April 25th, 2009 | 217 Entries

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217 Entries for “recall”

  1. i recall that my mother is a massive slut from childhood memories of her sleeping around and telling me not to tell my daddy. what does this mean about my feelings for women..? i FUCKing love them, especially the strong powerful ones ;)

    By jordan on 04.26.2009

  2. I recall about two years ago.

    I was going to start a story but then realized that I actually had no story, I’d written a beginning before thinking of a middle or end.

    I always do this.

    By emlem on 04.26.2009

  3. recall is something that we do when we look back into the collective of our experience, and we visualize and taste, hear the sights and sounds of a memory all over again. This can take us to a place of bondage or freedom, depending upon the belief that we currently hold (our emotions) It is possible to rewrite history though recall as well.

    By David Graham on 04.26.2009

  4. Recall, I recall that night with you. I want so badly for you to come back to me, but you love her now.

    Thank you.

    By Tierra on 04.26.2009

  5. i recall many things about my life…love, loss, life, death…and yet i still do not know why i am who i am. perhaps it is nothing i have done…perhaps everyone else made the difference.

    By olivia on 04.26.2009

  6. recall a memory. memories from the head. not the heart, not the leg or the thigh. who said anything about a thigh? just think fast. like piglets or acorns. dont watch too much t.v. it rots the soul. money also rots the soul but we have no choice but to give in to its power, or we will drown in the machine weve created. tidal waves of chords and chrome and metal.

    By lara on 04.26.2009

  7. i can’t recall the last time i didn’t cry myself to sleep…and i just wish that i could and would be loved for who i am…and that i woudn’t have to sleep alone anymore…what is so bad about me? I’m not a bad person

    By Whitney on 04.26.2009

  8. i dont know ho i am or where im supposed to be going. but i think i will get through this. doesnt everyone?

    By k_to_the_g on 04.26.2009

  9. Recall tests, that’s all they are. Memory tests. Exams on stories memorised over and over at ridiculous hours of the morning, until they are learned off by heart, backwards and forwards, right to left. Chanted constantly over and over, words spilling between silent lips, as the mind struggles to absorb due to lack of sleep.
    This isn’t a translation test; we haven’t been taught enough words to be able to do that. It’s a memory test, and my memory is shot to hell.

    By VickyL on 04.26.2009

  10. I recall that I always have trouble trying to study before finals. This time, I think, is as worse as ever. I think even worse than last time. I don’t think I can think now. I’m just too worried. I recall it was last week…it was dead week

    By kc on 04.26.2009

  11. I recall when I was 14. Life seemed so much more simple back then. Well….as far as not having to pay bills and I wasn’t under as much as I thought….

    By Kayla on 04.26.2009

  12. I can’t recall what I should be doing right now or even what I wanted to do. I also can’t recall where I found this site from.. oh yeah, Sports Kate. What the heck am I suppose to right about recall? How about, I can’t recall anything I learned in college. What a waste.

    By Danielle on 04.26.2009

  13. recall. when something goes wrong and they have to they have a chance to fix it. I wish I could “recall” things in my life. I can return t where I messed up and fix it…

    By silverluna on 04.26.2009

  14. I recall the day my son was born.

    By Kristi Ashe on 04.26.2009

  15. I went to this place and it had a large recall truck that recycled paper.

    By Dale on 04.26.2009

  16. i can’t recall the last time i was warm; all i know is that today, truly, for the first time in months, i could feel the sun on my skin, the warmth coursing through my veins. i think this is going to be a good summer… this is you and me together and late nights and early mornings, sunrises and sunsets, drunken cigarettes and stolen kisses, always. i cannot wait.

    By jess on 04.26.2009

  17. It’s funny, because I can rarely recall the facts that are really important. I can’t tell you little mindless things, like about sports and such. But what about those times when a name escapes you at a critical moment? That’s when recall is important.

    By F. Owoloja on 04.26.2009