markishmark on 11.07.2008

  31. I was startled last night by the re-emergence of childhood nightmares.

    By Ophelia on 11.07.2008

  32. to find out this is all really happening.

    By rimshot13 on 11.07.2008

  33. I was started to see you naken at first. But as soon as I saw your smile, I liked it.

    By George Anagnostopoulos on 11.07.2008

  34. i feel startled seeing this word, glaring up at me, with 60 seconds rapidly elapsing. oh dear. panic has gripped, and my words fail me, yet i apparently have ages to type still so i’m just filling in with extra words. how starling.

    By Frank Grimes on 11.07.2008

  35. OMG WTF you scared me!! Dont scare me like that!!… srsly I HATE when ppl scare me, all you have to do is come up behind me and say ‘hey’ and I will probably jump. I also hate those horror movies that arent conceptually scary just jum-out-of-your-seat scary cuz someone says boo… ugh

    By Chelsea on 11.07.2008

  36. Oh my gosh! what the heck is going on?
    sarahs sitting next to me , and jessies watching over. nina looks pretty today and kaila got a new toungue ring.

    im startled by your voice

    By art peeps on 11.07.2008